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basically the idea so far. What are you reading at the moment? I am reading Savour the Moment by. Nora Roberts, the third book in a series of the bride quartet.

www.wsb-ksa.com !

Welcome to WSB’s Magazine - October 2012 WSB was set up to help expat spouses in KSA find flexible work opportunities. It is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers. Its website (wsb-ksa.com) is the only one in KSA to link expat spouses with potential local employers. For more info contact us on [email protected] or visit our Facebook page facebook.com/ WSBRiyadh

Welcome  back!  To  those  of  you   who  le4  Riyadh  for  the  summer,  I   hope  your  travels  were  pleasant.   And,  to  those  that  stuck  it  out  in   the  heat  like  I  did  -­‐   congratulaBons  on  surviving!   WSB  has  been  busy  planning   some  great  events  for  the   community.  We  are  excited  to   engage  with  you  face  to  face   more  o4en.    

Wednesday,  September  19th  at   9AM.  We  had  an  amazing  group   of  women  show  up  to  gain   informaBon  and  share  their   experiences  about  working  in  the   area.  Our  guest  speaker,  Malonie   Deasy,  shared  some  great  Bps  on   how  to  find  your  place  in  the  job   market  in  Riyadh.  Here  are  a  few   Bps  Malonie  shared:  

We  would  like  to  send  a  special   thank  you  to  our  sponsors  –   Outback  Steakhouse,  Kitsch   Cupcakes,  Whites  Pharmacy,  and   Noble  Smile.  The  support  from   these  businesses  conBnues  to   help  WSB  rise  to  the  top!  Make   sure  you  support  them  as  well!  

•  Networking  is  paramount!     Everything  happens   underground.   •  Find  something  you  enjoy  and   pursue  it.   •  Strategic  persistence  is  key!  If   you  are  interested  in  pursuing   something,  keep  pushing   toward  that  goal.   •  Now  you  have  Bme.  Figure  out   how  you  want  to  spend  it.  

Speaker  Malonie  Deasy   Recently,  we  introduced  the  WSB   Coffee  Talks.  The  topic  of  our  first   Coffee  Talk  was  “Working  in   Riyadh”.  This  event  was  held  at   Outback  Steakhouse  on  

•  Pay  can  be  shocking.  Is  your   interest  in  doing  something   you  like  or  being  highly  paid?   You  may  have  to  sacrifice  one   for  the  other.   •  Pay  is  not  always  equal  to  that   of  males,  but  remember  your   new  found  flexibility.   •  If  a  service  is  not  offered…offer   it!  People  are  eager  to  learn   from  you  –  share  your  skills.  



      Kitsch  cupcakes  


Make  sure  you  stay  connected  for   future  Coffee  Talks  and  other   events  with  WSB.   UnBl  next  Bme…   Shannon  D.  Isaac   [email protected]   WSB  Director  

Inspiring Women in Riyadh A"ya  Zubair  

I  was  amazed  by  the  idea  and  deep   down  I  knew  that  somehow  this   would  actually  work  as  my  mother   was  an  expert  with  needles  and   yarns.  Then  I  adverBsed  a  few   products  and  very  quickly  orders   came  in.   It  all  happened  so  quickly  and  then  it   became  something  that  over  this   whole  year  has  got  the  adenBon   from  many  people,  just  like  I  dreamt!  

Na6onality:  Pakistani   Single,  no  children   Born  in  KSA   What  are  your  main  occupa0ons  in   Riyadh?     I  am  currently  a  student  so  officially  I   am  unemployed.  Most  of  my  Bme  is   spent  managing  my  online  shop  ‘ The   Whatnots  Shop’  which  sells   handmade  crochet  items  and  dealing   with  the  orders.  It’s  quite  a  lot  of   work  and  it’s  like  having  a  job.   Because  the  shop  is  growing  in  the   Kingdom  and  the  number  of  orders  is   increasing  there  is  a  hecBc  and  tough   rouBne  that  I  have  to  deal  with.  My   focus  this  year  has  been  searching  for   new  ideas,  new  trends  and  especially   trying  to  figure  out  what  the  client   wants.  Apart  from  all  this  I  have   joined  the  university  and  studying  for   a  Bachelors  in  CompuBng  and   InformaBon  Technology.     How  did  you  get  to  where  you  are   now?     It  was  always  a  dream  to  start   something  that  is  my  own!  But  in   these  fast  developing  Bmes  it  is  hard   to  idenBfy  what  people  are  looking   for.  Then  one  day  I  googled  some   ideas  and  then  I  landed  on  a  website   that  caught  my  adenBon.  It  was   crochet  in  a  variety  of  ways.  Trinkets,   coasters,  blankets...  It  had  it  all!  

Talk  us  through  a  typical  day   Despite  trying  to  make  a  perfect   rouBne,  I  fail!  I  am  not  a  morning   person  so  most  of  the  chores  and   tasks  are  done  in  the  night.  A4er   breakfast  I  head  towards  the  laptop   and  start  geeng  the  orders,   uploading  custom  purchases,  answer   a  few  mails  etc.  When  I  get  Bred  of   the  screen  usually  I  get  stacked  up   with  a  few  novels.  Then  I  start  with   chores  and  other  work.   For  entertainment,  reading  and   movies  are  the  best  opBons  I  can   come  up  with.  But  every  day  is   different  there  are  new  challenges,   new  issues  and  a  different  rouBne.  It   gets  a  bit  rough  in  the  vacaBons  but   now  that  I  have  started  university  so  I   guess  I  will  be  busy  with  the   assignments  and  assessments.    

Latest PART TIME/ FLEXIBLE/FROM HOME job postings • Editorial Assistant for WSB monthly magazine • Caterer for small architect studio • Flight attendant for Saudi Aviation Flight Academy

• Fitness  Instructors   (Spinning,  Yoga,  Pilates,   Personal  Training..  Etc)   for    Al  Faisaliah  Hotel  and   for  Kore  Studios   • Therapist  for  Al  Faisaliah   Hotel  Spa  

Latest FULL TIME job postings • Nursery, Grade 1 and 2 teachers for international school • Fitness Manager for Kore Studios

For full list of latest jobs go to www.wsb-ksa.com

Bowl  cover  

Con6nued  on  next  page…  

For more info and website support email [email protected]

Con0nued…       What  do  you  most  enjoy  about   your  work   I  love  exploring  the  idea  that  I  get   to  interact  with  different  people  is   really  exciBng.  Trying  to  figure  out   their  demands,  their  needs,  are   things  I  truly  enjoy.  It  is  the  geeng   to  know  my  customers  that  I   basically  like.  And  offering  trusted   quality  that  has  made  Whatnots   Shop  flourish  and  proud.  

started  shipping  across  the   Kingdom  and  UAE,  but  I  am  looking   forward  in  achieving  more!   Next  up  I  want  to  get  my  degree.  I   am  also  interested  in  entering  the   Design  field  and  study  Graphic   Design.  Then  I  will  hopefully  look   for  a  firm  to  work  with.  That  is   basically  the  idea  so  far.  

