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TUPINAMBA GRUP. EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure streamlines and ensures day-to-day operations. ESSENTIALS. Industry. Food - Distribution. Company ...


EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure streamlines and ensures day-to-day operations OVERVIEW Tupinamba Grup, a 100 percent family-owned company founded in Barcelona in 1897, roasts and sells coffee exclusively for the hotel, restaurant, and catering industry. Its headquarters and factory are located in Canet de Mar (Barcelona), where it has 65 employees, with branches all over Spain. In 2012, with around 6,000 clients, the company handled 3.5 million kg of café and its turnover was almost 18 million Euros—25 percent of which came from exports primarily to the French and Portuguese markets.

ESSENTIALS Industry Food - Distribution Company Size

BUSINESS CHALLENGES Combining orders, delivery notes, and invoices, Tupinamba Grup generates more than 1,000 transactions per day, which create a great deal of data. The company was facing several challenges to its IT infrastructure. First, the constant growth in its databases led to lower performance of its SAP Business One ERP application. In

Turnover in 2012: 18 million Euros

addition, the rental period of its Microsoft Exchange server had expired, so the

Business Challenges

company needed to acquire new services for its BI process and launch new software

• •

High data growth led to low

in its point-of-sale terminals.

performance of ERP application

Tupinamba Grup also had to increase its storage capacity because it wanted to

Desire to include manufacturing

include its manufacturing processes within its administration system.

processes within administration

"We decided to seek a solution that would give us greater storage capacity—one that

led to need for more storage

would enable us to consolidate all of our data in a single point without having to


distribute it into the seven physical servers we had. The storage system needed to


offer us the flexibility to create new test environments without slowing down the

EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure:

production system and to provide high availability that was easy to manage," says Eduard Ferregüela, the head of Production and IT at Tupinamba Grup.

EMC VNXe unified storage

EMC Local Protection Suite


VMware vSphere

To fulfill these requirements, Tupinamba Grup followed the advice of ITGLOBAL, its

HP servers

Applications •

SAP Business One ERP

Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server


technology partner for 15 years, who recommended an EMC® VSPEX® Proven Infrastructure, a pre-integrated infrastructure that is also simple, efficient, and flexible. VSPEX combines EMC storage with virtualization, servers, and other solutions from top suppliers. The architecture is sold exclusively by EMC partners. Tupinamba's VSPEX includes EMC VNXe® unified storage, VMware® vSphere™, HP servers, and the EMC Local Protection Suite, including EMC SnapSure™. VNXe supports 2.5 TB of data. "VSPEX was the perfect fit for Tupinamba's requirements because it is designed for productive and business environments in which the volume of workload is not excessive but very constant. The VSPEX transmission protocol is by iSCSI, and it can grow to up to 96 disks," notes Xavier Pruna, technical director of ITGLOBAL.


Results •

VSPEX was implemented in three weeks in the data center of the main headquarters,

Provided a flexible, efficient, and easy-to-manage architecture

Reduced invoice generation time by almost half

Replaced seven physical servers with one virtual machine

Provided greater capacity to conduct BI analyses

Enabled a high availability environment

which supports the other branches. In the current production environment, VSPEX runs all of Tupinamba’s critical applications, including SAP Business One, the main ERP and administrative system, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, CRM, and other point of sale-style commercial applications. Showing its flexibility, the Tupinamba VSPEX system combines both VMware vSphere and the Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 operating systems. Integration into the virtualization layer through APIs and plug-ins allows for ease of management and efficiencies.

SHORTENING PROCESSES BY ALMOST HALF Tupinamba Grup's current IT infrastructure has provided it with greater speed in accessing data and more efficient performance of its applications, which has translated into advantages in its management environment. "With the new solution, we are noticing improvements in all of our day-to-day operations. For example, in the past, the daily process of generating the invoices used to take around 45 minutes, but now it barely takes 25 minutes. We have cut the time by almost 50 percent," says Eduard Ferregüela.

"The process of generating daily invoices used to take around 45 minutes; now it barely takes 25 minutes." Eduard Ferregüela Head of Production and IT at TUPINAMBA GRUP

In addition, the company now has a flexible and scalable environment in which it can gradually add its IT projects. Tupinamba Grup is benefitting from the savings in space and energy expenditures attained in its data center, where seven physical servers have been replaced with one virtual machine. And thanks to SnapSure, Tupinamba Grup now has a solution to quickly recover critical data for its BI environment, of which three copies are made per day. Tupinamba Grup highlights the value of this tool, along with the robustness of the other components. "Now we have high availability, which ensures that the company works 24 hours a day," states Eduard Ferregüela. Mr. Ferregüela also notes that administering the data infrastructure is easy with EMC Unisphere®, the unified management interface included with VNXe. ITGLOBAL assists the company with it’s the overall management and programming of Unisphere.

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