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Nutrients 2017, x, x; doi:

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Supplementary Materials: Fibre-Related Dietary Patterns: Socioeconomic Barriers to Adequate Fibre Intake in Polish Adolescents. A Short Report Beata Krusinska, Joanna Kowalkowska *, Lidia Wadolowska, Justyna Weronika Wuenstel, Malgorzata Anna Slowinska and Ewa Niedzwiedzka

Figure S1. Flow chart of sample collection and study design

Table S1. Single factors of socioeconomic status by socioeconomic status categories in Polish adolescents

Characteristics Place of residence rural urban Self-declared economic situation of family average or worse above average Self-declared economic situation of household we live thriftily or poorly we live very well Paternal education elementary secondary high Maternal education elementary secondary high

Total (n=1176) n

Socioeconomic status Low Average (n=389) (n=414) % %

High (n=373) %


603 573

85.9 14.1

52.2 47.8

14.2 85.8