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Aug 31, 2013 ... Late Harsha Kumbhojkar Trophy and cash prize. 16)Most Fragrant Rose(E35) Rajlaxmi Doraiswamy Trophy. 17)Most Fragrant Rose. Smt. Apte ...

12)Best Arrangement (J 56) 13)Best Display (K59,60,62,63) 14)Best Arrangement 15)Best Novice

Late Indutai Tilak Memorial prize Pune Municipal Corporation Trophy Madhukar Kavade prize Late Gauritai Tilak cash prize Late Shri Anantrao Jogdeo Trophy and cash prize Late Harsha Kumbhojkar Trophy and cash prize 16)Most Fragrant Rose(E35) Rajlaxmi Doraiswamy Trophy 17)Most Fragrant Rose Smt. Apte prize ( Div. E 36 ) ( only during Winter Rose Show ) 18) Best Gladiator / Toro(B16/C18) Late Mrs. Tehmi Grant prize 19)Champion White Rose Parmane Memorial prize 20)Best Indian Bred Mrs. Chinchankar prize 21) Best Deep Pink Rose Late Kaka Deshpande prize 22) 1st prize in each class Late Mr. Gupchup prize of Div. A (only during Winter Rose Show) *23)Terrace Garden Wittul Shamsett Trophy *24)Bungalow Garden Late M.K. Mehendale prize Mrs. Vidya Vaze prize *25)Institution Garden Maj. Gen. Mohite prize ( 23,24 & 25 only during Monsoon Show ) 26)Max. Aggregate in H.T. Late Jayantrao Tilak Trophy 27)Max. Aggregate in Floribunda Late Jayantrao Tilak trophy 28)Max. Aggregate in Miniature Late Indutai Tilak Trophy 29)Max. Aggregate (Div. B) D. B. Deorukhkar Trophy 30)Max. Aggregate ( Div. C) Wittul Shamsett Trophy 31)Max Aggregate Nawab Shah Alam khan Trophy 32)Max. Aggregate in Monsoon CTR Trophy in memory of Late & Winter Show Mr. Pratapkumar ( Only during Winter Rose Show ) 33) Best Terrace Garden } Shashikant Kothari Trophy 34) Best Bungalow Garden } ( 33, 34 & 35 only During Winter 35) Best Institutional Garden } Rose Show ) 36) Best Aggregate in Both shows Late Dr. M.B. Nagare Trophy Of all garden Competitions ( Only During Winter Show ) 37) Best Hobbist’s Terrace Garden Harsh Kumbhojkar Memorial Trophy ( Only During Monsoon Show )

The Rose Society of Pune Tilak Smarak Mandir,Pune 411 030. Society’s Reg.No.3017/86 B.T.Act/F/3991/Pune Office Time : 6.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.


Shri M.N. Kavade Chairman Show Committee

Shri Ravindra Bhide President

Bhagyashri Takle Hon. Secretary

Notes : 1.INSTITUTIONS will be allowed to compete in Divisions and classes “Open to All “ i.e. Division C and above ONLY. 2.All entries in Class 1 to 38 and 45 to 53 should be named. 3.The stem length should bear a pleasing and proportionate relation to the size of the bloom. In no case the length of stem ( measured from the cut end of the cane to the topmost leaf) should exceed 60 cms. (24”) 4.It is advisable to condition the bloom prior to staging by immersing them neck deep in water at least for six hours before the scheduled staging time. 5.The bottle or the container should always be kept filled up to the brim. 6.Only the water provided by The Rose society should be used for filling the bottles as it is specially treated for providing longer life to your blooms. 7.The canes should be immersed deep into the water, otherwise your blooms are likely to wilt even before judging. 8.All blooms should be arranged in the exhibition hall before 10.00 a.m. 9.All blooms should be placed in their proper division and proper class. Participation in higher class is allowed. Misplaced blooms are likely to be

