Study Guide PreCalculus

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Study Guide PreCalculus. Chapter 5 / Final. Vocabulary (you should be able to define or explain the following in your own words) : Transformation. Translation.

Study Guide

PreCalculus Chapter 5 / Final

Vocabulary (you should be able to define or explain the following in your own words) :

Transformation Translation Dilation Rotation Reflection Horizontal / Vertical Stretch / Compression Area Under a Curve Sigama / Index Argument / Interval Rectangle Method Right / Left endpoint Verify / Solve / Simplify Arc / Sector

Parent Function Inverse Function Reciprocal Function Piecewise Function Polynomial / Power Function Parabolic / Parabola Step Function Hyperbolic/ Hyperbola Direct / Indirect Variation Constant of Variation Domain / Range Intercept / Asymptote Phase Shift

Sine / Cosine / Tangent Cosecant / Secant / Tangent Law of Sines Law of Cosines Trigonometric Identity Pythagorean Identity Unit Circle Reference Angle Reference Triangle Radian / Degree Logorythm Power / Base / Exponent Log / Power Property Change of Base Formula

Concepts (you should be able to work short answer problems on the following topics) : Given a variety of triangles, be able to use trigonometry to find any missing angle or side, and use the information to find its area. Be able to graph the transformation of any parent function, and piecewise defined funciton. Be able to graph more than one period of a transformed trig function and identify its period, amplitude, angular frequency, minimum, maximum, range, and phase shift. Given an equation, be able to find its inverse algebraicly. Be able to solve a system of logarythmic equations. Be able to calculate the area under a curve using the rectangle method and sigma notation.

Be able to verify a trigonometric identity. Be able to use the unit circle to find and realate trig ratios, angles, and values.