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[6] Roy Thomas Fielding, “Architectural Styles and the Design of ... [7] Roy Want, Bill N. Schilit, Scott Jenson, “Enabling the Internet of Things”, IEEE Computer ...

Application of Emerging Communication Trends in Automation Abhilash Gopalakrishnan Abhinna Chandra Biswal Power Technologies Department ABB Global Industries and Services Ltd.

Agenda § Emerging Scenarios in Electrical Grid § Emerging Challenges § Internet of Things and Software Defined Network § Use Cases & Solution Approach: Auto Configuration & Long Term Planning § Conclusion & Summary

Emerging Scenario in Electrical Grid Traditionally we have been consumer to electrical grid.[1] Distributed Generation lets us contribute to the grid. -Nearly 1.3 billion people without electricity. -Renewable electricity gen. grows to 31% in 2035. Source : World Energy Outlook [2]

CIGRÉ Definition: Microgrids are electricity distribution systems containing loads and distributed energy resources, that can be Courtesy: operated in a controlled, coordinated way either while connected to the main power network or while islanded.

An approach of distributed generation is Microgrid. Microgrid is not only Renewable Power Generation. Microgrid is not only Virtual Power Plant . [3]

Distributed Generation & Renewable Integration

Emerging Challenges Smart Grid Vision looks forward to a Power System which is more intelligent, more decentralized & resilient, more controllable and protected. [4] Existing Standards including IEC 61850, IEC 62351, DNP 3.0 [5] The vision also considers Integrated Communication as one of the 5 key technologies for Smart Grid. This would necessitate research in - Identify and develop communication infrastructures and protocols; -Simulate & demonstrate microgrid operation in labs.

How can Integrated Communication be realized?

Internet of Things & Software Defined Networks

Internet of Things (IoT)

Software Defined Networks

Provides interconnection across People, Machines and Devices, anywhere, anytime. [6,7]

Provides separation of Control and Data Plane, Centralization of Control Plane and allows Programmability of Control Plane.[8]

How can these technologies help?

Use case 1: Auto Configuration



Use Case: A New Device added to automation network is configured and participates in control or protection. [9] Solution: An agent based approach based initial interrogation, Role Identification Intelligence and Configuration Workflow involving a Request-Response Approach. Possible Examples based on HTTP Similar to RESTful Services bringing it closer to IoT.

Use case 2: Long Term Planning VIRTUAL NETWORK EDITOR

Raspberry Pi

Use case: The existing system details are available. The needs of the new system is provided including new components and capacities. A plan for how the new elements need to be deployed needs to provided to Field Engineering.

Solution: Using PC/Open Hardware like Raspberry Pi and Open Source Network Emulator like Mininet, a replica of Automation Communication Network can be recreated with characteristics. The hypothesis of plans could be tried on this replica and results used for migrations or long term planning. [10]

Conclusion & Summary • An Integration of emerging communications look promising for the future automation systems. • An ability for reduced efforts in planning and commissioning is significant benefit to customer. • Adoption of these technologies in automation networks will depend on the commercial solution availability and standardization of interfaces and reliability and availability requirements. • Next Steps planned include: – Pursue Standardization working with equipment vendors and ecosystem.

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