Robert Thompson, Western Contra Costa Transit Authority

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Rob Thompson. Manager of Grants, Capital. Projects and Procurements. Technology: We All Want It,. But At What Cost. Small Operator Perspective ...

Technology: We All Want It, But At What Cost Small Operator Perspective

Rob Thompson Manager of Grants, Capital Projects and Procurements

WestCAT • • • • •

12 Paratransit Vehicles 44 Fixed Route Buses Approx 1.3M Passengers Annually Contracted Operations & Maintenance Small Agency staff – 7

What can Technology do for us? • Lessen burden on staff • Can Solve issue – help resolve complaints • Enhance Reporting Capabilities • NTD • Monthly Reports

• Customer Service

WestCAT – early Technology • Automated Paratransit Scheduling • Time saver?

• Mobile Data Terminals (MDT’s) • Promise, but implementation hurdles

• Voice Annunciation System • ADA compliance • Stand alone system • Triggered by driver

• First generation AVL system • Neighborhood complaints (speeding) • Record of data – not Real Time

Technology Advances – 2008-10 • Electronic Fareboxes • Electronic tickets

• Scheduling Software • To relieve burden on staff • Initial installation

Schedules - Excel

Next Generation Technology • Real Time Departure System • Upgraded AVL & Voice Annunciation system • Part of Regional 511 Real Time System • Adds more layers to the Scheduling process

AVL / Real Time Software

Updating • Holidays • School • BART strikes / Bridge Closures

Single Point log in – Benefits vs. Constraints • Ties Real Time AVL system to Headsigns, Voice Annunciator and Farebox • • • •

Server Issues Communication Issues Updates Headsigns Incompatibility across fleet

Last piece of the technology puzzle? • Reporting Software • Using technology to tie data together

Will Technology help? • Saving Staff time • Do you have the right staff

• Technology can complicate things – Updates to software

• Who does updates – You or the Vendor? • You may never fulfill your expectations • Technology can change overnight

Rob Thompson Manager of Grants, Capital Projects and Procurements

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