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Wazifa, Wazeefa or Wazaif. Author: admin. Wazifa is repetition of sacred words and phrases like Quranic verses or names of Allah or zikar of Allah for spiritual ...

Wazifa, Wazeefa or Wazaif. Author: admin Wazifa is repetition of sacred words and phrases like Quranic verses or names of Allah or zikar of Allah for spiritual help or various personal and worldly needs or problems. In other words Wazifa is to read a particular Du’a in a prearranged manner constantly for a specific period of time. Basically the practice of each wazifa is for some particular reasons or needs. Different kinds of wazaif have different qualities and can do for different purposes. Wazifas can be repeated audibly or silently. Wazifa is pure and it will only be done for good deed. It cannot be done for any bad or any wrong intention. That is why a person with pure in mind and heart, body and soul can do wazifa. By reciting wazifa actually means the person is seeking help from Allah for his blessing and any worldly needs. People usually do wazifa by their own and without any permission. It is compulsory to get permission for reciting wazifa for any need. Permission can only be taken from holy or pious person. If someone does any Wazifa without understanding it properly and without permission, he/she might end him/her self in lot of problems.

There are conditions to follow properly for doing wazifa. Some basic are like; a person must pray five times every day, must desist from sins, must be paak and must avoid certain kinds of halal food until the wazeefa is completed. Each Wazifa has its own focus and for every problem or purpose there is a wazifa in Quran. Usually people are doing wazeefas without any knowledge about the wazeefa and they end up with various physical and spiritual problems and by doing so they create more problems for themselves instead getting a solution. The basic purpose of doing wazifa is seeking the love, blessing of Allah but these days’ people are doing it for their own worldly needs. Like if we look around people are doing wazifa for marriage, for wealth, for love of someone, for success, for business or job etc. One of the known wazifa every one do in Namaz is “Tasbeeh Fatima”; 33 times SubhanAllah, 33 times AlhamdulillAllah and 34 times Allah-u-Akbar. It’s the wazifa Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) told his most beloved daughter Fatima (R.A) to read before going to sleep.

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