barred from receiving the prize. If in doubt, consult senior members who are available for guidance at the site. 10.Competitors should leave the hall before the judging commences. 11.The awards - the King , the Queen , the Mahabank and the Vijayshree Gulab of the show shall be made from the classes :1,2,3,6 to 32 ,35,36 & 45. The award Prince of the show shall be made from classes :4,33 & 46 to 49. The award Princess of the show shall be made from classes :5,34 & 50 to 53. The award Champion White Rose shall be ONLY WHITE rose from the classes :2,12,24,48 and 51. 12.The trophy for maximum aggregate shall be awarded on the points basis.The norms of allotting points shall be as follows : King 6 pts.,Queen 5 pts., Vijayashree ,Mahabank , Prince & Princess 4 pts. each, Best Novice ,Best display,Most fragrant, Best gladiator & Champion White 3 pts. each, 1st prize 2 pts , 2nd prize 1 pt. 13.It is expected that all blooms are from the plants grown personally or from the plants grown under the personal supervision of the participant. 14.Participants who are not valid members of the Society, should obtain membership on the spot by paying yearly fees of Rs. 300/- , as only members are eligible to win the prizes . However this rule is not applicable for Winter show. 15.No separate entry fee is payable. 16.The competitors are also requested to arrange for replacement of blooms on the second day. 17.A beginner without any previous prize , getting maximum points will be Best Novice 18. Under all situations of disputes judging committee’s decision will be final. 19. * indicates that these competitions and prizes are due only during Monsoon Show.In each Div. minimum 3 entries are must ! 20. In Class 45-A single bloom of H.T. type FLORIBUNDA (Grandiflora ) roses (which have classic H.T. type shapes but come in small clusters )viz. Gold Medal,Love, Montezuma,Samourai,Queen Elizabeth etc. are to be exhibited in this class. ( If a cluster is displayed , it shall be disqualified ) 21. Max. Aggregate in Monsoon & Winter show - First 3 nos. from both the shows will be considered for this trophy. One who will have max. points from both the shows will get the trophy. IMP NOTE – ONLY BLUE BALL PEN SHOULD BE USED FOR WRITING ENTRY TAG


DIV “N” Roses in Bowls (Open to all) [ Bowls will be provided by the Society Class 68 HT – 3 Bowls-3 Roses ( one or more varieties ) “ 69 Floribundas – One Bowl - (3 varieties, Min. of 9 flowers,3 of each variety ) “ 70 Miniature – One bowl – 3 varieties ,min. 12 flowers-4 of each variety ) DIV “P” Roses in vases (Open to all) [ vases will be provided by the Society Class 71 HT – 3 vases-3 Roses ( one or more varieties ) “ 72 Floribundas 1 vase – 1 variety “ 73 Miniature – One vase – 1 variety DIV “Q” Rose Photos Class 74 Rose Photographs size 8” X 10” ) (max. 5 / competitor ) “ 75 Rose photographs size ( 10” X 12” ) ( max. 5 / competitor )

TROPHIES AND PRIZES 1)King of the Show

Late Khodabanda B. Irani Trophy Late N.A. Joshi Memorial Trophy 2)Queen of the Show Late Mrs. Yamutai Kirloskar Trophy CTR Trophy in memory of Late Mrs. Sheila Kumar 3)Vijayashree Gulab Late Vijayrao Mohite Trophy in of the Show Memory of Late Dinkarrao Mohite 4)Mahabank Trophy Bank of Maharashtra Trophy 5)Prince of the Show Naik Krishi Udyog Trophy in Memory of Late A.B. Naik 6)Princess of the Show Mrs. Pimpalapure Trophy 7)Best Orange / Vermilion (A1/B11) Col. B. V. Sidhaye Trophy 8)Best of the Blends (A3/B16) Col. B. V. Sidhaye Trophy (Both 7 & 8 only during Monsoon Rose Show) 9)Best Double Delight/Black Late Nana Joshi Trophy Lady ( Div. A3,B16,C28) (only during Winter Rose Show) 10)Best Mauve/Blue/Apr/Bronze Late N.G. Ogale Trophy Copper/Amber (B13/B14/C25/C26) 11)Best Arrangement (J54&55) Pushkarni prize

DIV “J” Vase Arrangement ( Any Dry / Green material allowed. However flowers should only be ROSES ) Class 54 Western style open to all “ 55 Eastern style open to all “ 56 Free style open to all

SCHEDULE SHOWING THE VARIOUS DIVISIONS/CLASSES FOR THE ROSE SHOW GUIDE LINES Divisions A & B only for INDIVIDUALS Div. “A” Novice : Restricted to INDIVIDUAL HOBBIST rosarians who haven’t won any prize