Granada  Mall  are  the  top  best  that   offer  best  stores,  views  and  food   courts  there  are.  Janadiryah   awakens  the  true  Arabic  cultural   spirit  every  year.  To  experience  the   natural  exoBc  beauty  ‘Wadi-­‐  Hanifa’   is  a  must  visit!  

Favourite  food   Assaraya  Turkish  Restaurant  is  one   of  my  favorite,  as  the  place  is  the   What  are  you  reading  at  the   ulBmate  diner's  heaven.  The  place   moment?   dishes  out  the  most  amazing   I  am  reading  Savour  the  Moment  by   Turkish  food.  The  kebabs,  chicken   One  of  the  best  things  is  to  receive   Nora  Roberts,  the  third  book  in  a   and  veggies  along  with  the  lamb   the  compliments,  which  I  guess   series  of  the  bride  quartet.  It  is  the   are  my  real  favorites.   everyone  enjoys  but  knowing  that   story  of  four  women,  all  best   Steak  House  has  it  is  own  unique   this  is  all  due  to  hard  work  and  trust   friends,  who  are  behind  one  of  the   personality  offering  with  awesome   it  just  makes  it  even  beder.   most  well-­‐known  wedding  planning   steak  in  an  exclusive  dining   services  and  the  men  that  they  fall   environment.   What  are  the  challenges?     in  love  with.  Each  woman  has  their   There  are  not  so  many  challenges   own  unique  experience  in  the  jobs   that  I  face.  My  family  is  very  keen   that  they  do  and  as  a  result  this   and  supporBve  and  encourages  me   wedding  planning  company  has   a  lot  to  conBnue  with  what  I  have   grown  to  be  very  successful.     started.   Besides  the  fact  that  there  is  so   much  to  read,  I  love  romanBc   wriBngs.  For  quite  a  long  Bme  I   have  chosen  RomanBc  Genre  as  my   preferred  reading  material.     Judith  Mcnaught  ,  Nora  Roberts,   Baby  blanket   Jude  Deveraux  are  my  favorite   writers.  They  define  the  reality,  the   Any  Bps  or  advice  for  new  expats   truth  and  I  am  simply  a  fan  of  their   moving  to  Riyadh?   words.   I  don’t  really  know.  For  me  it  was  all   naturally  wrapped  up,  as  I  was  born   What  are  your  interests  or   here.  I  would  say  that  people   hobbies?   should  focus  in  whatever  they  want   Baby  boo6e   The  business  is  absolutely  smooth   Well  there  is  an  endless  list  of  what   to  do.  They  should  know  what  they   and  I  find  it  really  easy  to  manage   I  do  as  a  hobby.  Travelling  and  sight-­‐ really  want  to  achieve.  Trying  to   and  work  out  the  soluBons.  As  far   seeing  are  the  kind  of  interests  that   figure  out  what  you  can  accept  and   as  living  is  concerned  than  there  is   I  can’t  get  enough  of.  As  a  girl  I  love   live  with  is  quite  hard  and  Bring.  So   a  bit  of  difficulty  in  understanding   shopping  and  hanging  out  at  malls.   just  make  sure  to  be  clear  and  the   the  language.     It’s  a  kind  of  refreshing  treat  for  me.   rest  will  come.   PracBcing  graphic  designing  skills   What  are  your  plans  for  the   and  surfing  the  net  are  my  everyday   The  Whatnots  Shop  offers   future?   essenBals.  In  the  kitchen  I’ve  really   handmade  crochet  items  at   A  year  ago,  nothing  was  clear.  I   enjoyed  baking  and  kneading  the   reasonable  prices.  You  can  make   didn’t  know  which  field  of  work  I   cookie  dough!   your  choice  of  color  and  size  as  well   wanted  to  be  in  but  now  I  have   as  special  custom  orders.   started  focusing  on  what  I  really   Favourite  places  in  Riyadh   hMps://www.facebook.com/ want.  Firstly,  I  want  The  Whatnots   Malls  are  definitely  the  true  faces  of   the.whatnots.shop     Shop  to  expand  as  much  as  it  can   glass  architecture  in  Riyadh.  Riyadh   [email protected]   go  around  the  Globe.  I  have  already   Gallery,  Kingdom  Tower  and  

•••  Regular Activities and Events in Riyadh ••• WSB at the Kingdom Bazaar Find us on Facebook Come and find us at the Kingdom Bazaar, on the first Monday of every month (except January, July, August and September)

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•••  What’s  on  in  Riyadh  •••   If you are organising an event and would like to be listed, please email [email protected] Weekly: Dinning at Al-Faisaliah Rosewood Hotel Sat - Arabic Night, Middle Eastern Cuisine Sun – Night of the Raj , Indian Cuisine Mon – Lime, Coconut & Lemongrass, Thai Cuisine Tue – Chocolate & Chili, Central American Cuisine Wed – S. Eastern Spice Bazaar, SE Asian Cuisine Thur – Moroccan Souk, North African Cuisine Every Wed: Steak Night, American Embassy. DQ 6pm – late. You must know a member of the embassy to attend. Name must be registered by Monday. 4 week Course: PreNatal Yoga At Prana Shakti Yoga. 300 SAR. Thursdays 9.30 – 10.30am. 4 Oct / 11Oct / 18 Oct For more info contact Cynthia at [email protected] Now til 31 Dec: C&R “Short Story Writing Contest” Ages 8 – 12 yrs. Show your talent and imagination. Choose a topic and write a short. 3 winners will be chosen 10th Jan 2013. Deadline 31st Dec. Info at [email protected] . 0556603413. Tues 2 Oct: HAYA TOURS Trip to Date Market 9 – 11am. 100SAR (SR50 iwth own transport). For more info contact Salwa [email protected]/0504166323 Tue 2 Oct: LUSH Stpre Party Free entrance. Al Faisaliah Mall 10 – 11am. For more info and to register email [email protected]   Tue 2 – 18 Oct: Art + Furniture Design Exhibition Maison BO-M Galeries, Nojoud Mall 10 – 12pm & 5 – 10pm.. For more info contact 01 202 1205 or email [email protected] Thur 4th Oct: HAYA TOURS Trip to AlBaha 7.50am 4th – 5pm 5th Oct. Overnight Tour. 2000SAR. For more info contact [email protected]/0504166323. Sat 6 Oct: Italian Language Classes OasItalia. 12 lesson course (30 hours) Ladies Only 800 SAR. All levels welcome to register. Placement tests Sun 30th Sept 6-8pm & Mon 1st Oct 6-8pm. For more info contact [email protected] Tues 9th Oct: HAYA TOURS Trip to Al Masmak and Dira city Tour. 8.30 to 11.30am. 150SAR (100 if using own car). For more info contact Salwa [email protected] or 0504166323.

