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Jun 27, 2018 - Marginalisation from Rome to Byzantium. Methods, Patterns, and ... Simon Corcoran – Making Outsiders within the Law in. Justinian's Empire.
Marginalisation from Rome to Byzantium Methods, Patterns, and Perspectives

27 June 2018 09.30-19.00

Speakers & Titles  Costas Panayotakis – Marginalising the Actor in the Roman World Jack Lennon – Hierarchies of Impurity in Roman Society Victoria Pagán – Conspiracy Theory and the Fire of 64 C.E. Simon Corcoran – Making Outsiders within the Law in Justinian’s Empire  Brian Swain – Massacre at the Margins: Gothic Ethnicity and the Gothic Pogroms of the 4th and 5th Centuries Anthony Kaldellis – Ethnic Minorities in 11th-Century Byzantium Fabio Nolfo – Myth and the Marginalisation of Women in Late Antique Poetry and Society Maroula Perisanidi – Equines and the Margins of Power: Some Examples from the Middle Byzantine Period Peter Sarris - Defining the Orthodoxos Politeia: Justinian’s “Novels” and the Assertion of Imperial Authority at the End of Antiquity

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