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Nirav Parikh. 8609 Cedar Street Silver Spring, MD 20910 404.276.0737 nirav. [email protected] SUMMARY. Driven consultant with experience in the ...

Nirav Parikh 8609 Cedar Street

Silver Spring, MD 20910


[email protected]

SUMMARY Driven consultant with experience in the consumer products, telecommunication, and financial services industries. Excellent client experience. Team player who takes initiative to solve problems. Strong communication skills. Adept at building a cohesive work environment. EDUCATION Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park, MD Master of Business Administration, Focus Areas: Marketing and Strategy Member: Marketing Club, Consulting Club, Net Impact


Terry School of Business, University of Georgia, Athens, GA Bachelor of Business Administration, Double Major: Finance and Management, GPA 3.53 ƒ Member: VP of UGA Running Club ƒ Study Abroad Experiences: John Cabot University, Rome, Italy, 2007 University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, 2006 Oxford University, Jesus College, Oxford, England, 2004


EXPERIENCE NeighborWorks America (Non-Profit), Washington DC October 2010-December 2010 Marketing Intern ƒ Worked directly with Kelton Research leadership in developing NW’s Symposium on teaching community leaders and mortgage leaders on how to market the benefits of homeownership to the low-income demographic. Created 2 hours of speaking content for a 300-person audience for the marquee day of the five-day Symposium. ƒ Created 2-minute ads for each of the four marketing campaign at the Symposium. The ads focused on changing the behavior of homebuyers in order to make this group less vulnerable to predatory lenders and other mortgage scams. ƒ Created a white paper with key leanings that will assist community development practitioners in how to develop socially responsible marketing campaigns in order to revitalize communities. Accenture, Atlanta, GA 2007 – 2010 Analyst ƒ Defined technical specifications script for call center response for Cox Communications. Reduced daily costs by $2500. ƒ Led Special Project Team that created detailed design documentation for a tool that will save agents 15 minutes of investigation time by allowing them to see multiple systems at once. ƒ Managed 5 member team which supported the product launch for cell phones for Cox. Supported over 2,000 issues related to cell phone service for a 4 month period. ƒ Performed root cause analysis on customer service issues which led to an FAQ for stores. Reduced escalations by 35%. ƒ Provided daily briefings to the client regarding on-going product launch issues. Increased visibility of these issues which provided a platform for further investigation. ƒ Participated in daily cross-functional meetings involving fifteen work groups solving system-wide and single customer complaints. Knowledge in Siebel, BRM, and Point of Sale was instrumental in issue resolution. ƒ Delegated daily transition of tasks to a 65 person outsourced team in the Philippines which led to 98% of HR PeopleSoft issues being resolved within 24 hours. Avenue of Patches, Inc, Roswell, GA 2006 – 2007 Analyst/Intern ƒ Performed cash flow analysis on product lines that led to significant cost savings by discontinuing several products. ƒ Collaborated in the preparation of the company’s annual tax return by calculating current inventory levels, payroll numbers, and interest paid for outstanding debt. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ƒ Computer Skills: PeopleSoft, Siebel, BRM, MVNO, SQL Developer, Point of Sale ƒ Language Skills: Gujarati, an Indian dialect (Conversational) ƒ Lead Accenture Event Organizer for the Kaiser Corporate Run/Walk Race ƒ Captain of the Accenture Kickball and Softball teams for the Atlanta offices in 2008, 2009 ƒ Completed the Atlanta Thanksgiving Marathon in 2009 ƒ Volunteer at the Atlanta Food Bank and University of Maryland Food Drive