Thur 11 Oct: Family Halloween Party Ishbilia Compound 2 – 5pm. Kids tickets 40 SAR. Limited tickets. Please collect from compound gate. Register by 4th Oct. Info and contact at [email protected] Thur 11 & Fri 12 Oct: Horse Racing Season Begins Meet. No 17 & 18 Riyadh Equestrian Club, Janadriyah area For more info on times and to book lunch in the box contact 01 2540154. Email [email protected] Thur 12 Oct: Classical Music Concert 8pm, at French Embassador’s Residence, DQ For bookings and info contact French Embassy or Maison des Francais ([email protected]) Fri 12th Oct: HAYA TOURS Trip Al Kharj Day trip. 8am to 4pm. 350SAR. For more info contact Salwa [email protected] or 0504166323. Sun 14 Oct: Spooky Halloween Coffee morning Ishbilia Compound 9.30 – 12pm. For more info and to register by 4th Oct contact Bernie Kay [email protected] Tue 16 Oct: Ladies 4 Networking Breakfast Localizer Mall, Thalia St 9 – 11.30am. 35 SAR tickets. Includes goodie bag. Ladies Only. No children. For more info call 056 799 5965 or email Sabina [email protected] Thur 18th Oct: HAYA TOURS Trip to Shagraa day trip. 8am to 4pm. 350SAR. For more info contact Salwa [email protected] or 0504166323. Tue 19 Oct: ACR Fall Into Fun Friday Brunch American Embassy, Uncle Sam’s 11am to 3pm. Members SR200, non members SR250. Must be over 21 years. For more info call 053 311 9113 or 053 311 9112 or email [email protected] Mond 22nd Oct: HAYA TOURS Trip to Public Library City Tour. 9am to 12pm. 10SAR (50 if using own car). For more info contact Salwa [email protected] or 0504166323. Mon 22 Oct: Halloween Coffee Morning Ranco Village Compound 9 – 12pm. 50 SAR. Buffet, vendors and raffle prizes. Register by 17th Oct. Contact [email protected]

Fri 30 Nov: Run Together Riyadh 5km Fun Run/Walk Thur 11 Oct: “La Festa Italiana” Salwa Compound OasItalia at the Italian Embassy, DQ Get in Shape Today! Family day, BBQ, raffle. For more 7pm – Midnight. Register at OasItalia from Wed 26th info or to register contact Laura Cox [email protected] Sept. For more info contact [email protected] These events are subject to the organisers’ membership and registration rules, therefore any interest to participate or attend must be directed to the contact source stipulated in the event listing.

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Outside of the malls Retail Review by Jan Thompson

Al  Jalabiya  

be  measured  for  cloth  requirements  or  they  can  call  the   tailor  to  determine  your  needs.    “Same  same”  means  they   will  copy  the  garment  you  give  them,  but  you  must  be  very   specific  if  you  do  not  want  an  exact  copy.   It  helps  to  have  a  bit  of  faith;  I  have  not  been  disappointed   but  then  I  have  never  taken  an  item  that  was  special  or   precious  to  be  copied.    My  Husband  has  had  work  trousers   and  shirts  copied  and  they  look  good,  fit  well  and  he  is   delighted  with  them.    The  seams  are  Bght  and  the   garments  hold  their  shape  when  washed  regularly.  


 Shola  Mall;  take  the  up  escalator  to  1st  Floor   and  walk  straight  ahead,  then  2nd  turn  right   and  walk  60  metres  to  the  shop  front.      Tailor    General,  “same  same”  tailoring  needs    

Easy  to  find  locaBon,  light  filled  shop,  most  work  is   completed  in  a  week,  the  staff  try  to  be  accommodaBng.   There  is  a  fabric  shop  just  up  the  hall  where  your  item  can  

Word  of  advise,  be  mindful  of  the  original  fabric  as  the   characterisBcs  of  the  new  material  may  not  respond  in   exactly  the  same  way.   English  is  spoken  but  if  you  have  detailed  or  complicated   requirements,  it  would  be  beder  to  take  a  padern  or   comprehensive  drawing  to  ensure  a  beder  and  more   predictable  end  product.   Hours      

 Sat  to  Thu    

 0930  to  1200    1600  to  2230  

Out  &  About  Riyadh   Date  Market  Visit  

Date  season  runs  from  July  to   October  in  Saudi  Arabia  and  with  it   comes  the  date  market  in  Riyadh.   Dates  have  important  cultural,   economic,  and  religious  significance   for  Saudis.  VisiBng  the  date  markets   presents  a  great  opportunity  to   experience  Saudi  culture.  In  my   opinion,  the  best  way  to  explore  the   date  market  in  Riyadh  is  with  Haya   Tours.  I  definitely  enjoyed  my  tour   with  our  guide’s  interesBng   commentary,  peppered  with  facts   and  informaBon  about  dates.    

Date  Palms  are  believed  to  have   originated  in  the  Arabian  Gulf   region  and  have  been  culBvated  for   thousands  of  years  in  the  Middle   East.  According  to  Wikipedia,  Saudi   Arabia  is  the  third  largest  producer   of  dates  in  the  world.  Before  oil   producBon  date  farming  played  a   significant  part  in  the  Saudi   economy.  According  to  Hanan   Jambi,  author  of  the  paper,  “Dates:   The  Holy  Fruit  of  Arabia”,  dates  have   special  significance  to  Muslims  and   dates  are  menBoned  o4en  in  the   Qur’an.    Dates  are  eaten  to  break   ones  fast  during  Ramadan.  The  date   palm  is  considered  a  naBonal   symbol  for  Saudi  Arabia  and  is  used   in  its  naBonal  symbol  to  represent   vitality  and  growth.  I  highly   recommend  reading  Hanan  Jambi’s   paper  online  about  the  significance   of  the  date  palm  and  dates  in  Saudi   Arabia.     The  date  market  at  exit  14  is  a  long   covered  corridor  tent  filled  with   vendors  on  each  side,  showcasing   their  dates.  The  corridor  market  is   equipped  with  water  misters  on  the  

ceiling,  which  is  most  welcome  in   the  heat.  At  one  point,  security   guards  walked  around  handing  out   water  bodles.  The  vendors  are   friendly  and  helpful.  I  was  able  to   try  several  different  varieBes  of   dates.     I  found  it  to  be  an  interesBng   experience  to  walk  around  the   market  while  our  Haya  Tour  guide   talked  about  dates.  The  tour  was   organized  so  we  had  Bme  to  chat   with  vendors  and  sample  the  dates.   My  two-­‐year  old  son  ate  his  share  of   dates  to  the  great  delight  of  many   of  the  vendors.  A  couple  of  the   vendors  invited  him  to  share  their   breakfast.  I  found  the  people   unfailingly  polite,  hospitable,  and   helpful.    

