TNPSC – How to prepare…?

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G.K. POWER APRIL 2010 ... Do you know how to prepare for the TNPSC Group ... The study of Grammar books from 9th to 12th standard, workbooks on.

Tamil Nadu to answer any questions even if it asked in nook and corner of the subject.  Keep yourself conversant with the current affairs. Hence read newspapers daily besides listening to your news channels.  Relentless pursuit with lots of perseverance in continuity is a must.

TNPSC – How to prepare…? An expert speaks to our career aspirants...

Major thrust should be given on the following subjects  General Science covering Physics, Chemistry and Biology with special

Do you know how to prepare for the TNPSC Group II (Combined Subordinate Services I) Exam?

The following clues are given for this examination :  Try to go through once again the textbooks on science & social science of the 9th and 10th standards, which will give the basic ideas.

 Systematic and planned study is necessary. There should be continuity of touch with the subjects to enhance your memory power because practice makes a man perfect.  Each and every subject should be studied in depth analytically, intensively, extensively and exhaustively with particular reference to G.K. POWER

APRIL 2010


Formerly, Deputy Secy. Founder, JCEA, Chennai

Here are the vital tips for the aspirants of the Government jobs through the TNPSC Recruitment. The academic degree examinations conducted by the universities are spread over a fairly long period (for e.g. 3 years for U.G.) You can leisurely prepare for the examination. Moreover, if you get the prescribed minimum marks you can obtain your graduation. In the competitive examinations, you are competing with lakhs of candidates and you have to score high marks. In other words to get an interview you have to make a superlative performance in the examination. Your time ahead is short. But the portions to be covered are very vast and extensive. In a running race only the first three will get the prizes and others will lose. The TNPSC Examination is a similar competitive examination. You have to prepare sincerely and systematically with continuity of the touch with all relevant subjects. Your success mainly centers round your memory power to answer the questions with precision. Scrupulous care should be taken to answer the questions on thought provoking and concept based questions with speed, consistent with accuracy.

reference to Botany, Zoology and Human Phsiology.

 Ancient, Medieval and Modern History along with History of South Indian kingdoms and the History of Tamil Nadu should be carefully studied. Include Social Reform Movements and Bhakthi cult figure in this module.  Indian freedom struggle with particular reference to Tamil Nadu.  Indian Polity covering all aspects of the Constitution of India with reference to recent developments.  Regarding Geography emphasise on economic geography. The other areas to be covered apart from the above major subjects are, Indian Economy, Five Year Plans, National Income, Commerce, Statistics and study of world organizations. Coverage of study on National Insignia like National symbol, National Anthem besides study of environment and all other left over general knowledge items. Mere study is not enough. Thorough revision of all the above subjects should be made several times. Instead of studying solitarily, group study at weekends or at convenient intervals to exchange ideas, interactions discussions and doubt clearance is very desirable for refreshing and recapitulating of the study made. Daily practice, at least one model question paper in Raman’s Question Bank on General Knowledge and General English / General Tamil should be made. The study of Grammar books from 9th to 12th standard, workbooks on English and Tamil is also very essential. In short, as the time for the preparation of the examination is short, time management is very essential. Candidates who are and are appearing for the Group II examination should carefully manage their time schedule. We wish you a grand success. For Personal Classroom Coaching by an expert faculty – Please contact

JCEA. Phone : Landline : 044-24861475; Mobile : 9486170729. G.K. POWER

APRIL 2010