Topic Letter – White Christmas

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Each child will make their own Rudolph hats, handprint Christmas tree and a ... In the sand, children will have the opportunity to explore with sand and glitter, ...

December 2013

Topic Letter – White Christmas Dear Parents, Our topic for the Month of December is ‘White Christmas’. Like always, we have lots of very exciting activities coming up this month. Planned Nursery Activities:

  

The children will be making their own Christmas cards to send to send to Mummy and Daddy. Each child will make their own Rudolph hats, handprint Christmas tree and a snowman using shredded paper. The Ladybirds class will be making a Christmas Wreath for our homeroom door and a Santa made of shapes to be displayed in our ‘Santa’s Grotto’. We are also going to be making Strawberry Santa’s using strawberries and whipping cream. The children will help with cutting the strawberries and each child will make their own Strawberry Santa.


   

Jingle bells Santa is coming to town I’m Little snowflakes Frosty the snowman

Messy Play:

    

Red Shaving foam Christmas gloop and decorations Green and red gel balls Peppermint scented oatmeal Red Jelly with glitter

Water and Sand play:

In the sand, children will have the opportunity to explore with sand and glitter, marbles, Christmas decorations, whilst filling and emptying with buckets and spades. During water play, we will explore with coloured balloons, bubble bath and coloured water. Physical Development:

During our Gross motor area, we are focusing on how we can move our bodies in different ways, including: jumping, hopping, skipping, climbing and rolling. We will also be enjoying music and movement twice a week and learning to move to a beat. Role Play:

Our role play area will be set up as ‘Santa’s workshop’ with tools, aprons, boxes, gifts wrapping papers, sticky tape and a beautiful Christmas tree – decorated by the children. The children will have the opportunity to pretend to be Santa’s elves; designing, making and wrapping gifts for their friends and families, enhancing their imagination and thinking. Home Connection

At home you can talk to your child about Christmas and the winter holidays you are planning to take and share photos of past celebrations and family gatherings. Every Thursday is ‘Show and Tell’, so if there is anything your child would like to share with their class, a favourite toy; photograph, book etc. please send it in their bag on a Thursday. Show and Tell is an opportunity for your child to develop their Personal, Social & Emotional development, along with their communication and Language skills. Our Christmas Party will be on Wednesday 11th December and we will be having a special visit from Father Christmas. A day not to miss!  Special Day:

I look forward to a new month filled with lots of fun, laughter & learning. If you are going on holiday, we wish you happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love and best wishes, Ms Cherry, Ms Carol, Ms Kc and Ms Rose Ladybirds Class