There  are  at  least  300  different   varieBes  of  dates.  There  are  three   different  stages  of  the  ripening   process  when  you  can  eat  the  dates.   The  first  is  fresh  which  is  also  called   khalal.  Dates  that  are  khalal  are   crunchy  and  are  either  yellow  or   bright  red.  The  fresh  dates  I  tried   tasted  a  bit  starchy  to  me,  but   others  really  like  fresh,  crunchy   dates.  Next  comes  the  so4  stage  or   rutab.  Finally,  comes  the  tamr  stage   where  the  dates  are  so4  and  sun-­‐ dried.    At  the  date  market,  you  can   find  dates  in  all  3  different  stages.   Boxes  or  packages  of  dates  are   available  for  70  SR  to  150  SR,   depending  on  the  variety  of  the   dates  or  the  size  of  the  box.  Don’t   worry  if  you  buy  a  big  box  of  dates,   because  you  can  store  them  in  your   freezer.      

Adjacent  to  the  date  market  is  a   outdoor  fruit  and  vegetable  market   that  sells  good  quality  fruits,   vegetables,  and  herbs  at   inexpensive  prices.  Be  aware   though,  the  quanBBes  are  large.    It   would  be  wise  to  bring  a  friend  or   two  to  share  the  bounteous   produce.  Think  Costco  without  large   aisles  of  furniture,  books,  clothes,   and  diapers.    

If  you  go  to  the  date  market,  go  in   the  morning  to  avoid  crowds.  The   a4ernoons  are  quite  busy  with   many  customers  sampling  the  dates   and  examining  the  produce  at  the   nearby  produce  market.  Bring   smaller  bills  to  pay  for  your  items  as   vendors  do  not  always  have  change   for  a  500  SR  bill.     Tiffany  Wacaser  is  the  mother  to   four  boys  and  one  girl,  wife  to  an   amazing  scien6st,  creator  of   scrapbooks,  a  lover  of  books  and   music,  and  a  budding  traveler.  In  the   past  ten  years,  Tiffany  and  her   family  have  lived  in  Sweden,  Israel,   New  York,  and  now  Saudi  Arabia.   Tiffany  blogs  about  her  life  in  Saudi   Arabia  on  a  blog  called  “In  a  Maze   of  Beige”   at  www.beigemaze.blogspot.com   Jambi,  Hanan.  1999.  Dates:  The   Holy  Fruit  of  Arabia.   hdp://oregonstate.edu/instruct/ nutr216/ref/symposium_jambi.html   Haya  Tours:  [email protected],   www.hayatour.com  

Health  &  Nutri"on     Small  changes  to  a  healthier  diet   There  is  an  awareness  about   healthy  food  and  nutriBon  that  is   slowly  appearing  in  Saudi.  I  noBce   more  arBcles  about  health  and   fitness  in  local  newspapers  and   magazines,  gyms  are  popping  up   and  booming;  most  big   supermarkets  now  have  an  organic   and  healthy  food  secBon.  If  you’re   not  familiar  with  these  products,  it   might  be  daunBng  at  first.  So  here   are  a  few  ideas  and  Bps  to  help   you  shop  for  the  whole  family.   Start  with  a  healthy  breakfast.   Make  sure  to  eat  proteins.  Lots  of   people  (adults  and  children)  tend   to  eat  processed  white  food   (bread,  cereal,  cookies…)  with   more  sugar  (chocolate,  jams…),   even  more  sugar  (sweetened   yogurts  or  yogurt  drinks,  fruit   juice…)  and  fat  (milk,  buder…).   Not  only  will  all  that  sugar  be   processed  very  quickly,  but  you   will  also  probably  feel  hungry  in   the  middle  of  the  morning  and   crave  more  sugar.  Not  to  menBon   the  loss  of  energy  and   concentraBon,  irritability  etc   Tip:  Swap  the  processed  and  well   marketed  cereal  boxes  full  of   chocolate,  colors,  added  vitamins   etc  for  organic  plain  cereal.   Carrefour  and  Danube  offer  a  nice   selec6on.  You  can  buy  a  few  and   make  your  own  mix.  Try  plain  oat   with  sunflower  seeds,  Goji  berries,   dried  coconut  or  mixed  plain  nuts… add  to  skimmed  yogurt  or  milk  and   top  with  some  sliced  bananas  or   fresh  berries.  

Don’t  cut  out  carbs  totally,  you   need  them,  especially  if  you’re   acBve  or  into  fitness.  But  eat  good   carbs,  the  ones  that  are   unprocessed,  close  to  their  natural   form.    Add  variety  to  your  weekly   menu.  Instead  of  sBcking  to  rice   and  pasta,  try  quinoa,  barley,   bulgur,  beans  and  legumes…  

If  you  some"mes  feel  bloated   a4er  a  meal  or  a  cappuccino,  you   might  be  geeng  lactose  intolerant   or  lactose  sensiBve.    It  happens  to   a  lot  of  people  as  they  age.  Try  a   few  days  without  to  see  how  you   feel.  If  you  noBce  an  improve-­‐ ment,  you  might  have  to  skip  or   reduce  your  dairy  products  intake.  

Tip:  Swap  white  rice  for  pearled   Barley.    It  is  very  versa6le,  can  be   used  for  soups,  risoMo,  salads  and   side  dishes  as  I  discovered  recently   at  Café  Bateel  on  Tahlia  Street.  You   can  also  buy  the  Barley  there.(see   following  page  for  Barley  recipe)  

Tip:  Swap  cow  milk  for  rice  milk,   almond  or  soya  milk  (Danube,   Carrefour,  Tamimi).  Almond  milk   works  par6cularly  well  for  a   cappuccino  since  it  has  a  nice  light   sweet  taste.  Sprinkle  cinnamon   powder  on  the  frothy  top.  You  can   also  use  them  for  smoothies  or   shakes.  

