SAT/ACT Test Prep Courses** Test Prep Classes offered locally ...

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SAT/ACT Test Prep Courses**. Revised 6/16/11. Test Prep. Classes offered locally: Practice. PSAT & ACT. Contact. 4 Tests online test prep

SAT/ACT Test Prep Courses** Test Prep

4 Tests American College Testing (ACT) C2education CISD/Knowsys Test Prep College Board

Classes offered locally: Practice PSAT & ACT online test prep Practice exams online SAT/ACT Prep SAT Prep

College Prep Genius

Practice exams online SAT Prep

College Prep Online

SAT Prep


972-906-7100 214-496-6100


iCollege Prep (Dr. Choe) PSAT, SAT I, SAT II 214-287-0904 Kaplan Karen Dillard's College Prep Knowsys Test Prep Method Test Prep 2.0 Number 2 website PowerScore Princeton Review Revolution Ivy Sharon Serrago,Inc.

PSAT, ACT, SAT, SAT 1-800-KAP-TEST II SAT/ACT Prep 972-867-6544

SAT Prep SAT Prep online SAT/ACT Prep online SAT Prep SAT/ACT/PSAT SAT/ACT Prep SAT/PSAT Prep

214-418-8166 found on Naviance

1-800-545-1750 877-738-7737 972-234-4040

1-87StudyPoint 972-480-1100 817-2195120

Study Point SAT/ACT Prep Sylvan Learning Center SAT/ACT Prep TestWise by Betty SAT/ACT/PSAT Harris

Revised 6/16/11

SAT/ACT Test Prep Courses** University of Texas Test SAT Prep Prep Program Waterton Group SAT/ACT/PSAT

updated 6/26/12

Revised 6/16/11

214-228-5822 m/prep/

** These courses are offered as suggestions only, not recommendations of the [email protected] Counseling Center.