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Suggested answers a) The emails from zarina493, nicky.podolski, clancy.lindfield , sonjakerr, kpjones21, and joe.wilson are probably personal messages.

Workbook Intermediate Answer Key 1  Friends Grammar 1

a) lives b) do they do c) do you like d) makes

5 e) do you see f ) knows g) sends h) do they write


a) is b) speak c) ’m learning d) ’ve known e) ’ve been living f ) grew g) came h) were living

a) ✓ b) We never have arguments. c) ✓ d) ✓ e) We often enjoy the same things. f ) I buy him clothes now and then. g) I always take him on vacation with me. h) ✓

2 a) is / ’s b) like c) ’m/am sitting d) ’ve/have visited e) ’ve/have been living f ) went g) was wearing

3 a) What is your best friend’s name? b) What kind of music do you like? c) Where are you sitting right now? d) How many times have you visited the USA? e) How long have you been living in this town? f ) Where did you go on vacation last year? g) What were you wearing yesterday?

5 a) isn’t b) is c) weren’t d) isn’t


e) has f ) didn’t g) was h) haven’t

7 a) What do you use your computer for? b) Who do you confide in? c) What are you good at? d) What do you spend your money on? e) What kinds of things do you worry about? f ) Who do you usually have dinner with? g) What clubs or groups do you belong to? h) What are you interested in?

New American Inside Out 

10 a) I am usually in a hurry. b) I hardly ever buy things online. c) I text my friends all the time. d) I do the housework from time to time. e) I go to the theater once a month. / Once a month I go to the theater. f ) I am rarely late for English class. g) I don’t often worry about things. h) I always remember my dreams. i) I often prefer to be alone.


1 b    2  e    3  c    4  f    5  a    6  d

6 1 things 2 pretty good 3 up to

Pronunciation 2 a) feel b) his c) live

1 c) Real Life Friends Get Together One More Time

2 a) 3    b)  4    c)  1    d)  2

3 Brad Pitt later married Angelina Jolie.

4 a) F    b)  T    c)  T    d)  T e) F    f )  T    g)  F

5 b)

1 hit it off 2 close friends 3 a lot in common 4 got along really well 5 drifted apart 6 our separate ways 7 click 8 ups and downs 9 fought 10 always be there


2 a) 7    b)  2    c)  1    d)  6    e)  4 f ) 5    g)  3 1 going 2 bad 3 about 4 up 5 this 6 should 7 some 8 would 9 run 10 call

d) seat e) this f ) wheel




4 keeping busy 5 better 6 See you

1 Suggested answers a) The emails from zarina493, nicky.podolski, clancy.lindfield, sonjakerr, kpjones21, and joe.wilson are probably personal messages. b) The emails from [email protected], b.wragg, and [email protected] are probably business messages. c) The emails from delilmiernulr and mrssuzzy are probably spam.

2 a) Inbox b) Sign out c) Compose mail d) Contacts e) Drafts f ) Spam g) Delete

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a n s w e r

k e y




a) period b) comma c) dash d) question mark e) apostrophe f ) exclamation mark

a) last June b) yet c) lately d) never


4 Suggested answer Dear Katy and Paul, I haven’t written for a long time, so I thought I’d drop you a line. Are you on vacation now? I’m at the beach with my family but the weather is terrible – rain, rain, rain! I hope it’s better where you are. Let me know how things are going. I hope you’re well. Best wishes, Philip P.S. A friend of mine is going to be in Chicago next month. He doesn’t know anyone there. Is there any chance you could show him around for one day? I’d be really grateful!

2  Adrenalin Grammar 1 Five regular verbs: kill (killed), pull (pulled), push (pushed), shout (shouted), start (started) Three verbs with past participles that end in -en: fall (fallen), give (given), ride (ridden) Two verbs with past participles that are the same as the infinitives: come, run Five irregular verbs with past participles that are the same as the past tenses: feel (felt), lose (lost), sit (sat), spend (spent), win (won)

2 a) I’ve ridden a horse many times. b) I’ve never swum in a river. c) I haven’t been to India yet. d) I’ve already done my homework. e) I haven’t met anyone for ages. f ) I haven’t eaten lunch yet. g) I haven’t slept much lately. h) I’ve broken my leg twice.

3 a) Have you ever had an X-ray? b) Have you ever played badminton? c) Have you ever climbed a mountain? d) Have you ever met an Australian? e) Have you ever flown in a helicopter? f ) Have you ever slept on a beach?


a n s w e r

k e y

e) yet f ) for ages g) last week

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Have you ever been was happened saw ’ve never seen Did you kill Have you always been ’ve been

6 a) What were you doing at 9:00 p.m. last Saturday? b) What were you wearing? c) How were you feeling? / How did you feel? d) What did you do after that? e) What time did you go to bed? f ) When did you get up the next day?

