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Recommended: Read the Wall Street Journal every day, you will not be tested on it, but you will ... The Wall Street Journal Guide to Money and Investing. ... to help your understanding of the text, and I will go over some important ones in class.

BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS Fall 2015 George Mason University School of Law Syllabus Texts: ALLEN, KRAAKMAN & SUBRAMANIAN, COMMENTARIES AND CASES ON THE LAW OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATION 4d edition & the Statutory Supplement Recommended: Read the Wall Street Journal every day, you will not be tested on it, but you will find it essential for job interviews Also, students interested in more background on financial markets are encouraged to read The Wall Street Journal Guide to Money and Investing. Class Times for Day Class: Tuesday and Thursday, 6-7:50 Professor Information J.W. Verret, Room 411, [email protected] Office Hours, By Appointment Course Requirements and Grading Policy The course requirements consist of class participation and a final exam. Students will be able to obtain positive participation credits through volunteering uniquely insightful participation in class (merely relaying the facts of a case, summarizing the courts reasoning, or relaying a holding is insufficient for that purpose). I will also cold call students frequently, all students must be prepared to discuss each day. In the event a student is called upon and not present or not prepared they will lose a participation point. Cold called students can only lose credit, additional participation points will only be given for volunteers. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ADVISE ME ABOUT ABSENCES IN ADVANCE, BUT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BUILDING A PARTICIPATION CREDIT BUFFER AHEAD OF TIME, THROUGH DILIGENT VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION, TO COMPENSATE FOR ANY LOST PARTICIPATION POINTS ON DAYS YOU ARE ABSENT. At the end of the semester, the top 12 students will receive an increase in their final grade. The bottom 5 students will receive a participation decrease in their final grade. Things I would recommend: 1) If you miss a class, ask someone else in the class what the reading is for next time. On any given class, I reserve the right to jump ahead or fall backward in the syllabus by a couple of cases. 2) Email me if you are confused about a topic, I respond to all student emails as quickly as possible. Do not wait, though, until the last three weeks in the semester.

The following table sets forth the topics and reading assignments for the course lectures. BE ADVISED THAT THE ENTIRE ALLEN & KRAAKMAN TEXT IS FAIR GAME FOR THE FINAL. If something is in those readings, but not covered in the lecture or assigned readings below, it still may appear on the Final!!! It is also important that students not only read the assigned pages in the text but also review the related statutes and rules cited in the text. To facilitate class discussion, it is important that students complete the reading assignment in advance of class. Internet policy: Students may not access the internet or send emails or IM during class. Doing so, even once, WILL RESULT IN A DOWNWARD ADJUSTMENT IN YOUR FINAL GRADE. FINAL EXAM---Will be modified open book. You may bring in your book, your statutory supplement, and any notes which you have prepared yourself. Course Overview: Note: AKS = Allen, Kraakman & Subramanian textbook Readings are listed below; the reading averages about 30 pages per class. You are responsible for all restatement and statutory provisions included in the text, as well as those listed on the syllabus. You should consult these provisions as background material to help your understanding of the text, and I will go over some important ones in class. Statutory and Restatement material may be covered on the exam. Each number below represents one assignment. However, we may go through the material a little more slowly or quickly than indicated below. I may add or omit material during the semester. I will also occasionally hand out supplemental materials. I will notify you of any changes via email. If we do not finish the material for a particular day, we will start the next class with that material, but the reading for that class otherwise will remain the same unless otherwise announced. Preliminary reading schedule (subject to change) Class Day 1---Reading Assignment is Chapter 1, “Agency: Acting Through Others.” Class Day 2---Chapter 2, pages 33-60 Class Day 3---Chapter 2, pages 60-78 Class Day 4---Chapter 3, pp. 79-111 Class Day 5---Chapter 4, pp. 115-151

Class Day 6---Chapter 5, pp. 153-183 Class Day 7---Chapter 5, pp. 183-215 Class Day 8---Chapter 6, pp. 217-246 Class Day 9---Chapter 6, pp. 246-268 Class Day 10---Chapter 7, pp. 269-290 Class Day 11---Chapter 7, pp. 291-308 Class Day 12---Chapter 7, pp. 308-327 Class Day 13---Chapter 8, pp. 329-352 Class Day 14---Chapter 8, pp. 352-365 Class Day 15---Chapter 9, pp. 367-392 Class Day 16---Chapter 9, pp. 392-415 Class Day 17---Chapter 10, pp. 417-432 Class Day 18---Chapter 10, pp. 432-451 Class Day 19---Chapter 11, pp. 453-491 Class Day 20---Chapter 11, pp. 491-509 Class Day 21---Chapter 12, pp. 511-532 Class Day 22---Chapter 12, pp. 532-564 Class Day 23---Chapter 12, pp. 564-605 Class Day 24--- Chapter 13, pp. 607-635 Class Day 25---Chapter 13, pp. 635-660 Class Day 26---Chapter 13, pp. 660-684 Class Day 27--- Review Class Day 28---Review