Transformlegacy datastreams with 100% fidelity, guaranteed.

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Transformlegacy datastreams with. 100% fidelity, guaranteed. Turn Printing into Productivity. SUBMIT TRANSFORM MANAGE The Business ...

M.I.S. PRINT™ Turn Printing into Productivity

Transform legacy datastreams with 100% fidelity, guaranteed. Choose proven, automated data transformation. For decades, RSA’s Transform Suite of products has enabled the reliable, transparent migration from legacy output devices to modern network printers. Thousands of customers rely on us every day for transactional data conversion. They each enjoy improved equipment utilization, increased productivity, and reduced expenses.

The Business Benefits.

The Proven Partner.

✓✓ Improve productivity by transforming LCDS and metacode data streams for printing on network, midrange, or production printers.

✓✓ Responsive, experienced, US-based Technical Analysts provide the best direct support in the industry

✓✓ Reduce printing expenses by consolidating printers. ✓✓ Enable printing and sharing of proprietary legacy documents. ✓✓ Enables distributed print ✓✓ Expand use with PDF and archiving

✓✓ Rigorous implementation processes ensure your success ✓✓ Celebrating more than 25 years of delivering customer results

M.I.S. PRINT FEATURES: ✓✓ Supports LCDS, DJDE Metacode, XES/UDK, SCS, ASCII, and EBCDIC Line Data ✓✓ Efficient PostScript output optimized for production printers ✓✓ 100% Fidelity Guarantee ✓✓ Co-resident on select production printers

✓✓ Full and subset reprinting ✓✓ Resource management with automatic distribution to multiple controllers ✓✓ PDF/A archiving, splitting, indexing, and document management integration ✓✓ Comprehensive OTEXT support

✓✓ Supports all paper sizes

✓✓ BTEXT support for check assurance

✓✓ Robust media handling

✓✓ Highlight color support

✓✓ Full inline finishing support

✓✓ QDirect™ integration



Transform Manage


M.I.S. Print Workflow INPUTS

„„Barr S370 „„Offline Tape—9-Track and 3480/3490 „„RSA Mainframe Downloader



Legacy Data Streams LCDS, DJDE, Metacode

„„Call RSA for others

SOFTWARE ENVIRONMENT „„Co-resident on select production printers

Production Printers

„„Highly reliable, scalable server or VMware® image

Electronic Output and Archiving

RSA's M.I.S. Print Solution gives us the scalability to take on whatever is necessary to keep moving forward as an organization… It's robust, easy to use, provides useful features like the reprint capability and when I have a question, they get answered right away. And that's just what we need. – Kawasaki Motors Corp. U.S.A

Innovative technology for your documents. Responsive service for your people. RSA Customer Success Assurance is RSA’s approach to ensuring complete satisfaction with your RSA solutions. Our number one goal is your success. We make certain your solution is implemented and works exactly as you expect. Our experts work with your staff to design, pre-configure, and deliver a solution using a rigorous implementation process proven and tested over decades so you can be up and running as soon as possible and realizing immediate results. Success is always measured by increased employee productivity, lower costs, increased print volume, adherence to your time line, and your satisfaction.

Transform legacy data streams. Transform business performance.


Only one company has been leading the industry for more than 25 years with submission, transformation and management solutions that assure customer success. See for yourself why so many in-plants and corporate print centers rely on M.I.S. Print from Rochester Software Associates to turn printing into productivity. Contact 585-262-2690 or [email protected] today.


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