7 1 was walking 2 was shining 3 was feeling/ felt 4 saw 5 were looking 6 looked 7 was standing 8 jumped 9 stopped 10 opened

8 a) My friends are funnier than me. b) I’m the luckiest person that I know. c) I feel more relaxed today than yesterday. d) My kitchen is the coldest place in my house. e) My sister is the prettiest girl in the world. f ) I find history more interesting than sports. g) The saddest movie I’ve ever seen is Titanic. h) I’m usually happier than my best friend.

9 a) by far b) much c) just

d) slightly e) a lot f ) nearly

10 a) Badminton isn’t as popular as tennis. b) Kite surfing is more difficult than bungee jumping. c) The Maracanã Stadium in Rio is bigger than La Bombonera Stadium in Buenos Aires. d) The Cubs aren’t as good as The Red Sox.

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e) Soccer is a lot more exciting than baseball. f ) Fishing isn’t as fashionable as snowboarding. g) Boxing is more dangerous than horseback riding.

Vocabulary 1 a) gorgeous – pretty b) exhausted – tired c) hilarious – funny d) furious – angry e) terrified – scared f ) astonished – surprised g) incredible – good h) freezing – cold

2 a) very b) absolutely c) absolutely d) absolutely

e) absolutely f ) very g) very h) very

3 a) thrilled b) scared c) nervous

d) bored e) worried f ) embarrassed

4 basketball, skiing, badminton, snowboarding, ping pong, volleyball, baseball, boxing, karate, golf, judo, ice hockey, fishing, track, cycling, windsurfing

5 basketball, skiing, badminton, snowboarding, ping pong, baseball, golf, ice hockey, fishing, cycling

6 a) wetsuit b) harness c) board d) rope

e) kite f ) waterproof g) shoes

7 a) 4    b)  7    c)  3    d)  5 e) 8    f )  1    g)  2    h)  6

8 a) loose b) X-ray c) lotion d) limping

e) wrist f ) headache g) Band-Aid® h) blisters

Pronunciation 1 1 A: I was (weak) thinking of going skydiving. B: Were (strong) you? 2 A: We were (weak) beginning to feel nervous. B: I wasn’t! (strong) 3 A: She has (weak) never been so surprised. B: Well, I have (strong)! New American Inside Out

4 A: Have (weak) you ever ridden a horse? B: No, but my wife has (strong). 5 A: Were (weak) you thinking about me? B: Yes, I was (strong).

Listening 1 Speaker 1  Speaker 2  Speaker 3  Speaker 4 

picture b picture c picture d picture a

2 a) T    b)  F    c)  T    d)  F e) F    f )  T    g)  F    h)  T

3 a) that it was possible to swim with sharks b) the experience of swimming with sharks c) another jet d) flying in a Harvard jet and shooting at other jets e) the submarine f ) the old shipwreck g) the three-day trip

Writing 1 1 C    2  A    3  B

2 suddenly at first then at the same time a minute or two later one day after a while

3 1 2 3 4

One day Suddenly / After a while At first then / after a while / a minute or two later 5 After a while / A minute or two later / Then 6 then / after a while / a minute or two later

3  Relationships Grammar 1 a) am smiling / remind b) are sharing / don’t have c) know / are laughing d) am looking / believes e) admire / is trying f ) don’t understand / are crying

New American Inside Out 


g) am reading / like h) hate / am doing


2 a) A: looks B: ’m / am thinking b) A: Do you have B: ’m / am having c) A: are you looking B: ’ve got / have d) A: do you think B: ’m / am thinking

3 buying carrying crying doing getting living looking planning


athletic both faithful marathon something think thoughtful

another father there this those together weather


playing running sharing smiling staying swimming trying waiting

Healthy thirty-something theater fan looking for someone with that special something. Call me earlier than the third Thursday of this month. They call me Arthur!

Vocabulary 1

4 a) since b) since c) for

d) since e) since f ) since

g) for h) for

5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


has been looking has been going has been writing has been dreaming has been hoping have been telling have been trying hasn’t / has not been listening

6 A: You’ve being been very quiet for a few minutes. B: Yes. I’ve been thinking. A: What have you been thinking about? B: Well, you see that guy over there? He’s been looking at me non-stop since we arrived. A: And you’ve been watching him. B: Yes. And you know what? It’s love at first sight. I’ve fell fallen in love with him! A: But you’ve never been meeting met him. B: I know. But since we came in I’ve been feeling very strange. I’ve never been having had this feeling before. A: I don’t think he’s looking at you. I think he’s looking at the kitchen door. He’s hungry!

7 a) have you known b) have you been learning c) have you been sitting d) have you had e) have you been f ) have you liked g) have you been wearing / have you worn h) have you been doing

a) ex-husband b) half-sister c) nephew d) boyfriend

e) stepfather f ) daughter-in-law g) only child h) niece

2 Sentence f ) is impossible because the son of her parents is her brother.

3 a) Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? b) Have you ever been to an online dating site? c) Do you think you will ever meet the person of your dreams? d) Have you ever proposed to someone? e) How many serious relationships have you had? f ) Have you ever had a broken heart?

