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International Office. ETSII is a ... appointment. • http://etsii.upm.es/internacional/ index.es.htm. 5 ... Most of courses have online contents thru AULAWEB platform.

Relaciones Internacionales en la ETSI Industriales de la UPM




4000 300 300 200 13

• 23

Students Professors Researchers Staff Research and Teaching Departments Laboratories


International Office

ETSII is a TIME member

43 Double Degree agreements

145 interchange programs with 25 countries

• 284 Incoming Students • 232 Outgoing Students


Where are we?

We are at the third floor of the main building

We are: • • • • • •

Prof. Juan J. Márquez Prof. Teresa Riesgo Ana Domínguez María Fernández (Incoming) Begoña López (Outgoing) Francis Reynolds (Outgoing)


Contact us

You can contact us by email / telephone / personal

[email protected] • Tel. 91 336 3017 (Incoming) / 91 336 6472 (Outgoing) • Personal Attention ONLY with preregistered online appointment • http://etsii.upm.es/internacional/index.es.htm



• February 11th to 28th • Enrollment Appointment ONLY online • Only ask for enrollment appointment when you are completely sure of your definitive LA courses • https://indusnet.etsii.upm.es/gestion_escuela/login_alumnos_eras.asp • Required documents:

Acceptance letter 3 photos Non Erasmus Students (Impreso de solicitud y admisión a matrícula) !6

Enrollment Procedure

• Please, check that the courses chosen in the definitive Learning Agreement (LA) are taught during the current semester that you are attending at the ETSII

• Your LA will be sent to your Faculty/School International Coordinator in order to get it back duly signed by them


What should you know?

Attend the courses • Rooms and schedules are specified in the « Proyecto de Organización Docente 2013-14 » • Most of courses have online contents thru AULAWEB platform (http://aulaweb.etsii.upm.es/webaula/privado/login.asp) • After enrollment you will have access to INDUSNET platform, to access your personal academic information. (https:// indusnet.etsii.upm.es/gestion_escuela/login_indusnet.asp) • Please do STUDY • Take the advantage and Improve your Spanish…

Sit the exams (… and pass them!) • The exams dates are indicated in the « Proyecto de Organización Docente  2013-14» and they cannot be changed


For all the students • Once

you will be registered at ETSII you will receive a confirmation e-mail

• Please check your courses/codes list • You are considered as “regular” ETSII students academically, but administratively depend on our International Office

• The International Relations Office is an information point and we can help you in many ways, but there are some others… (accommodation, health assurance, etc…)

• VISA paper work please contact: • http://www.upm.es/institucional/Estudiantes/Atencion/TramitacionVisados !9

For all the students

If you need anything to be signed and stamped, this may take some days

• All the documents to be signed must be sent to the Office (not directly to the signee)

• If you don’t sit any exam, the “Certificate of stay” will not be signed

• Certificates are sent after your departure together with your Transcript of Records


What can I do at ETSII? To study • Go to the lectures • Go to the practical lessons • Study at home or at the library or at the “rotonda”

To do my Project (Proyecto Fin de Carrera) • At a research lab in the School • At a company thru InduEmpleo o

Under the supervision of an ETSII professor

• At “Unidad Docente de Proyectos”

Mentor program Some other things • • • •

Sports Theatre Cultural activities … make friends! !11

Available services Student service and support • Delegación de alumnos http://delealum.etsii.upm.es/

Service to set up internships at companies • Indu-empleo http://www.etsii.upm.es/induempleo/


Other activities Sports • Club Deportivo http:// clubdeportivo.etsii.upm.es/ • Aerobic, Tai-chi, Yoga, Kenpo, basketball, football, voleyball, handball, tennis

Hiking, trekking • Grupo alpino http://gaii.etsii.upm.es/

Non-Governmental Organisation • Ingeniería sin fronteras http:// www.isf.es/

Cultural activities • Chorus Coro Semicírculo • Theater Compañía “La cuarta pared” • Association à Kilowatio (91 3363090)


Spanish for foreigners

• The date for the Spanish language level test, will be published on the Aula 14 bulletin board • This test is compulsory for the students to be enrolled on 9109 (Español para extranjeros)


We really hope you will enjoy your stay at ETSII-UPM