Rapidex Picture Dictionary (english-hindi)

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Rapidex Picture Dictionary (english-hindi). Author: Pustak Mahal - Editorial Group. Format: Paperback. ISBN: 9788122302752. Code: 5511E. Pages: 48.
Rapidex Picture Dictionary (english-hindi) Author: Pustak Mahal - Editorial Group Format: Paperback ISBN: 9788122302752 Code: 5511E Pages: 48 Price: Rs. 100.00   US$ 4.00 Publisher: Pustak Mahal Usually ships within 15 days

The requirement of small children goes beyond alphabet, or birds and animals. This excellent picture book now brings them exciting colourful drawings on different subjects against an A-Z format. Each letter denotes a name. Besides this, tables of weekdays, months and numbers are given in a learn-and-design format. Printed on A-4 size art paper with a laminated cover for easy wipe-off for any spills.

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August 4, 2017, 7:21 am