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TRUMPET ... The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my .... many blessings God has sent my way; so it is a good ...

Trinity Episcopal Church 1734 Huntington Turnpike Nichols, CT 06611 (203) 375-1503 Fax: (203) 377-8202 E-mail: [email protected] Website: 8AM Holy Communion Rite I 10AM Holy Communion Rite II 10AM Church School

TRUMPET November/December 2008

The Vicar’s Voice The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1

Dear Friends in Christ Jesus, Much has happened in our world in the last few months. Our bishops went to the Lambeth Conference, which is a meeting of the Anglican Communion occurring once every ten years, at the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Many bishops (over 600) from around the world attended this conference. However, this year, bishops from Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda and other third world churches did not attend. Bishop V. Gene Robinson and the Common Cause bishops were not invited. Bishop Smith, Bishop Curry and Bishop Ahrens gave us insights into this conference at sessions held around our diocese. Also, a meeting was held in Jerusalem of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON). This was a group of bishops, clergy, lay people and their spouses from 25 different countries and 19 Anglican provinces. Their conference issued a statement of faith including that they are a ”spiritual movement to preserve and promote the truth and power of the Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ.” Many Bishops at each of these conferences hold differences on theological matters, especially the authority of scripture and the issues of sexuality. Also, we have had an interesting and challenging time, nationally. Many are worried about their financial standing in light of the activities on Wall Street. The news casts each day seem increasingly bleak on the “financial front”, and in addition, we hear a never ending variety of pleas for those in need of food, shelter, clothing, housing etc. Our church and our nation is in a critical time…what do we do? If we have any sense, we do what the Bible tells us to do, remember and praise God! If you look at the Psalms you will see again and again how the Lord kept his people from harm and saved them for His good purpose. I am remembering a particular time when I was in seminary. I needed what is called a “Field Education Placement” which meant that I needed a church in which I could learn, and be supervised during that time. The glitch was that I needed an Episcopal Church that would agree to my school’s requirements and be relatively close to home. My seminary had “approved churches” but none of them were Episcopal, and none were out of the Boston area. Hummm. It became quite a problem, and when I found one that I thought would be just great,

it fell through. UGH ! However, while I was “jumping through hoop after proverbial hoop” I joked with my classmates “If God can heal the sick, and raise the dead, I think he can get me a good Field Ed!!” And it was so!! I did have to postpone my field education experience for one year, and rearrange some things, but it all worked out very well, in an excellent church for my learning, and, in case you haven’t noticed, I DID graduate seminary and become an Episcopal Priest!!! (I also kept my sense of humor!) God works things out for our good even though we don’t always know what he is planning. I am telling you this to remind you that God does miracles, and that he loves you. If you look to Him for guidance (James 1:5) and strength (Is. 40:28-41) he will provide for you, and for us, his church. God will help us work out our differences, manage our finances and live out our faith so that others may know his power and his love. We are to spread the Gospel, the good news in Jesus Christ, and remember the words: Keep your lives free from the love of money, and be content with what you have; for he has said, “I will never leave you or forsake you. Hence we can confidently say. The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid;…” Hebrews 13:5-6 Confidently in Christ Jesus, Rev. Ellen

Wardens Letter Well we can chalk up another fine ‘Craft Fair’ performance after that wonderful day in September. The weather initially looked dismal to say the least but around 10am the heavens cleared and we had the perfect day. The place was bustling with visitors, our Trinity ‘bake gang’ excelled again and our bake table was sold out by early afternoon and the cooking crew served up almost 200 hot dogs and hamburgers before running out of everything. There was a lot of activity throughout most of the day so I’m sure our vendors had a good day as well.

commitment that also allows us to financially help the local community food kitchens that have such a great need these days. Well done to all!

This was a great team effort, we had lots of help and lots of you came out to support the fair. Thank you for your efforts and

Yours in Christ, Dave and Simon

What a difference a roof makes!! Our abode is looking pretty spiffy now we’ve finally got the roof done, very uplifting and another result of some very committed efforts by many people but particularly Jim Botten who really played a big part in bringing this project to fruition. Many thanks to Jim and all.

