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1. LEMBAR SOAL. Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris. Kelas. : IX (Sembilan) ... Anda ke dalam Lembar Jawaban Ujian Akhir Semestermenggunakan pensil 2B. 2. ... 4. Desi : You know what? I won the first prize in the English speech contest!




LEMBAR SOAL Mata Pelajaran Kelas Hari/Tanggal Pukul

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Bahasa Inggris IX (Sembilan) Rabu/ 07 Desember 2011 07.30 – 09.30 WIB

PETUNJUK UMUM 1. Isikan identitas Anda ke dalam Lembar Jawaban Ujian Akhir Semestermenggunakan pensil 2B 2. Hitamkan bulatan di depan nama mata ujian pada LJK. 3. Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ruang.

Hitamkan salah satu jawaban yang palingbenar! Choose the correct answer 1. Amir : It’s too hot this afternoon, isn’t it? Budi : ….? It’s too noisy here. A. B. C. D. 2. X Y X Y X A. B.

Sorry, what did you say? Is it hot today? Are you sure? Is it too noisy here? : I want to buy a kilo of apples. How much are they ? : Five thousand. : I beg your pardon? : .... : Well, I will buy two kilos, Here is the money. How much is it C. A kilo of apples Ok. I buy two kilos D. Five thousands

3. Nina Ayu

: Hi, Ayu. Where are you going? : I am going to hospital. My mother has been hospitalized since last Saturday. Nina : …. Ayu : Thanks Oh, that sounds great. A. I hope you will get better soon. B. I’m afraid you will get worse. C. I am sorry to hear that.

4. Desi

: You know what? I won the first prize in the English speech contest! Beni : Tell us now. We are ready to hear it. Desi : …. Beni : Thank you very much. A. That’s too bad. B. Congratulation on your success. C. That’s a shame. D. I wish you luck.

5. Dea : What do you think about my picture? Anin : … ! It’s beautiful. Dea : Thank you. A. Awful C. It’s not so bad B. Bad D. It’s not so beautiful

Ujian Akhir Semester Ganjil/Eng-IX/2011-2012

6. Arrange the jumbled sentences into a correct and meaningful paragraph! 1. Take the noodle from the water and drain it 2. Spread fried onion and the noodle is ready to serve 3. Pour the seasoning soy sauce, and chili powder into the noodle, and mix well. 4. Boil the noodle in two glasses of water and simmer for 3 minutes. 5. Put the noodle on a plate. A. 4–1–5–3-2 B. 4–2–5–3–1

C. 4–3–5–1–2 D. 4–5–2–3–1

The following text is for questions numbers 7 – 9. Do you know how to make an Amazon hut? With the help of three or four people, we can make an Amazon hut. First of all, prepare palm leaves, woods, saw, strong ropes. Then, choose the place for the house. Next, cut woods into large stick to make frame for the house. After that, tie the stick together and make the frame for the house. Put palm leaves on top for the roof. Now the house is ready. 7. How many materials do you need to make an Amazon hut ? A. Four C. Three B. Five D. Six 8. What should you do after making the frame for the house ? A. Choose the place for the house B. Tie the sticks together C. Cut woods into large sticks D. Put palm leaves on the top for the roof 9. “…cut woods into large stick...” The underlined word has the same meaning as .... A. small C. long B. short D. big

MKKS – SMP Way Kanan

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The following text is for questions numbers 10 – 13. Great whites are the scariest sharks in the oceans. These powerful predators have been known to kill people and can speed through the water at 30 kilometers per hour. Unlike most fish, the great white is warm-blooded. This allows its muscles to work well, but this also means the shark has to feed on plenty meat. 10. What is the text mainly about ? A. Fishes C. Great whites B. Predators D. Shark 11. “…This allows its muscles to work well,.....”. The word its refer to ... A. Fish C. Shark B. Great White D. Predator

16. Whom should the students see if they want to join the competition? A. The participants B. The committee. C. Nuryanto D. The Students Association 17. When will the enrollment last? A. By the end of the month. B. On October 3.

The following text is for questions numbers 18 – 20. THE ULTIMATE RIDING EXPERIENCE We have quiet horses and ponies for every rider and Professional guides to escort you. Children are most welcome and can be led as required. We recommend wearing long panst, sensible show and plenty of sunscreen. Helmets are provided but not compulsory

12. What is the main idea of the paragraph above? A. The powerful of Great white B. The Great white can kill people C. The weakness of great white D. The Great white food 13. How fast does great white speed though the water per hour ? A. 30 km/hour C. 60 km/hour B. 40 km/hour D. 80 km/hour The following text is for questions numbers 14 – 15. To all the teachers and staffs of SMP NUSANTARA

A one –day meeting will be held this week: When : Tuesday,February 9 th,2010 at 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Where : Room 109 Topic : National examination preparation Due to the importance of the meeting,please be punctual. Bring your ideas,bring your suggestion to make our students seccesful in the examination! The head of the national examination committee Mr Adnan Nasution

C. On October 23 D. On October 8.

A ride with us, whether on the beach or throgh The last green field of Canggu will complete Your Bali Holidy Experience. Price List    

1 hour ride……………………….. U$ 30.00 ½ hour ride………………………. U$ 15.00 Pony Ride (under 5 years)…….. U$ 10.00 1 1/2 hour ride………………….. U$ 40.00 Rides include Hotel Transfer, Safety Equipment andInsurance Cover.

