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THE PRINCESS BRIDE. TRIVIA QUIZ. ( ). 1> Who was NOT in the movie The Princess Bride? a. Christopher Guest b. William Goldman.


1> Who was NOT in the movie The Princess Bride? a. Christopher Guest b. William Goldman c. Cary Elwes d. Mandy Patinkin 2> Which of these names was Westley NEVER called? a. Dread Pirate Roberts b. The Man in Black c. Farmhand Roberts d. Farm Boy 3> What were the names of the men hired to kill Buttercup? a. Inigo, Montoya, Rugen b. Inigo, Fezzik, Vezzini c. Fezzik, Vezzini, Ringo d. Rugen, Inigo, Fezzik 4> In the movie, who wrote the book that the grandfather read to his sick grandson? a. S. Morgenstern b. Andre the Giant c. Bill Goldman d. William R. Gold 5> What is an R.O.U.S?

a. Rodent of Unusual Stature b. Rodent of Unusual Size c. Rodent of Unusual Style d. Rodent of Useful Surprises 6> What was the name of the six fingered man? a. Count Tyrone b. Count Dracula c. Count Rugen d. Count Humperdinck 7> What is the name of the Prince that Buttercup was being forced to marry? a. Humperdinck b. Croftan c. Vizzini d. Westley 8> Billy Crystal played which interesting character? a. Miracle Max b. Buttercup's Father c. The Impressive Clergyman d. The Albino 9> What phrase did Westley say to Buttercup to confirm his identity? a. As you Wish b. I love you c. Blow me a kiss d. Promise me, my love 10> Who played Buttercup? a. Courtney Cox b. Robin Wright c. Carol Kane d. Carrie Fischer

11> What is the name of Buttercup's horse? a. Rose b. Champ c. Horse d. Black Beauty 12> Which character in the movie kept repeating the word inconceivable? a. Buttercup b. Miracle Max c. Fezzik d. Vizzini

Answers: 1> William Goldman - William Goldman did not appear in the movie! He was the author of the book and was present during much of the filming of The Princess Bride, but he never made an appearance in the film. 2> Farmhand Roberts - Buttercup called Westley 'Farm Boy' before she realized she was in love with him. When he returned from his travels, he was known as the 'Dread Pirate Roberts'. 3> Inigo, Fezzik, Vezzini - The men were hired by the prince to kill Buttercup so he could use her death as an excuse to start a war with Guilder. 4> S. Morgenstern - In the movie, the book was written by S. Morgenstern. S. Morgenstern was William Goldman's pen name. 5> Rodent of Unusual Size - They are one of the three dangers of the fire swamp! The other two being lightning sand and fire spouts! 6> Count Rugen - He killed Inigo's father when Inigo was very young and had been searching for him for years to seek his revenge! 7> Humperdinck - Humperdinck tricked Buttercup into believing that Westley was safe and did not want her back. 8> Miracle Max - The other actors that had scenes with Billy Crystal said they sustained injuries due to stifling their laughter. 9> As you Wish - As you wish was all he ever said to her when she used to boss him around, before she fell in love with him. When he was falling down the hillside, he yelled 'As you Wish,' this confirmed that he was Westley. 10> Robin Wright - Robin Wright won the role after reading with a very convincing English accent. 11> Horse - The Princess Bride is number 50 on Bravo's '100 Funniest Movies' list. 12> Vizzini - The Princess Bride was shot in various locations in the United

Kingdom and Ireland.

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