Treasurer’s Letter The whole of Trinity Church is mindful that Thanksgiving Day is coming, and I don't want to miss the opportunity to give welldeserved recognition to our staff. Trinity Church has a wonderful group of lay employees. I personally thank each of you for all that you do, especially the extras in time and tale nt that you freely contribute. As this parish grows in members and programs, it is inevitable that your tasks will expand and we are blessed to have you with us at every step. I'm confident that everyone at Trinity appreciates each of you -- Mike, Sharon, Jeff and Nancy -- THANK YOU!! We are now in the middle of a Faith Pledge Campaign. Previously this effort has been known as the Annual Stewardship Campaign or Annual Pledge Drive, but those are unsatisfactory labels. Why? Because Stewardship is not solely an annual event, but a year-round vigilance of managing all assets and resources available. And because Pledging is not solely about money for the annual budget, but also about sacrificing to God in thanksgiving from what we have and as an expression of faith in Jesus .

To begin this Faith Pledge Campaign I sent a letter to the members and friends of the parish. Next, encouraging brochures were handed out at Sunday services, followed by a mailing containing your Faith Pledge Card for 2009. The brochures have Biblical messages to suggest ways to live your faith daily. Extra items are in the pews if yours get lost in the mail or otherwise get misplaced. Your Faith Pledge Cards can be put into the offering plate during the regular Sunday collection, or mailed back to the Church. Please return them before November 24th. Nothing about the fulfillment of your faith or a disciplined gift to the church from your personal resources is limited to a particular season of the year. Christians evangelize to ourselves, our families or neighbors, and other people around the world. Grow where you are planted, and we are planted here at Trinity Church, Nichols. Arlene Stalvey Treasurer

Music Corner We Gather Together Thanksgiving is only a few days away, and it is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I know that I tend to take for granted the many blessings God has sent my way; so it is a good thing to set aside a special day for thanking Him. One of the best-loved Thanksgiving Day hymns is “We Gather Together”. The melody is an Old Dutch folk-tune that the Pilgrims actually brought with them on the Mayflower, having abandoned the Netherlands for a new start in New England. This is certainly the year for new starts – so let us gather together and give thanks to God.

Speaking of gathering together, I’d like to share with you the words to a hymn I want to use here at Trinity Church: it is called “Gather Us In”: Here in this place, new light is streaming, Now is the darkness vanished away; See in this space our fears and our dreamings Brought here to You in the light of this day. Gather us in, the lost and forsaken, Gather us in, the blind and the lame; Call to us now, and we shall awaken, We shall arise at the sound of our name. We are the Young, our lives are a myst’ry,

We are the Old, who yearn for Your face; We have been sung throughout all of hist’ry, Called to be light for the whole Human race. Gather us in, the rich and the haughty, Gather us in, the proud and the strong; Give us a heart so meek and so lowly, Give us the courage to enter this Song.

May God gather all of us in this Thanksgiving; may He accept our worship and draw us nearer to Him and prepare our hearts for the coming holy season of Advent and Christmastide. (Speaking of which, it is not too late to get involved with helping out on some special music for the season!) Yours in music, Jeff

Church School Our two church school classes are up and running! We are currently working on new hands-on activities for the children in the lower grades, and some fun projects for the upper grades. Starting in late January, we will begin The Special Program Series for all grades once every eight weeks. All the students will gather in the Parish Hall during the 10am service and Rev. Ellen will conduct a time of fun and learning with them.

Please watch the bulletins and announcements for these special Sundays. Rev. Hansen will preach on those Sundays . Rev. Ellen will enter with the students during the passing of the peace and then of course, we will celebrate communion. Some adults will be needed to assist with cutting, pasting, gluing, etc., so please pray about being a helper one Sunday (and YES, we will still have snacks!) Students come and bring your friends for fun, food and faith!