BOOKINGS For more information and bookings please ask your hotel tour desk, travel agent or contact us direct : Tarukan Equestrian Center Jl. Nelayan No. 60 Br. Canggu Tua, Canggu. Tel/Fax : (0361) 7470644

18. What does the text mainly provide us ? A. Hotel staff C. Insurance cover B. Horse riding D. Professional guide 19. Ponies are prepared for ? A. Guides B. Adult

C. Kids D. Travel agents

14. What is the meeting for ? A. To talk aboout the preparation for the national examination. B. To give solution to the examination problem. C. To discuss about the national examination items. D. To ask teachers to face the national examination.

20. We recomend wearing long pants .... The underlined word refers to..... A. Professional guides B. Tarukan Equestrian Center C. Riders D. Children

15. ”Due to the importance of the meeting, ……“ The word “importance” in the sentence means ..... A. Original C. Essential B. Good D. Exclusive

The following text is for questions numbers 21 – 22.

The following text is for questions numbers 16 to 17. Monday, October 3, 2011 Announcement For students of grade VII and VIII In order to celebrate our National Youth Day, our school will hold several competitions on October 21 to 23. All participant must enroll to the committee by the end of this week. Please join. For more information, contact Nuryanto at the Students Association office.

Ujian Akhir Semester Ganjil/Eng-IX/2011-2012

Wednesday, 26-10-2011 11:31 08161431299583 Dear Dinda We’re really sorry to tell you that uncle Jack passed away at 7 a.m. yesterday. He had a wonderful 75 years of life so don’t be so sad. May his soul rest in peace. Love, Laura & David

21. Who died at the age 75 ? A. Dinda C. Laura B. David D. Uncle Jack 22. Uncle Jack was born in .... A. 1935 C. 1940 B. 1936 D. 1941

MKKS – SMP Way Kanan

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23. From : Anita To : Kathrine Remember, I’ll wait for you in front of the post office at 2 p.m. then, we’ll take the bus no 5 to the mall. Please don’t be late. What did Anita ask Kathrine to do ? A. To wait for her C. To come on time B. To remember her D. To go the mall The following text is for questions numbers 24 – 25. Dear John I want you to come to my house for lunch on Sunday at 11 a.m. Thanks Jenny 24. From the invitation card above, we know that John is Jenny’s.... A. Father C. Grandfather B. Teacher D. Close friend 25. When does Jenny expect John to come to her house? A. In the morning C. In the evening B. In the afternoon D. At night The following text is for questions numbers 26 – 28. You need an alarm clock. The steps you can follow are :  First, the night before, pack your school bag and have clothes for the next day.  Then, set alarm for 5.00 AM and put clock next to bed.  Next, at 09.30 PM, go to bed.  When alarm goes off, get out of bed immediately.  Eat breakfast, wash and get dressed. Finish this by 06.15 AM.  Finally go to school quickly so that you arrive by 06.45 AM.

26. What should you do before go to bed? A. Prepare the clothes. B. Wash and get dressed. C. Pack the school bag. D. Set the alarm and put it next to bed. 27. If we follow the steps above we will get up at … A. 09.30 PM C. 06.45 AM B. 05.00 AM D. 06.15 AM 28. …. “Finish this by 06.15.” The underlined word refers to … A. eat breakfast B. get out of bed C. go to bed. D. eat breakfast, wash and get dressed For questions 29 to 32, choose the best answer to complete the text. Bus is one of the public transports, precisely the …(29) transports. Buses are public transport since they can … (30) many people on it. There are two kinds of buses, small and big ones. The small buses have not more than 25 seats. Meanwhile, the big ones have more than 40 seats. Some of the buses are …(31) by luxurious facilities, such as an air conditioner, a TV set, a toilet, and comfy seats for …(32) to sleep. The more complete a bus is, the higher the bus fare will be. 29. A. air B. land