Try  to  gradually  leave  “white”   food  behind  and  swap  for  whole   wheat  or  brown  products.  Rice,   pasta,  bread…again,  most   supermarkets  offer  a  good  array  of   choices.     Tip:  If  you’re  not  too  fond  of  whole   wheat,  try  semi  wheat  first,   Carrefour  has  some  “Bio”  French   pasta  in  its  organic  sec6on  that  is   healthier  than  the  white  one  but   does  not  have  as  strong  a  taste  as   brown  or  whole  wheat  pasta.   Same  for  rice,  you  can  get  a  mix  of   white  and  red  or  brown  rice.  

Make  your  own  tomato  sauce   (local  organic  tomatoes  are   available  at  Carrefour)  with  herbs   from  your  garden.  Instead  of   sugar,  I  add  a  few  drops  of   Balsamic  date  vinegar  (also  from   Bateel).  This  can  be  kept  for  a  few   days  in  the  fridge  or  frozen.  

Buy  local,  organic  fruit  and   vegetables.  The  selecBon  is   geeng  wider.  I  buy  a  variety  of   salads  and  herbs,  then  make  my   own  mix.  Wash  them  as  soon  as   you  get  home,  dry  them  in  a  paper   towel  or  a  towel  and  put  them  in   plasBc  bags  or  containers,  ready  to   use.  The  arugula  is  parBcularly   tasty,  with  small  leaves.   Tip:  Try  these  recipes:   Arugula  salad  with  slices  of  apple   or  pear,  walnuts  and  blue  cheese   (Roquefort  or  S6lton).  Add  some   pomegranate  and  serve  with   toasted  (brown)  bread.     Arugula,  cranberries  and  shaved   Parmesan.  Or  arugula,  water-­‐ melon  cut  in  cubes  and  feta  cheese   (low  fat  available  at  Carrefour).   Use  olive  oil  and  balsamic  vinegar   (with  a  liMle  bit  of  honey  for  a   sweet  taste).  You  can  puree  it  and   make  pesto  sauce  or  add  a  few   leaves  to  your  sandwich,  wrap  etc   Bon  (healthy)  appéBt!   WriMen  by  Evelyne  Fallows   Cer6fied  Personal  Trainer   Health  and  Wellness  Coach   [email protected]  

Health  &  Nutri"on    -­‐  Recipe   Vegetable  Barley  RisoOo   Ingredients:   6  cups  chicken  broth   1/8  cup  canola  oil   1  pound  bag  pearl  barley   1  zucchini,  medium  dice   1  yellow  squash,  medium  dice   1  carrot,  medium  dice   1  red  onion,  medium  dice   1  bay  leaf   1  clove  garlic,  chopped   1/4  cup  whole  unsalted  buder   SERVES:  6;   Calories:  413;  Total  Fat:  14  grams;  Saturated  Fat:  5   grams;  Protein:  10  grams;  Total  carbohydrates:  64   grams;  Sugar:  3  grams;  Fiber:  13  grams;  Cholesterol:   20  milligrams;  Sodium:  950  milligrams    

Bring  chicken  broth  to  a  simmer.  In  a  separate  large   saucepan  on  an  adjacent  burner,  heat  the  oil  and  add   barley.  Lightly  saute:  you  actually  are  toasBng  the   barley.  Add  vegetables  to  the  barley  and  saute  them   unBl  translucent.  Add  bay  leaf  and  garlic.  Begin  slowly   adding  broth,  1  ladle-­‐full  at  a  Bme,  to  the  barley/ vegetable  pan,  sBrring  occasionally:  this  will  bring  out   the  starch  in  the  barley.  As  the  mixture  absorbs  the   broth,  ladle  more  into  the  pot.  When  all  of  the  broth   has  been  ladled  into  the  barley  pot,  slowly  simmer   unBl  barley  is  so4  and  creamy.  Add  buder  as  the  last   step  for  more  flavor  and  creaminess  to  risodo.  

Monthly  Restaurant  Review  by  Jan  Thompson   Seefa  Seafood  



 Head  east  on  Northern  Ring  Road.  At  Exit  8   conBnue  east  on  Dammam  Road  (Highway   40  towards  Camel  market)  for  4.7   kilometres.    Located  on  west  end  of   building  at  back  of  Al  Drees  petrol  staBon   courtyard.    Asian    Families,  Groups  and  couples    Relaxed,  casual  unfussy,  local      Dinner  for  2  SAR  80  

Entering  you  are  struck  by  how  clean  everything   appears  to  be;  family  seaBng  is  in  screened  secBons   accommodaBng  from  4  to  10  people.    The  décor  has  an   oriental  appeal  with  paderened  panels  and  tourism   posters  from  Thailand.  The  menu  is  in  English  with   pictures  idenBfying  the  various  choices  of  Chinese,  Thai   and  Philippino  dishes.    Menu  choices  include  varieBes   of  duck,  chicken,  beef  and  seafood  opBons,  rice  or   noodles.   With  Asian  one  tends  to  find  favourites  and  sBck  with   them.    Our  standard  order  is;  spring  rolls,  sweet  and   sour  chicken,  fried  rice  with  shrimp  and  a  serve  of   vegetables.  Serves  are  generous  and  freshly  cooked   with  great  produce  and  a  choice  of  sauces  from  hot  to   sweet.    For  drinks  we  have  water  but  local  beers  and   Philippino  favourites  are  available.   Staff  are  adenBve;  English  is  their  second  language  so  it   is  easier  to  order  by  number.    If  you  are  looking  for  an   informal  eat  and  go  meal,  Seefa  might  suit  you.   Hours  :  Sat  to  Fri,  1100-­‐  Midnight   Take  away  available,  must  pick  up  

Book  Review  by  Gargi  Habib  

AlWaleed  Biography   By  Riz  Khan   The  reclusive  Al  Waleed  is  o4en   referred  to  as  the  wealthiest  Arab   businessman  in  the  world.   However  even  Bll  the  1990s  he   was  relaBvely  unknown  in  the   West  -­‐  which  is  the  way  he  seems   to  prefer  it  anyway.  But  as  he  has   acquired  more  and  more  global   businesses,  especially  a4er  the   dramaBc  CiBbank  rescue  in  the   1990s,  he  found  himself  a  centre   for  adenBon  from  the  western   media.   For  the  next  decade  so  many   stories  floated  about  the  prince   that  depending  upon  what  you   read,  you  would  either  think  of   him  a  crusading  saint  fighBng  for   jusBce  for  women  in  his  kingdom   or  an  evil  genius  trying  to  control   the  world  with  his  billions.  All  the   informaBon  you  will  find  about   him  will  be  stories,  rumours,   whispers  from  other  people,   anonymous  'sources'  and   'previous  employees'.  In  short  not   exactly  authoritaBve  sources.     The  prince,  who  owns  several   media  outlets,  doesn't  need  any   lessons  in  public  relaBons.  He,  I   guess,  realised  that  it  is  Bme  he   gave  people  an  insight  into  his   world.  