Diocesan Events & Notices 224th Annual Diocesan Convention Sat. October 24 & 25, our annual convention was held at Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford. The Diocese voted on a variety of resolutions, elected two new members to the Standing Committee, and heard keynote speaker Hellen Wangusa, the Anglican Observer to the United Nations. Also, Bishop Smith announced his intention to retire. Please pray for the No mination and Transition Committees now being formed. At our Convention in 2010 we will be electing a new Diocesan Bishop so please keep this process in your prayers.

Financial Seminars at Diocesan House November 21 from 9-3pm, a Tax Seminar will be held for clergy, spouses, tax preparers, treasurers and wardens. On November 22 from 9-3pm, a Treasurers’ workshop will focus on compensation and tax matters for clergy and laity as well as other parish administration information. This workshop is for treasurers, financial secretaries, business managers, wardens, clergy and bookkeepers. ALSO, PLEASE NOTE: The office is CLOSED on Thanksgiving and the day after. In case of an emergency call Rev. Ellen @ 860-460-5313.

Did You Know? Forward Day by Day The latest Forward Day by Day booklets for Nov/Dec/Jan. have arrived! Please pick up your copy from the Narthex so that you may be blessed by the word of God each day. Bible Study Group Our Wed. Bible Study Group is in full swing in the West Lounge at 10am. Newcomers are always welcome! Chosen People Ministries Ryan Karp shared insights about Chosen People Ministries. He spoke at the 10am service on Sun. Nov. 9 th , about reaching the Jewish people with the message of Jesus as the Messiah. We thank him for his most wonderful and informative presentation! If you wish to donate to this ministry, we have additional envelopes available anytime in the office. TIC Thanksgiving Eve Service The Trumbull Interfaith Committee invites you to attend the annual community Thanksgiving Eve Service on Wed. Nov. 26, 2008, 8pm at Christ the King Church, 4700 Madison Ave., Trumbull. (Please bring canned food to be donated to Trumbull Social Services). Need a ride? Call Rev. Ellen, there is room in her car. Christmas Fair We will be holding a Christmas Fair on Sun. December 7th in the Parish Hall. The fair will be open to parishioners between the 8 & 10am services, and then open to the public from 11:30 – 2pm. The fair will feature; baked goods, Christmas floral arrangements (artificial and fresh), arts and crafts items, and attic treasures. If you are interested in donating items and/or helping at the fair, please call the office. All are invited to help and have fun!! December Schedule Our Christmas Eve Service will be held on Wed. Dec. 24th at 5pm with the nativity pageant. Parts will be given out on Sun. Nov. 30th after the 10am service. Our first rehearsal will be held on Sat. Dec.

13th at 10am. The second rehearsal date will be decided that day. This year we hope to incorporate some music in the program. If you play an instrument or would like to help with the presentation of the pageant, please let the office know. Away Christmas Eve? Sign up for the Epiphany pageant listed in January’s activities. Our Condolences Go To The Linane family on the loss of Anita, their beloved wife and mother. Several people remember her wonderful teaching in the church school, and we are keeping the family in our prayers. Congratulations To the McCloskey family on the October 26th baptism of Caroline and Luke! Prayer Chain Ministry Remember that our parish prayer chain is alive and well! Anyone with prayers of an emergency nature should call Jocelyn Russell at 445-1323 or Louise Caterson at 378-8770. All requests are kept in confidence. Coffee Lids We are collecting large coffee lids which will be used for a game for the church school by Rev. Ellen. Safe Church Training In accordance with Safe church practices, all church school teachers must attend basic Safe Church Training. These sessions are generally held on Saturdays. And last from 9am to 4pm. Please see the bulletin board for further details. Leaving Town? Please Keep in Touch. Lately we have had some difficulty locating people after an illness. If you live alone, and we don’t see you on Sunday’s we try to contact you. If you go away and we can’t reach you WE WORRY! So if you are leaving town please just give us a call and let us know, also it would be helpful if we had additional contact phone numbers or e-

mails for those of you who might be spending time away with your children. Thank you very much, (save Rev. Ellen from getting gray hair!!) Box Tops For Education Local schools in our area are collecting “Box Tops For Education” coupons. Coupons can be dropped in the basket in the kitchen. Recycling We are still collecting used ink cartridges. We recently received a check for $82.39 on our latest return of ink cartridges. Keep them coming!!

