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Women's Breath – Blossoming into your Sensuality ... transformational breath and the tantric path for women. ... to the sensuous, sexual woman that you are.



– Blossoming into

your sensuality June 14 -16, 2013, The Netherlands

Women’s Breath – Blossoming into your Sensuality June 14 -16, 2013

In this retreat you are invited to explore a co-creation between transformational breath and the tantric path for women. We will spend three days together, exploring our sacred femininity through the breath, tantric techniques specifically designed for women, energy work, relaxation and meditation. Transformational Breath is a loving and joyful breath technique, which draws upon your ability to create a field of life force inside and around you. With the use of this unique breath technique, you will be able to move through physical, emotional and mental blockages more profoundly and swiftly, than you have perhaps ever done before. Negative emotional and mental charges are integrated in, perhaps, the most effective way known on earth today. This empowering work will leave you recharged, joyful and fully aware of who you really are, grounding the divine knowledge and power which you always have to your disposal into your body. The tantric path for women is an invitation to dive into your life energy and explore how this vital force can be expressed and lived through you, saying yes to the sensuous, sexual woman that you are. In this time where the feminine is called forth on the planet, we feel that the importance of standing firmly in your feminine power in balance with the masculine within is more apparent than even before. If you are looking to grow into your true power and are ready to explore your sensuality/ sexuality, then this retreat is for you! Our wish is for you to dive into your body, into your sensuality and allow the fullness of who you are to radiate through you, unleashing the divine feminine within. With love,

Nadja Benschop,

MD, International senior trainer in Transformational Breath®

Charlotte Ramya Norell,

International seminar leader in personal & spiritual development for women

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