C. sea D. mountain

30. A. carry B. carries

C. carrying D. carried

Ujian Akhir Semester Ganjil/Eng-IX/2011-2012

31. A. complete B. completes

C. completing D. completed

32. A. the driver B. the people

C. the passengers D. the conductor

The following text is for question numbers 33 and 34. Nowadays, having a cellular phone seems to be like a must. Why? Because it enables you to get in touch with other people, no matter whenever it is necessary, wherever you are, and whatever you do. Another reason to have a cell phone is the need of information. Besides, having a cell phone does not cost too much. There are a lot of companies provide many kinds of cell phone with useful features in sensible prizes. In short, having a cell phone is like having a personal access to this wide world. 33. Based on the text, we can communicate with someone using cellular phone … A. when we need it B. only in our region C. if the company allows it D. if the cell phone is expensive 34. The text above mainly talk about … A. the need of information B. features in cellular phone C. having a cellular phone D. the prizes of cellular phone The following text is for question numbers 35 to 37. How To Make Chicken Soup Ingredients :  Chicken meat  A litre of water  Vegetables (carrots, cabbages, potatoes)  Salt and spices Steps : 1. Prepare some carrots, a piece of cabbage, a few potatoes, a piece of chicken meat and the spices. 2. Chop the chicken meat and the vegetables into small pieces. 3. Boil a litre of water in a pan. 4. Put the pieces of chicken meat and vegetables in it. Boil them for about ten minutes 5. Add the spices and salt in it, mix it and the soup is ready. 35. What is the purpose of the text? A. Cook chicken . C. Make chicken soup. B. Boil vegetables. D. Feed the chicken. 36. “…Boil them for about ten minutes...” ( Step 4 ). What does the word “them” refers to? A. Chicken meats. B. Salt and spices. C. The vegetables. D. The pieces of chicken meat and vegetables. 37. The generic structure of the text above is … A. Materials, Goal, Steps. C. Goal, Materials, Steps. B. Steps, Materials, Goal. D. Goal, Steps, Materials.

MKKS – SMP Way Kanan

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The following text is for questions numbers 38 to 41.

Newspaper Newspaper is the … (38) medium of written communication of the modern world today. Almost all people read newspaper though many of them only read the headlines as the extract of the news. Millions of newspaper … (39) in the world. The first daily newspaper of the world was the Morning Post then followed by the London Time which started it’s publication from London itself. 38. A. most effective B. effectiveness

C. more effective D. effective

39. A. publish B. published

C. is publish D. are published

40. What does the text tell us about? A. Communication C. Modern world B. Newspaper D. Morning Post 41. “…The first daily newspaper of the world was …” The underlined word has similar meaning with … A. every month C. every day B. twice a day D. twice a week The following text is for questions numbers 42 and 43. Air Layering Things you need : - Coconut fiber - Rope - Sharp knife What to do :  First, choose the tree that you want to be air layered. (for example, a mango tree).  Second, select the branch, and then girdle it using sharp knife.  Then, apply the rooting medium which is wrapped by coconut fiber.  Finally, tie the medium using the rope. 42. We use the sharp knife to … A. girdle the branch C. tie the branch B. wrap the branch D. apply the branch 43. “…select the branch and then girdle it using sharp knife.” The underlined word refers to … A. the tree C. the knife B. the branch D. the coconut fiber 44. Arrange the sentences bellow into a correct paragraph. 1. They can’t fly. 2. They swim and dive well 3. Penguins are swimming birds. 4. Penguins use their wings to “row” themselves through the sea. 5. Because their wings are shaped as flippers. 6. A penguin in the water can leap up nearly 2 metres to land on a rock or ice. A. 3–4–1–2–5–6 B. 3–2–1-5–4–6

45. Arrange the sentences bellow into a correct paragraph. 1. The animals have been pushed back and their natural habitat has been reduced. 2. The government has created reserves to protect both animal and plant life. 3. Many natural forests where the animals live are being destroyed. 4. One of them is Bogor Botanical Garden. 5. People have cleared the land to cultivate crops. A. 4–3–5–1–2 B. 1–5–3–2–4

C. 5–1–4–3–2 D. 3–5–1–2–4

For numbers 46 and 47, choose the suitable words to fill in the blanks. Let me tell you how to lose weight. You … (46) do the exercises in the morning or afternoon. Avoid eating the fat food. … (47) a lot of fruits and vegetables and have a diet. 46. A. can not B. may not 47. A. Eat B. Keep

C. can D. should C. Buy D. Cook

For numbers 48 to 50, arrange the sentences into a good paragraph. 48. How to make instant noodle. 1. Pour the noodles into the bowl. 2. Boil the water. 3. Put the noodles in the boiled water. 4. Finally, sprinkle the fried onion. 5. Prepare a bowl and pour the ingredients. 6. Wait for about five minutes. A. 2–3–6–5–1–4 B. 5–2–3–1–6–4

C. 2–3–6–1–5–4 D. 3–2–6–5–1–4

49. How to make banana bread. 1. Add the walnuts and the raisins and mix again. 2. Bake it in pan for about 1 hour. 3. Mix the dry ingredients ( salt, baking powder, baking soda, powdered milk, flour) 4. Eat it 5. Mix the butter and honey, then add eggs, mashed bananas water and vanilla. 6. Mix everything together. A. 3–5–1–6–2–4 B. 6–1–5–3–4–2

C. 5–6–3–2–1–4 D. 6–1–5–3–2–4

50. How to make a kite 1. Put a tail on the kite. 2. Make two slight bamboo sticks by using a cutter. 3. Cut the paper and stick it on the kite frame. 4. Form a cross joining it together with a string, then join the four bamboo tips with a string. 5. Draw a kite pattern on the paper. A. 2–4–5–3–1 B. 5–2–4–3–1

C. 2–5–4–3–1 D. 5–4–2–3–1

C. 6–4–5–1–2–3 D. 3–1–5–4–2–6

Ujian Akhir Semester Ganjil/Eng-IX/2011-2012

MKKS – SMP Way Kanan

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