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Aug 30, 2013 ... tel: +47 99329626, fax: +47 22855101, e-mail [email protected] ... MATLAB. Develop codes for modeling and visualization in tectonic and local settings: numerical suits .... Res, 109, B06406, doi:10.1029/2003JB002809. 9.

Sergei E. MEDVEDEV Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED), University of Oslo P.O. Box 1048 – Blindern, 0316 Oslo, NORWAY tel: +47 99329626, fax: +47 22855101, e-mail [email protected] EDUCATION 1998 Ph.D. Uppsala University 1986 M.Sc. Moscow State University

Geology (Mineralogi, Petrology and Tectonics) Mechanics (Aeromechanics and Gas Dynamics)


Senior Researcher, Geodynamics Group coordinator (2007-2008), PGP (till 2013) and CEED (from 2013), UiO, Norway Shear heating: theory, estimations, and applications (2007-2012) Large-scale studies of lithospheric deformation and stresses (Arctic and Africa) using ProShell. The African Plate project (with NGU and Statoil, 2008-2010). Interaction of erosion, sedimentation, petrology, and isostasy (with E.H. Hartz, Det norske) with emphasis on Arctic and North Sea. “Balance”(2011-2013) and “PressIce” (2013-2016) projects sponsored by Det norske oljeselskap. Geophysical studies of Circum-Arctic (with C. Gaina, from 2012)


Post-Doctoral Fellow, PGP, University of Oslo, Norway (with Y. Podladchikov) Shear heating instability: theory, estimations, and applications Arctic research (with emphasis on East Greenland): analysis of data, numerical model to estimate stresses and deformation (with E. Hartz)


Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dept. of Geology, Free U. Berlin, Germany (with M. Handy) Modeling of Andes Altiplano and other plateaus by thin sheet approximation: theoretical, analytical and numerical approaches Mathematical and mechanical applications to structural geology: analysis of stresses and strains around faults, folds, and shear zones. Shear heating instability: application to development of shear zones on Cap de Creus, Spain


Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dept. of Oceanography, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada (with C. Beaumont) Modelling of orogenesis: scaling analysis; simplified, averaged, and numerical approaches. Models of development of orogenic wedges and plateaus, and mid- to low- crustal channels Visualization (visualization software package “IDL_M-S” for the group)


Research Fellow, Science and Industrial Organization of “Oil Recovery", Ufa, Russia (with Yu. Dyblenko) Developed mathematical and mechanical support of high oil recovery technology based on vibration wave action: modelling of action, forecast of success, experiment design, computer support of development.


Research Fellow, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University, Russia (with P V. Myasnikov) Modeled sedimentary basins using thin sheet approximation: analytical and numerical approaches. Visiting researcher 1996-1998 ETHZ Zurich, Switzerland, several 3-weeks long visits 2003-2006 Dalhousie Geodynamic Group, Halifax, Canada, several 2-weeks long visits 2003-2005 PGP, University of Oslo, Norway, several 3-4-weeks long visits


Sergei Medvedev


EXPERIENCE Computer/programming skills MATLAB Develop codes for modeling and visualization in tectonic and local settings: numerical suits ProShell (finite-element based thin-shell), LiToastSphere (1D petrology and mechanics), TimeSlicer (data analysis for North Sea), visualization. IDL, PV-Wave Developed software package IDL_M-S for postprocessing and visualization in Dalhousie Geodynamics Group, Halifax, Canada, 1999-2005; several codes for thermal and erosional evolution FORTRAN Several finite-difference codes (including 3D) for modeling tectonic/basin evolution based on thin sheet approximations; oil industry related programs (1990-1993) Maple Series of codes for analytical study of thin sheet approximations, advanced user skills UNIX: Intranet administrator (Hans Ramberg Tectonic Lab, Sweden, 1996-1998) Teaching: Geodynamics (GEO4630/9630, 2010-2012), Numerical methods in Earth Sciences (assistant, 2008-2010) Students: co-advisor of master thesis: Kvamme, H (PGP, 2005-2006) advisor of master diploma: Souche A. (Uni. Louis Passteur, Strasbourg, 2008) advisor of PhD project: Souche A. (PGP, 2009-2012) Laboratory skills: Analogue experiments in the Hans Ramberg Tectonic Lab.: geodynamic models of indenting tectonics Field experience: 1996 Greece: Northern Greece and Aegean Sea Islands (student excursion) 2002 Chile: Geodynamic evolution of South American Andes 2005, 2006 Spain: Shear zones of Cap de Creus 2006, 2007 Norway: Shear zones of Western Norway 2009 Namibia: Paleomagnetic study of Etendeka province Languages: Russian: Native; English: Spoken and written Citizenships: Russian and Canadian ONGOING PROJECTS AND SCIENTIFIC INTERESTS 2011-2016 The North Sea realm: erosion, sedimentation, petroleum systems 2008-2010 The African Plate (TAP) project: estimation of (palaeo-) stresses in Africa 2006-2008 Combined petrological/thermal and kinematic models of lithosphere evolution 2006FEM models for plate tectonics on spherical and crumpled Earth with emphasis on the North Atlantic 2005Mathematical and mechanical applications to structural geology: analysis of stresses and strains around faults, folds, and shear zones. 2002-2004 Modeling of orogeny in South American Andes. DFG (Germany) collaborative project SFB-267 1998-2005 Models of creation and development of orogenic plateaus and orogenic wedges: theoretical, semi-analytical and numerical approaches 1986Thin-sheet approximations for geodynamic modeling: theory and applications THESIS 1998 1986


PhD: Thin sheet approximations for geodynamic applications. Supervisor Professor C. J. Talbot; external examiner Professor D. McKenzie (UK) Master of Science: Thermal Convection in Round Pipes with Non-uniform External Heating. Supervisor Professor V.P. Myasnikov

Sergei Medvedev


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Sergei Medvedev


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Sergei Medvedev