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Piano Street Instructive Edition. Largo. PRELUDE. Opus 28, No 4. 4. 7. 10. C ... the main challenges of this piece is to find the right balance between the hands.


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PRELUDE Opus 28, No 4 One of the main challenges of this piece is to find the right balance between the hands. Right hand: The dotted minims of the right hand need to be played with a certain gentle emphasis, to make the sound last long enough. Play them with a "heavy" touch, then let the arm float up while the finger rests on the key. Left hand: The left hand should be played very softly to enable the melody to sing out on top. Keep the fingers firm and close to the keys. Take a little time on the upbeat; listen to the octave leap and make it really expressive.

Frédéric Chopin Piano Street Instructive Edition






p espressivo

C 1 Strict tempo when the left hand comes in. 3 5 Feel two slow minim beats in every measure.

Note the continuous chromatic downward motion in all three "voices", and listen to how every chord gives new color and direction to the right hand notes.

Fingerings in italics are Chopin's


1_3 3_1





Take a little time

Let the melody breathe for the first time!

Bring out the syncopation with a gentle accent

Focus on a smooth right hand legato





Play the gracenote calmly and on the beat






Shape this cadenza-like measure expressively

You may continue to use a little pedal here to give the melody more colour.

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Sheet music from www.pianostreet.com You may want to start the crescendo here. Begin again with new energy

Note the change in harmonic rhythm (quicker chord progression than in the first half)

stretto Keep the forward momentum and play this passage with a real sense of life and death urgency. Aim for a full and even sound throughout the stretto, using arm weight on every note.




Calm down again



Take a little time, and note the small crescendo to the unexpected C major chord. Last ray of hope?


Check the 3 against 2 rhythm here.

smorzando = dying away


You may want to move the top voice of the bass clef (a-g#-g) to the right hand here for improved control.


Top A may be omitted by small hands.

You may take a little time for the big leaps, but even so, this passage will require some isolated practice for the left hand.




Make the silence very intense. Prepare calmly for the last chords.

Farewell music? Perhaps the most well-known of Chopin's preludes is this prelude in E minor. Chopin requested that it should be played at his funeral, and even a casual listener can see why. It's a very sad, mournful piece that sounds not unlike a funeral dirge. With its minor key, descending chords and the fact that it's intended to "die away" as per Chopin's notation, it conveys an almost overwhelming sense of despair. It's a short, depressing yet beautiful piece that sounds like it was all but meant for a funeral. Chopin's set of 24 preludes were first published in 1839 and dedicated to the composer Joseph Christoph Kessler. They received quite some criticism for their brief length and lack of any traditional structure; they were seen as more like sketches or brief notes as opposed to fully-formed ideas. However, there were also some, more forward-looking contemporaries, among them Robert Schumann, who admired them intensely.


Suggestion for small hands:

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