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Belle b. Ariel c. Tiana d. Pocahontas. 4> Which princess wears a green dress? a. Tiana b. Cinderella c. Aurora d. Belle. 5> Who is the daughter of King Stefan ...

1> Which princess has the ability to heal? a. Pocahontas b. Jasmine c. Rapunzel d. Megara 2> Which Disney princess is Scottish? a. Jasmine b. Merida c. Megara d. Mulan 3> Which princess sings the song entitled Part of this World? a. Belle b. Ariel c. Tiana d. Pocahontas 4> Which princess wears a green dress? a. Tiana b. Cinderella c. Aurora d. Belle 5> Who is the daughter of King Stefan and Queen Leah? a. Adrina

b. Aurora c. Dot d. Eden 6> Which Princess falls in love with Eric? a. Eric b. Ariel c. Belle d. Tiana 7> Which princess is an excellent cook? a. Pocahontas b. Tiana c. Ariel d. Megera 8> What color does Rapunzel wear? a. Yellow b. Purple c. Blue d. Green 9> Which Disney princess dances with an owl? a. Aurora b. Jasmine c. Megara d. Dot 10> Which princess is asked to pour tea for the matchmaker? a. Mulan b. Pocahontas c. Ariel d. Belle 11> Which princess lives in Agrahba?

a. Anna b. Jasmine c. Belle d. Rapunzel 12> Which princess falls in love with a thief? a. Cinderella b. Rapunzel c. Merida d. Snow White 13> Which Princess wears pants as part of her "official" costume? a. Belle b. Snow White c. Jasmine d. Cinderella 14> Which princess sings A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes? a. Snow White b. Aurora c. Cinderella d. Belle 15> Which princess is invited to be the dinner guest in a magical castle? a. Megara b. Belle c. Jasmine d. Mulan 16> Which princess disguises herself as a man? a. Snow White b. Cinderella c. Mulan d. Belle

17> Which princess faces the villain Maleficent? a. Belle b. Aurora c. Jasmine d. Snow White 18> Which princess faces Shan Yu? a. Belle b. Pocahontas c. Mulan d. Tiana 19> Which princess has a racoon for a friend? a. Tiana b. Pocahontas c. Megara d. Cinderella 20> Which of these princesses is not a mermaid? a. Alana b. Aurora c. Andrina d. Aquata

Answers: 1> Rapunzel - The magic works through her wondrous hair. 2> Merida - Merida is excellent with a bow. 3> Ariel - Ariel sings the song in the film, The Little Mermaid. 4> Tiana - Tiana is the princess in The Princess and the Frog. 5> Aurora - Aurora is raised by three fairies. 6> Ariel - Ariel is changed into a human by the Sea Witch. 7> Tiana - Tiana had dreams of opening a restaurant. 8> Purple - Belle wears yellow. 9> Aurora - The owl is wearing a hat and cape. 10> Mulan - The matchmaker is supposed to pick Mulan's husband. 11> Jasmine - Jasmine ventures out into the city to explore. 12> Rapunzel - The thief’s name is Flynn. 13> Jasmine - Jasmine wears a light blue color. 14> Cinderella - She also sings So This is Love. 15> Belle - Belle is featured in Disney's thirtieth animated feature film Beauty and the Beast. 16> Mulan - She joins the army. 17> Aurora - Maleficent changes into a dragon. 18> Mulan - Mulan defeats the army by causing an avalanche. 19> Pocahontas - The raccoons name is Meeko. 20> Aurora - Adella, Attina and Artisa are all Ariel's sisters.