For  make  no  mistake,  this  is   foremost    a  business  man’s   biography  where  he  passionately   puts  out  his  tremendous  work   ethic  and  the  commitment  he  has   to  his  causes,  like  women's   empowerment.  It  is  not  a  memoir   of  warm  personal  memories.  You   do  get  glimpses  of  family  life  but   mostly  this  is  about  Al  Waleed,  the   world's  richest  Arab.     It  is  astonishing  just  how  many   pies  Al  Waleed  has  his  finger  in.   When  you  open  a  bodle  of   Tropicana  you  are  pueng  money   in  his  pocket.  When  you  eat  your   Quaker  oats  in  the  morning  he   profits.  Love  your  iPhone?   AlWaleed  has  more  than  5%  stake   in  Apple  Computers  too.  Whether   you  watch  the  more  internaBonal   focused  CNN  or  the  right  wing  Fox   Channel,  AlWaleed  doesn't  care  -­‐   because  he  has  money  in  both  of   them.  And  these  are  his  small   stakes  investments  -­‐  come  to  his   bigger  projects.  He  owns  buildings   in  canary  wharf,  half  of  CiBbank,  a   good  chunk  of  Warner  Pictures,   Walt  Disney....  I  could  go  on.  Can   one  move  without  this  man   making  money?  

We  are  told  the  story  of  the  prince   starBng  out  in  construcBon  with  a   capital  of  $30,000.  Soon  he  had   prospered  enough  to  diverge  into   banking  as  he  started  buying  out   and  merging  banks  in  Saudi.  This  is   where  we  get  the  story  of  how   AlWaleed  took  a  gamble  and   saved  CiBbank  from  near  collapse   in  the  early  1990s  by  pueng  up  a   good  chunk  of  his  net  worth  (close   to  $600  million).   The  book  is  extensively  based  on   interviews  with  the  Prince.  He   comes  across  as  hard  working,   highly  driven,  ambiBous,  and   demanding.  Despite  a  personality   that  seems  always  on  the  move,   he  isn't  above  details.  One  of  the   more  surprising  revelaBons  of  the   book  is  that  AlWaleed  has  an   eideBc  memory.  Renown  for  his   punctuality,  the  Prince  keeps  a   demanding  travel  schedule-­‐  he   owns  a  private  747  jumbo  jet  to  fly   his  hapless  entourage  around  the   world  hot  on  his  heels.     The  other  aspect  of  AlWaleed  is   his  recogniBon  of  and  promoBon   of  women  in  business.  It  is  a  lidle   known  aspect  about  him  and  he  is   known  to  promote  talent   wherever  he  has  found  it.   All  this  and  more  makes  this   biography  an  interesBng  read.     You  will  not  come  away  from  the   book  knowing  AlWaleed  very  well,   however  the  mysteries  around   him  begin  to  fade  away  a  bit.    

Saudi Arts & Crafts introduces ! a new range of Historical Saudi Photographs!

Clockwise:  Old  Bedouin  Family,  King  Saud,  King  Faisal  ,  Old  Riyadh,  Desert  Scene  

BeauBfully  framed,  these  photos  make  great  gi4s   Framed  Size  57  x  47  cm,  other  sizes  available  on  request   Framed  SR380,  unframed  SR150   For  orders  or  more  info  email  Florence  at  [email protected]   To  view    our  full  collec6on  go  to  facebook.com/saudiartsandcracs  

Parents’  Agony  Aunt  by  Ruth  Bared-­‐O’Sullivan   My  child  refuses  to  learn   Math  at  school.  It  is   becoming  a  problem.   Otherwise,  he  is  a  good   student.  This  is  a  core   subject.  What  can  I  do  to   help  create  an  interest?     Naturally  there  are  some  subjects   which  students  like  more  than   others.  Generally,  these  subjects   will  relate  to  a  students’  natural   learning  ability.  If  you  have  ruled   out  other  issues  such  as  bullying,   not  geeng  on  with  the  teacher,   having  fallen  behind  to  a  degree   that  they  feel  it  pointless  to  study   or  other  factors,  you  may  think   about  the  child’s  preferred   learning  style.     Students  in  school  may  have  lidle   choice  about  what  they  learn  as   they  must  sit  formal  exams  such  as   the  GCSE,  A  level,  or  SAT’s.   However,  they  do  have  a  choice   about  how  they  learn.  There  are   many  opportuniBes  for  students   to  expand  their  learning   experiences.     How  can  a  student  do  this?  By   engaging  their  senses  using     Hearing   Seeing     Saying   Doing     Change  worn  out  study  habits  by   using  the  pointers  below  which   engage  the  senses.   Find  another  student,  a  STUDY   BUDDY  at  the  same  level  (or   beder)  and  talk  through  the  main   points  of  a  lesson.  Each  could  

agree  to  study  a  parBcular  chapter   and  explain  it.     TEACH  AND  LEARN.  One  of  the   best  ways  for  students  to  learn  is   to  teach.  When  you  have  to  teach   something  to  others  you  have  to   think  seriously  and  hard  about  it.   Talking  about  a  subject  requires   you  to  organise  thoughts  in  a   logical  sequence.  Ask  your  child  to   teach  you  what  they  have  learnt!     Use  AUDIO  TAPES  to  record   lessons,  repeat  formula,  describe   problems  and  soluBons.  Let  your   child  speak  and  listen  to  lessons.   Perhaps  your  child  can  ask  a   teachers  permission*  to  record   certain  parts  of  a  school  lesson  or   record  explanaBons  in  class.  Also,   some  students  concentrate  beder   on  reading  if  they  summarise   ideas  verbally.  This  can  also  help   focusing  on  key  points  as  no  one   wants  to  listen  back  to  20  minutes   of  talking  about  something  that   could  be  said  in  2  minutes!     The  tapes  can  be  made  and   replayed  in  situaBons  away  from   the  learning  environment  for   example  listening  while  exercising   or  travelling.  If  your  child  is   sensiBve  about  learning  this  can   be  a  good  step  to  create  a  posiBve   associaBon  with  the  subject.   Use  MUSIC  to  learn.  For  example,   link  a  list  of  items  to  a  parBcular   rhythm  or  rhyme.  SomeBmes,   listening  to  music  can  help   students  study.  Use  melodies  to   remember  important  facts.     These  studying  techniques  can  be   used  for  all  subjects,  not  just   Math.     The  most  important  point  is  to   keep  the  lines  of  communicaBon  

