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Fluazifop-p-butyl Monocrotophos Sulfosulfuron. Amidosulfuron. Clopyralid. Flurochloridone Napropamide. Tau-fluvalinate. Azoxystrobin. Cycloxydim. Fluroxypyr.

EPRW 2010 : Strasbourg

Multi-Residue Analysis of 70 Multi-Class Pesticides in Lavandin Essential Oil by LC/MS/MS using Scheduled MRM Yoann Fillâtre, P.-Y. Communal, D. Rondeau, A. Jadas-Hécart, A. Daguin, B. Bonnet

What is an Essential Oil?

Usual Definition

ISO 9235.2 Definition Strong Odor Viscous Liquid Plant’s Extract « Product obtained from raw material either by distillation with water or steam or- from the epicarp of Citrus fruits by a mechanical process, or- by dry distillation »

Chemical Definition Sesquiterpenes Volatile Compounds

Mono- and di terpenes Phenylpropenes Essential oils


LQ determination

many others

World’s Essential Oils Production 15-30 %

5-10 %