DIV “K” Display (Flowers only ROSES) Class 57 Display other than Nurserymen “ 58 Restricted to those bringing flowers from outside Pune District. “ 59 Floral Rangoli with Roses (Flowers only Roses , any other material allowed ) “ 60 Display restricted to Nurserymen “ 61 Display by Greenhouses DIV “L” Display (Any flowers are allowed but ROSES are must) Class 62 Flower presentation – Baskets “ 63 Flower presentation – Bouquets / Sheaf “ 64 Floral Hangings / Wall Hangings * DIV “M” Open to all – Garden Competition ( An entry fee as indicated against each class will have to be paid in advance , for outside Pune Municipal Corpn. limits the fee will be double. Your entries should reach this office before 24th December 2012 ) Class 65 Institutional Gardens Entry Fee Rs. 200/“ 66 Bungalow Gardens Entry Fee Rs. 100/“ 67 Terrace Gardens Entry Fee Rs. 100/-

Class 1 Single specimen bloom – large flowered (H.T.) Red/Crimson/Orange “ 2 Single specimen bloom –large flowered (H.T.) White/Pink/Mauve “ 3 Single specimen bloom – large flowered (H.T.) Yellow/Apricot/ Bicolour/ Blends/Stripes “ 4 A stem of a floribunda rose – any colour “ 5 A stem of Tiny rose (Miniature / Polyantha /any colour ) Div “B” Restricted to rosarians growing 100 or less rose plants. FOR INDIVIDUAL HOBBISTS only Single specimen bloom – large flowered (H.T.) Class 6 Gladiator or Toro “ 7 Red/Crimson other than Gladiator/Toro “ 8 Light Pink “ 9 Deep Pink “ 10 Yellow “ 11 Orange / Vermilion “ 11A Folklore “ 12 White / Near White “ 13 Blue / Mauve “ 13A Pardise “ 14 Apricot / Bronze / Copper / Amber “ 15 Bicolours “ 16 Blends “ 17 Stripes

DIV “C” Open to All Institutions, Nurseries, Industries Single Specimen bloom – large flowered (H.T.) Class 18 Gladiator / Toro “ 19 Red / Crimson / other than Gladiator / Toro “ 20 Light Pink “ 21 Deep Pink “ 22 Yellow “ 23 Orange / Vermilion “ 23A Folklore “ 24 White / Near white “ 25 Blue / Mauve “ 25A Paradise “ 26 Apricot / Bronze / Copper / Amber “ 27 Bicolours “ 28 Blends “ 29 Stripes DIV “D” Indian Bred Varieties (Open to all ) Class 30 Single specimen bloom – large flowered (H.T.) Red / Crimson / Orange “ 31 Single specimen bloom – large flowered (H.T.) of striped variety “ 32 Single specimen bloom – large flowered (H.T.) of colour groups other than in class 30 and class 31 “ 33 A stem of cluster flower rose any colour “ 34 A stem of Tiny rose (miniature or polyantha ) of any colour DIV “E” Fragrant Roses (Open to all) Class 35 Red / Crimson “ 36 Other than Red / Crimson DIV “F” Curiosity ( Open to all ) Class 37 Sport and parent “ 38 Progeny and atleast one of the parents

DIV “G” Decorative ( Open to all ) Class 39 Single specimen bloom of fully open large flower (H.T.) ( All petals must have opened nicely, stamens may seen ) “ 40 Three blooms of the same large flowered (H.T.) rose, each at different stage of opening viz. Tight bud, Half open and Fully open “ 41 Five blooms of large flowered (H.T.) roses of one variety only “ 42 Five blooms of large flowered (H.T.) roses of five different varieties. “ 43 Ten blooms of large flowered (H.T.) roses of one or more colour. “ 44 Twenty blooms of large flowered (H.T.) roses of one or more colour. DIV “H” Floribunda roses (Open to all) Class 45 A single specimen bloom of H.T. type floribunda of any colour. “ 46 A stem of cluster flowered rose (Fl) Red / Crimson / Orange “ 47 A stem of cluster flowered rose (Fl) Pink / Mauve “ 48 A stem of cluster flowered rose (Fl) of White or near white “ 49 A stem of cluster flowered rose (Fl) of Yellow / Apricot / Bicolours / Blends / Stripes DIV “I” Tiny roses ( Open to all ) Class 50 A stem of Tiny Rose (Miniature / polyantha ) of Red / Crimson / Orange “ 51 A stem of Tiny Rose (miniature / polyantha ) of White / near white colour. “ 52 A stem of Tiny Rose (miniature / polyantha ) of Pink or Mauve colour. “ 53 A stem of Tiny Rose (miniature / polyantha ) of Yellow / Apricot / Bicolours / Blends / Stripes