open,  listen  to  your  child.   Remember  that  feelings  mader.   How  you  feel  impacts  hugely  upon   learning.  Paying  adenBon  to  your   child’s  emoBonal  and   psychological  health  is  important.   Every  child  needs  to  understand   that  they  may  encounter   challenges  and  difficulBes  at   school  but  these  can  be  overcome.     *As  schools  will  have  regula6ons   around  recording  of  teachers/ other  students/the  use  of  mobile   phones  or  recording  devices  it  is   very  important  to  clear  this  with  a   class  teacher,  tutor  or  school   authori6es.     By  Ruth  BareM-­‐O’Sullivan   M.A.  H-­‐dip  in  Educa6on   About  the  author:  “I  moved  to   Riyadh  from  Ireland  last  year  with   my  husband  and  three  children.     I  have  been  working  in   educaBon  for  11  years.  I  am  a   qualified  English  teacher   and  Guidance  Counsellor.  I  am   currently  working  at  BISR  teaching   English.  I  am  very  interested  in  the   holisBc  side  of  educaBon  as  a   complement  to  academic  studies.”     If  you  have  quesBons  regarding   schooling  or  paren"ng  please   email  them  to  Ruth  on   [email protected]  .  She   will  do  her  best  to  answer  them   and  we  may  (with  your   permission)  publish  anonymously   some  quesBons  in  the  newsleder.  

•••  Riyadh  Classified  •••   All  Kinds  of  Cookies     Food     Handcra4ed  cookies  using  the  finest  and  freshest   ingredients  available.     Contact:  Sarah  Shuwaier     On  Facebook  under  All  Kinds  of  Cookies     [email protected]  0505183722   AMCO     Medical  Devices     Contact:  Talal  Miliany     www.amcomideast.com  -­‐  [email protected]   American  Business  Group  of  Riyadh     Non  Profit  OrganizaBon     The  American  Business  Group  is  a  non-­‐profit  organizaBon   with  a  membership  comprised  of  both  large  and  small   businesses,  and  individual  memberships  of  business  and   professional  men  and  women.    The  American  Business   Group  is  a  guiding  force  in  the  business  community  in   Riyadh.  It  is  a  catalyst  through  which  businesses  and   professional  people  work  together  for  the  common  good.     Contact:  Christy  Roe     www.abgr-­‐riyadh.com     [email protected]  0547074265   Aqua  Fitness     Physical  Fitness/Personal  Training     Shallow  &  Deep  Water  Aerobics  increase  cardiovascular   fitness,  muscle  tone  and  flexibility.  One  hour  class  held  at   your  compound  or  mine.  Private  80SR,  groups  of  2-­‐6   150SR.  All  equipment  provided.     Contact:  Lori  Phipps     aquafi[email protected]     050  962  4400     Aunty  Florrie's  Kitchen     Hand  produce  and  sell  fesBve  foods  and  preserves  I   produce  and  sell  handmade  Christmas  puddings,  cakes   and  mincemeat.    I  also  produce  and  sell  handmade   marmalades  and  chutneys.     Contact:  Bernice  Maitland     auntyfl[email protected]     0507  168310  or  landline  445  9300  ext  1024    

Bernina  Sewing  Machines  &  Evelyn  Room     I  am  the  Sales  &  Training  Rep  in  Riyadh  for  Bernina   Sewing  Macines.  I  work  with  Al-­‐Mushiri  Trading  Est.  in  Al-­‐ Khobar.    I  am  a  Quilter  of  17  years  and  a  QuilBng  Teacher   for  the  last  7  years.  I  provide  a  place  for  ladies  to  come   together  and  learn  to  quilt.  A  place  that  you  can  meet   others  with  the  same  interest.  I  have  morning,  evening   and  Thursday  classes.    I  do  many  workshops  through  out   the  year.  I  make  quilts  for  sale  and  several  Charity  quilts   that  I  donate.     Contact:  Evelyn  Mock     [email protected]     050-­‐328-­‐2853     Crea"ve  Cakes     Cooking     I  make  CelebraBon  Cakes,  Birthday  Cakes,  Decorated  Cup     Cakes.  If  you  give  me  an  idea  of  the  likes  and  interests  of   your  loved  one,  I  can  make  the  cake  (within  reason).     Contact:  Allytson  Perry     [email protected]     0535746015     Events  by  N&Z     Event  Planning     We  are  specialized  in  planning  and  management  of   private  funcBons  such  as  dinners,  graduaBon  parBes  and   other  memorable  occasions.  Through  customized   services,  we  provide  our  clients  with  unique  ideas  and   strive  to  exceed  expectaBons.     Contact:  Zeina  Al  Atrash     [email protected]   0500215071     Flightline  Training  Services     AviaBon  Maintenance  Training     FTS  are  Global  providers  of  Maintenance  Training.  Teams   of  well-­‐qualified  instructors  provide  high-­‐end  courses.   Commided  to  being  ‘Highest  in  its  Class’,  whilst  sBll   delivering  a  lower  cost  opBon.  Transport  Canada  &  EASA   approved.     Contact:  Lizzie  Daniell  -­‐  MarkeBng  RepresentaBve   www.flightlinetraining.com     [email protected]flightlinetraining.com,  [email protected]     056  6517  991    

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Najwa's  shop     Selling  handmade  podery  and  arBsanat  I  help  selling   PalesBnian  embroidery  made  by  ladies  in  refugee  camps   in  Lebanon.  I  also  sell  PalesBnian  podery  from  serving   dishes  to  plates  and  saucers  that  can  be  used  at  home  or   for  decoraBon.  All  my  plates  are  oven,  microwave  and   dishwasher  proof.  Add  to  that  I  also  sell  lebanese   arBsanat.     Contact:  Najwa  Hawari     [email protected]     050  6446100     Personal  trainer/die""an/spinning  instructor     Fitness  and  health     I  offer  lifestyle  changing  habits,  beder  eaBng  well   planned  fit  exciBng,  fun  &  invigoraBng  classes.     Contact:  Luna  Eid  Masri     [email protected]     0540521978     Personal  Training/  Fitness  &  Wellness  Coaching     Fitness/Wellness/NutriBon     I  provide  personal  training,  fitness  classes,  especially   Aquagym  and  Swiss  Ball,  as  well  as  nutriBon  help  and   relaxaBon  massage.  For  ladies  only.     Contact:  Evelyne  Fallows     [email protected]     0545  415  423     New:  Private  Lesson  in  English  and/or  Spanish   American  Doctoral  Candidate  with  7  years  of  university   teaching  experience  offering  teaching/tutoring  services   in  English  and  Spanish.  CV  available  upon  request.   English  Language  for  Children  and  Adults  for  all  levels:   Academic  Reading,  WriBng,  Listening  &  Speaking,  English   Grammar,  TOEFL  Preparatory  Classes,  American  Culture;   Spanish  Language  for  Children  and  Adults  for  all  levels:   Reading,  WriBng,  Listening  &  Speaking,  Spanish  Culture   &  CivilizaBon,  LaBn  American  Culture  &  CivilizaBon,   Spanish  LinguisBcs,  Spanish  &  LaBn  American  Literature   FIRST  ASSESSMENT  IS  FOR  FREE   Classes  are  provided  at  Ranco  Village  Compound!  -­‐   Average  rate  200  SR/hour.     Contact  Ona  Aliaj  at  0559084979  or  email  at   [email protected]   Physical  Therapy     Physical  Therapy/Physiotherapy/Healthcare   Tired  of  dealing  with  chronic  pain?  Schedule  an   evaluaBon  today!   SpecializaBon  in  personalized  treatment  and  educaBon   plans.  Private  sessions  available  on  the  Arizona   Compound.  In  home  sessions  available  for  females  only.     Email  me  to  schedule  an  appointment  or  to  ask  any   quesBons.   Contact:    Dr.  Allison  M.  Moore,  DPT   [email protected]    