their empty cans for recycling. Your donations of cans are very much appreciated. A special thanks to Eleanor Clark for the task of redeeming the cans! Also, we are recycling aluminum items (pie plates, food take out containers, etc). If you would like to help recycle these items, please speak to our Sexton Mike. He will be redeeming these for cash soon. Thank You! Coffee Hour & Fellowship Can you donate ” food for coffee hour? Any cakes, cookies and finger foods are welcome. The Hospitality Committee will put them out and do the clean up. Just drop snacks off in the kitchen. The sign up sheet is posted on the bulletin board.

Also, keep those soda cans coming….. Many thanks to everyone who has brought

Calendar - January & February: Upcoming Events Epiphany Pageant We will hold our Epiphany pageant on Sun. Jan 4 th! Epiphany is the day we traditionally celebrate the arrival of the Magi with their gifts for the Christ child. This year we will celebrate this Holy day, also called Three Kings Day, during our 10am service. The children of the Church School will be acting out the parts of the Magi and the Holy Family as part of the sermon that day. Please join us for a most festive Holy day! Sparkling of the Glass & De-Greening Jan. 10th we will hold our annual sparking of the glass and de-greening event. We will

begin at 9am and hope to be finished at noon. This is a wonderful way to get to meet new people in the parish! Looking Ahead Trinity Church will be a co-sponsor of the Safe Church Training to be held May 16th at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Trumbull. Christ Church Tashua is another sponsor. We will be assisting with the food for this event. Please watch for additional information after the holidays.

Meeting Schedule Our November meeting schedule:

Our December meeting schedule:

• • •

• • •

Wardens : Tuesday, Nov. 4th at 7 pm Finance: Wednesday, Nov. 12th at 7 pm Vestry: Tuesday, Nov. 18th at 7 pm

Wardens : Tuesday, Dec. 2nd at 7 pm Finance: Wednesday, Dec. 10th at 7 pm Vestry: Tuesday, Dec. 16th at 7 pm

Birthdays and Anniversaries

November Birthdays Sharon Buzzeo 11/12; Lois Barillaro 11/13; Nancy Baker 11/14; Giovanni Stalvey 11/18; Esther Nagy 11/19; Fran Cronk 11/20; Anna Fischer 11/21; Tarlan Kasra 11/26; Tim Smith 11/26; Anthony DiFabio 11/28; Esther Wojtul 11/30

Molly Stinchcomb 12/9; Rick Bolton 12/11; Chris Koteas 12/11; Laurie Morano 12/16; Wallace Berg 12/21; Sylvia Medina 12/27; Jeff Stokley 12/30.

November Anniversaries Val & Lee Forshaw 11/23; Pat & Fred Robson 11/23; Nancy & Dan Baker 11/24; Kathleen & David Miranti 11/25;

December Birthdays December Anniversaries David DiFabio 12/1; Brenda Stapleton 12/6; Ashley Russell 12/7; Kaitlyn Russell 12/7;

Esther & Kalman Nagy 12/19

* Please call the Parish Office if someone’s birthday or anniversary has been omitted. Thank you!

We are always happy to welcome visitors. Please remember to invite your neighbors and friends to our services and programs! Trinity Staff Rev. Ellen Kennedy, Vicar ~ Sharon Buzzeo, Parish Administrator ~ Jeff Stokley, Organist Nancy Conner, Church School Teacher ~ Michael Stapleton, Sexton