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Please email [email protected] for further information. ... Oxford School of English is the only TOEFL® Test Centre in the Oxford area. We.

TOEFL® Test Dates January - October 2013 January 2013

Test Date

Application Due*

Results Expected**

Saturday 12 January

Friday 04 January

Friday 25 January

Saturday 02 February

Friday 25 January

Friday 15 February

Saturday 23 February

Friday 15 February

Friday 08 March

Saturday 02 March

Friday 22 February

Friday 15 March

Saturday 06 April

Friday 29 March

Friday 19 April

Saturday 27 April

Friday 19 April

Friday 10 May

Saturday 11 May

Friday 03 May

Friday 24 May

Saturday 08 June

Friday 31 May

Friday 21 June

Saturday 22 June

Friday 14 June

Friday 05 July

Saturday 13 July

Friday 05 July

Friday 26 July

Saturday 10 August

Friday 02 August

Friday 23 August

Saturday 31 August

Friday 23 August

Friday 13 September

Friday 30 August

Friday 20 September

Saturday 05 October

Friday 27 September

Friday 18 October

Saturday 19 October

Friday 11 October

Friday 01 November

Saturday 09 November

Friday 01 November

Friday 22 November

Saturday 16 November

Friday 08 November

Friday 29 November

Saturday 07 December

Friday 29 November

Friday 20 December

Saturday 14 December

Friday 06 December

Friday 27 December

February 2013 March 2013 April 20123 May 2013 June 2013 July 2013 August 2013 September 2013 Saturday 07 September October 2013

November 2013

December 2013

* Late entries may be possible subject to availability; please ask at Reception for further details. However, the TOEFL® test is very popular, and the exam may become full before the closing date for applications. Therefore, we recommend that you book your test as early as possible. ** Results are published online approximately 2 weeks after the exam. Official printed Score Reports may take a further 4 weeks to arrive.

Please email [email protected] for further information.

Oxford’s TOEFL® Test Centre Oxford School of English is the only TOEFL® Test Centre in the Oxford area. We have unique knowledge of the test and the demands it makes on students. Our TOEFL® Preparation course is designed to meet these demands, using the years of experience we have gained by working with the candidates preparing for the TOEFL® Test. We believe there are three main areas that students should work on when preparing for any test: overall language improvement, specific exam-related language improvement (this includes the grammar and vocabulary that the exam focuses on, as well as study skills and exam skills), and authentic exam practice. The principal features of the TOEFL course are: •

15 hours General English per week. This gives students the opportunity to work on their overall level of English to improve their language level in preparation for the TOEFL test.

Computer-based study and exam practice. Based on TOEFL practice exercises and practice tests that can be done at home or on one of the computers in school. The students' tutors are able to access their work online, and will give detailed feedback.

Intensive time with a specialist tutor. This gives students the chance to work on individual language areas and skills for the TOEFL test. The tutors will use the students' computer-based exam practice to design a course that is specific to their needs.

TOEIC® Test Centre Oxford School of English is also one of very few centres in the UK who are able to offer all parts of the TOEIC® Test (the Listening & Reading Test, and the Speaking & Writing Test). We are now running a TOEIC® preparation course similar to our TOEFL course, but aimed at the world of Professional English and the TOEIC Test.

If you have any questions, or if you would like further information, please email [email protected]