•••  Riyadh  Classified  •••   Rania  KeOaneh     Fashion     I  am  a  beachwear  and  accessories  designers  all  designed   in  Riyadh  and  produced  in  Lebanon  (cover  ups  jumpers   dresses  towels  hats  beachbags  cushions  pareos  ka4ans   and  pochedes)     Contact:  Rania  Bort   [email protected]     0545454001    

Sybellius  Transla"on     English/French  Business  TranslaBons     English  to  French  translaBon  services  by  naBve  French   translator  specialised  in  business,  finance  and   accountancy.  See  website  for  more  details.     Contact:  Catherine  Reeen     www.sybellius.fr     [email protected]     0541  075  474    

Saudi  Arts  &  Craas   Arts  &  Cra4s,  AnBques  and  Contemporary  art  from  Saudi   Arabia.     www.facebook.com/saudiartsandcra4s   Contact:  Florence  Hughes   [email protected]  ;  0597  060970  

TALAT  SCHOOL     EducaBon     Talat  School  is  a  Saudi  School  scheduled  to  open,   September  2012.  The  school  will  specialize  in  the  early   years,  children  ages  3-­‐8.  Talat  School  will  use  innovaBve,   bilingual,  acBve  learning  programs  that  foster  a  child-­‐ centered  learning  environment  and  encourage  every   child  to  reach  their  full  potenBal.     Talat  School  believes  in  the  benefits  of  providing  young   children  with  a  high-­‐quality  educaBon  and  wants   teachers  and  volunteers,  who  value  children,  to  join  the   team!     Contact:  JULIE  WILSON  [email protected]   0503102822    

Saudi  Source  Training  Company   Training  and  ConsulBng     We  are  a  training  and  consulBng  company.  We  provide   so4  skills  trainings  in  Quality  Management,  Project   Management,  Personality  Development,  Customer   RelaBonship  and  many  more.  we  also  prove  consultancy   for  ISO  standards.     Contact:  Adeel  Ibrar     www.saudisourcetraining.com   [email protected]     0560525614     Silver,  art  work,  saudi  art  craas   I  am  selling  sterling  silver  related  925  from  factory  in   china  by  parBcipaBng  in  coffee  morning  and  bazaars  in   most  of  compounds  acBviBes,    also  I  am  dealing  with   Arabs  ArBsts  to  sell  there  art  painBng  with  local   customers.  Beside  I  start  to  expand  my  business  in  Saudi   art  cra4  to  give  my  idea  to  designers  then  making  some   sample  to  me.  But  I  didn't  display  it  yet,  so  I  am  looking   for  ways  for  markeBng  .   Contact:  Doaa  Bader     [email protected]     0503189489     Stainless  Steel  Tableware  and  Cutlery     Stylish  tableware  for  the  home.  Unique,  high  quality,   handcra4ed  stainless  steel  tableware  and  cutlery.   Contact:  Sue  Farnworth   [email protected]     0532616515     NEW:  SCWA  (Southern  Cross  Womens  Associa"on)   A  fundraising  non  profit  organisaBon  which  provides   support  and  social  events  for  Australian  and  New   Zealand  women  (including  wives  of  New  Zealand  and   Australian  passport  holders)  in  Riyadh.     Monies  raised  go  to  various  places  including  but  not   limited  to  women's  chariBes,  locally  and  abroad,  and   disaster  relief  agancies,  when  required,  in  Australia  and   New  Zealand.   Contact  us  at  [email protected]  

The  Good  Ship  Lollipop     Party  shop     We  are  a  full  service  party  shop.  Everything  for  the   smallest  to  the  largest  event!!    We  also  import  party   merchandise  and  wholesale  it.    We  were  the  first  party   shop  in  the  Kingdom  and  sBll  by  far  the  best!!     Contact:  Sally  Kennedy     www.goodship-­‐lollipop.com     [email protected]     0096614659521     UNIPRESSE   French  magazines   Enabling  people  to  receive  directly  at  home  French   magazines,  ranging  from  news,  home  decoraBon,   culinary,  travel,  kids  and  much  more.   Contact:  Marie  Cousin   [email protected]   USA  Girl  Scouts     volunteer  organizaBon     We  are  the  overseas  arm  of  USA  Girl  Scouts     Contact:  Karemah  Alfaddaghi     [email protected]     0503484554     Usman  Awan  Co     IT  Professional  Services     IT  Professional  Services  and  Support,    Offering  Network   and  Desktop  Support  Services     Contact:  Usman  Awan     www.usmanawan.com     [email protected]   00966569612951  

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The  Corona  Society     English  speaking  woman’s  group     Contact:  [email protected]  


Maison  des  Français     Events  and  acBviBes  for  French  speakers   Contact:  [email protected]  

www.riyadhciB.com     www.arabnews.com     www.americanbedu.com     www.arriyadh.com/eng    

OasisItalia   Italian  Cultural  AssociaBon   Contact:  [email protected]  


ACR  -­‐  The  American  Community  of  Riyadh   www.acrsa.com,  [email protected]  


CCOR  -­‐  The  Canadian  Community  of  Riyadh   [email protected]  


Dutch  Club  (De  Nederlandse  Vereniging)   [email protected],  www.nvriyadh.com   Southern  Cross  Women's  Associa"on     Australia/New  Zealand  Women's  Group     Contact:  [email protected]     The  Caledonian  Society   Scoesh  Society,  www.riyadhcaledonian.com  

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