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Genius Ent. /Michael Keaton. Stranger Than Fiction. Homeless Guy. Crick Pictures/Mark Forster. In the Name of God. FBI Agent. Geo Pictures/Shoaib Mansoor.

Larry Neumann, Jr. Grossman & Jack Talent (312) 587-1155 Fx (312) 587-2122


Representative Film

The Dilemma Cash Merry Gentleman Stranger Than Fiction In the Name of God I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With Let’s Go to Prison Relative Evil Just Visiting A Stir of Echoes

Howard Buckman Mr. Polski Lester Homeless Guy FBI Agent Homeless Guy Derek Uncle Ernie Hotdog Vendor Lenny

Heartless Prod./Ron Howard Three Good Men/Stephen Anderson Genius Ent. /Michael Keaton Crick Pictures/Mark Forster Geo Pictures/Shoaib Mansoor Sawin’ & Puddin’ Prod. /Jeff Garlin Carsey-Warner/Bob Odenkirk Fair Ball Prods./Tanya Wexler Hollywood Pictures/Jean Gaubert Artisan Entertainment/David Koepp

Davey Jimmy Bagwell Detective Sills Adolf Hitler Jeff Belpulsi

Warner Bros.Ent./John Wells 20th Century Fox/Bobby Roth CBS/Amadea Film/Michael Preece Paramount/John McPherson FOX/STF/Tom Finnerty

Mr. Dussel Ed Mosher Branch Rickey Bob Ewell Phil Hogan Ted Kazinski Robert Peary Finkelbaum Joseph Freitas D. A. Edgar Allan Poe Dzia Dzia Casanova Rembrandt The Librarian Captain Tock Austin Wiggin Diamond Louie/Mr. Pincus Dr. Wilbur Larch Jeff Silverman Richard Nickel Feste Hermann Kruk The Dalai Lama Dick Schultz Monkey/Id Oedipus Iago Antonin Artaud

Milwaukee Rep. Theatre/KJ Sanchez Goodman Theatre/Robert Falls Lookingglass/J. Nicole Brooks Steppenwolf/Hallie Gordan First Folio/Alison Vesley American Theatre/David Cromer Victory Gardens/Loy Arcenas Writer’s Theatre/Jimmy McDermott About Face/Gary Griffin First Folio/Alison Vesley Walkabout/Gary Zabinski Collaboraction/Kimberley Senior Madison Rep./Rick Corley Noble Fool/John Gawlik A Red Orchid/Dado Lookingglass/John Langs Kansas City Rep./Larry Carpenter Famous Door/D. Cromer, M. Grapey Victory Gardens/Dennis Zacek Lookingglass/Jessica Thebus Court/Karin Coonrod Famous Door/Calvin MacLean Famous Door/Dan Rivkin Remains Theatre/Frank Condon New Crime/John Cusack Blind Parrot/David Perkins Chicago Shakespeare/Bill Payne Blind Parrot/Norma Saldivar

Representative Television

Shameless: Frank the Plank Episode Prison Break: Odd Man Out Episode Walker, Texas Ranger: Faith Episode The Untouchables: Stadt Episode America’s Most Wanted: Belpulsi Segment Representative Stage

The Diary of Anne Frank The Iceman Cometh* Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting To Kill A Mockingbird A Moon for the Misbegotten** Celebrity Row A Big Blue Nail The Puppetmaster of Ludz Execution of Justice The Madness of Edgar Allan Poe Coast of Chicago Casanova Rembrandt’s Gift Underneath the Lintel The Fastest Clock in the Universe The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World The Front Page Cider House Rules I & II*** The Old Man’s Friend The Richard Nickel Story Twelfth Night Ghetto Hitting for the Cycle*** * The Chicago Conspiracy Trial Methusalem Oedipus: A Requiem Othello Artaud at Rodez*****

Awards *Jeff Award/Ensemble, 2013, **Jeff Award-Actor/Principal Role, 2009, ***Jeff Awards-Actor/Principal Role, 2003, ****Jeff Award-Actor/Review, 1996 After Dark Award-Outstanding Performance 1996, *****Jeff Citation-Performance, 1986