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18 Dec 2007 ... Exercice N°1 : Circle the names you hear in the text. •. Kate. •. Simone ... 019745097647. 0197443855397. Sylvie Blanc. CPD LVE. 18/12/07. 2 ...

Suggestion de quelques pistes d'exercices de compréhension de l'oral au cycle III. (à partir des textes enregistrés par les assistants anglophones) I-Présentation/ Text N°3 Exercice N°1 : Circle the names you hear in the text. •






• •








Exercice N°2 :Complete with the right names: Simone, John, Antoine, Owen, Ajitha, Vicky 1-------------------------is English. 2-------------------------is twenty-one and he lives in Cardiff. 3-------------------------lives in Nevers. 4-------------------------comes from the Bahamas. 5-------------------------is eight and she lives in Ireland. 6-------------------------is twenty-two and she comes from India. Sylvie Blanc CPD LVE 18/12/07 1

I-Présentation Text N°4 Exercice N°1 Tick the correct box. Simone comes from :

YES Australia England The Bahamas

She has got

Two brothers and one sister One brother and one sister Two brothers and three sisters

Her sister is called

Lucy Suzy Daisy

She is

twenty Twenty-four Thirty

Her phone number is

0197560976422 019745097647 0197443855397

Sylvie Blanc CPD LVE 18/12/07 2


Exercice N°2 Complete Simone's passport NAME: COUNTRY: BROTHER'S NAME: SISTER'S NAME: AGE: PHONE NUMBER:

Exercice N°3: Listen and complete the text. Part one: Hello, I'm Simone. I-------------------- in the Bahamas. I have got ---------brother and one ---------. My brother is called----------------and my sister is called -------------. My -----------------are Mr and Mrs Sweeting. I'm ----------------. My phone number is ---------------------------.

Sylvie Blanc CPD LVE 18/12/07 3

Part 2: This is my friend Ajitha. She is---------------. She comes from -------------. She's got one -----------------. Her ---------------is Anitha. Part 3: This is our --------------Owen. He lives in --------------------. Cardiff is the capital city of --------------. Owen is ------------------. He hasn't got any brother and ---------------, but he has got a ---------- called Pussy. I- Présentation-Texte N° 5 Exercice N°1: Tick only what is true about Harry. Harry


Harry is ten. Harry lives in New York. Harry is English. Harry has got a brother and two sisters. Harry's baby sister is Kate. Harry's brother is five. Vicky is eleven. Harry's dad is a teacher. Harry's mum is a teacher. This is Harry's phone number is 067823117 Harry has got two cats, a hamster and two dogs. He likes watching TV. Sylvie Blanc CPD LVE 18/12/07 4

Exercise Number 2: Complete Harry's passport.

NAME:-------------------------------------------AGE:----------------------------------------------COUNTRY:--------------------------------------TOWN:-------------------------------------------Brother's name:----------------------------------How many sisters? -----------------------------Names: -------------------------------------------Mum's job:----------------------------------------Dad's job:-----------------------------------------My phone number:-----------------------------Number of pets: -----cat(s) -----dog(s) -----bird(s) Hobbies:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sylvie Blanc CPD LVE 18/12/07 5

II-The weather Exercise N°3 A/What's the weather like today? Listen and draw.

In London, it's

In Birmingham, it's

In Glasgow, it's

In Cardiff, it's

In Belfast, it's

In Dublin, it's B/ Listen and put a tick if it's true and a cross for false In London it's rainy and warm. In Birmingham, it's snowy. In Scotland, it's sunny and hot. In Wales, it's foggy. In Belfast, its cloudy and cold. In Dublin, it's rainy and cold.

Sylvie Blanc CPD LVE 18/12/07 6

IV- Family Texte A. Exercice N°1 Tick the right box. Names

Members of the family


Harry's sister


Harry's aunt


Harry's father


Harry's brother


Harry's cousin

Exercice N°2 Complete with the names: Example: Harry's brother


Harry's cousins Harry's sister Harry's uncle Harry's grandparents Harry's mother Harry's father Harry's aunt Exercice N°3 Draw Harry's family tree.

V-Description, presentation Text 1A Listen and draw Albert. Text 2 B Listen and draw Billy

Sylvie Blanc CPD LVE 18/12/07 7



Text N°3 Listen and complete Billy's passport Name: Monster Billy Age: Nationality: Number of brothers and sisters:--------brothers, ---------sisters. Colour of the house:----------Favourite pets:--------------and--------------. Monkey's name:------------Hobbies:-------------------,----------------------- and ------------------------Spoken languages:----------------------, --------------------------- and-------------------------. Favourite pudding:--------------------------------------

VI-FOOD Text 1: At the restaurant Exercise N°1: 1. Circle the names you can hear: Mum - Uncle - Bob - Lucy - Kate - Peter – Dad. 2- Circle the right answer •

They're at the shop.

They're in the park.

They're at the restaurant.

They're at school. 3-Listen to Bob and Kate's menu.

a/ Tick the right box. Sylvie Blanc CPD LVE 18/12/07 8




Beans on toast Fish and ships Salad Tomato soup Chicken Jelly with ice-cream Apple pie with custard Lemon cheese cake Chocolate pudding Apple crumble

B/ Write Bob and Kate's menu Bob is having :----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Kate is having: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------VI-FOOD Text N°2 Breakfast Exercise N°1 1-Circle the right day. • It's Thursday •

It's Monday

It's Tuesday

2-What time is it? •

It's seven o'clock

It's two o'clock

Sylvie Blanc CPD LVE 18/12/07 9

It's eight o'clock.

3-The family is having: • • •

Lunch Breakfast Dinner

4-What do they have for breakfast? Tick the right box. Menu





Orange juice A glass of milk A cup of coffee A cup of tea A strawberry yoghurt Tomatoes Cereals with milk An apple Cereals with milk and sugar Toast Toast with butter and marmalade. Toast with butter and jam Bacon and eggs with baked beans and tomatoes

Write: 1. Kate's menu : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. Bob's menu:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. Mum's menu:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. Dad's menu------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sylvie Blanc CPD LVE 18/12/07 10

VI-Food Text N° 3 Shopping list Exercise N°1: Listen and circle the shopping list • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Two bottles of milk Two bottles of orange juice 12 eggs Fish 9 carrots A chocolate cake Potatoes Some tomato soup Biscuits 4 cans of coke 5 tomatoes Some meat Five pears Four apples

Exercice N°2: Complete the shopping list

SHOPPING LIST: - ..........bottles of milk -.......carrots -potatoes -.......tomatoes -......apples -some meat -a ..................cake -12 ............... -4 cans of........... -two bottles of.............juice -some...............soup

Sylvie Blanc CPD LVE 18/12/07 11

Text N°4 : At the shop Exercise N°1 Mrs Steward is shopping at the grocer's Tick the right box. YES 5 green apples 5 yellow apples 5 red apples 6 pears 6 eggs 2 pounds of potatoes 2 bottles of orange juice 7 tomatoes 10 oranges

Exercice N°2 Write Mrs Steward 's shopping list.







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VI- Days and hobbies Text N°1 Exercice N°1 The days of the week Write the right day under the picture.

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