4 a) sociable b) shy c) optimistic d) considerate

e) witty f ) generous g) reliable h) easygoing

5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

c) unreliable c) loyal b) down-to-earth c) outgoing b) self-assured a) creative b) sensitive

6 Good qualities: amusing, broadminded, cheerful, easygoing, modest, nice, tolerant, trustworthy Bad qualities: arrogant, big-headed, dull, impractical, narrow-minded, self-centered, selfish, thoughtless

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a n s w e r

k e y


7 1 cheerful 2 demanding 3 self-centered

4 big-headed 5 faithful 6 realistic

8 a) 7    b)  4    c)  3    d)  5    e)  1 f ) 6    g)  8    h)  2

9 1 2 3 4

can considerate tend little

5 exactly 6 very 7 guess

4  Party





a) a third person causes problems in the lovers’ relationship. b) one person has to hide a secret from the person he/she loves. c) the lovers have an argument because of a misunderstanding. d) the lovers get married at the end of the movie.

a) ✓ b) Some people were dancing, and they asked us to join them in. c) The festival goes it on for four days. d) The fireworks went off them at midnight. e) The house burned it down in an enormous fire. f ) ✓ g) ✓

2 Happy endings: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Notting Hill, When Harry Met Sally Sad endings: Moulin Rouge, Love Story

3 a) Moulin Rouge, Love Story b) Moulin Rouge, Love Story c) Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Moulin Rouge d) Moulin Rouge, Love Story e) Moulin Rouge, Notting Hill f ) Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Moulin Rouge g) Mr. and Mrs. Smith, When Harry Met Sally

Writing 1 (b) a letter from one friend to another

2 a) 6    b)  3    c)  2    d)  1    e)  4 g) 7    f )  5

3 a) I can’t wait. b) It would be great to meet up again. c) It was great to hear from you again. d) I’ll give you a call. e) I’ve been meaning to get in touch f ) I’m sorry I didn’t write sooner. g) Love, h) She sends her love.

4 c) to change the subject

5 a) I haven’t been doing much recently. It’s been very quiet at college. Anyway, I have to go now and buy some stamps.


b) It was good to hear from you. I hope you’ll tell me more in your next letter. Anyway, the reason I’m writing now is to tell you my big news. I’m getting married! c) Mike and Marion split up. He’s feeling miserable and she met another guy. Anyway, what have you been doing in the last few weeks?

a n s w e r

k e y

2 a) I enjoy taking care of them. b) I always wear them out very quickly. c) I like trying them on at the mall. d) I’m really looking forward to it. e) It takes me a long time to get over it. f ) People often ask me to turn it down. g) I find it difficult to come up with them. h) I never look them up in a dictionary.

4 a) doing b) going c) meeting d) to use

5 1 ’m going / ’m going to go 2 ’m leaving / ’m going to leave 3 will you spend / are you going to spend / are you spending 4 will/’ll look 5 will/’ll give 6 ’s going / ’s going to go 7 will/’ll ask 8 ’m going to take / will take / ’ll take / ’m taking

6 a) Everybody b) no one c) anything d) somewhere

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e)  something f )  somebody g)  nothing h)  anywhere

7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Everything somewhere anything nothing Nobody/No one everybody/everyone everywhere Someone/Somebody

Pronunciation 1 a) special b) this c) brush

d) noise e) worse f ) reason

2 12 of the following:

3 a) A: Are you going to get married soon? B: Maybe. I’ll to tell you when we’ve decided on a date. b) A: Where are you going to find the money? B: The bank! I’m seeing a loan officer on Friday. c) A: You will write to me often, won’t you? B: Yes, I’ve decided that I’m going to email you every morning. d) A: OK, I’ll give you a call tomorrow night. B: No, don’t. I’m going to be out tomorrow. e) A: Are you coming to the party? B: Yes, I’m going to be there. f ) A: Are you going to help him with that? B: No, I think I’ll let him do it on his own.

e)  to watch f )  to get g)  to eat h)  seeing




course fancy promise this ice mess sound worse

as is was goes has music noise reason

special brush shoe shower sure push shame sugar

3 dresses /dresɪz/ exercise /ˈeksǝr saɪz/ ˈ shirts /ʃɜrts/ shoes /ʃuz/ showers /ˈʃaʊ(ǝ)rz/ shush /ʃʊʃ/ surprise /sǝrˈpraɪz/

Vocabulary 1 a) bonfire b) statue c) fireworks New American Inside Out

2 The mayor leads a procession out of the town. 6 The procession returns to the town. 1 There is music and dancing in the town square. 5 They have breakfast.

d) parade e) traditional dress f ) firecrackers

2 1 2 3 4 5 6

parade traditional dress bonfire fireworks firecrackers statue

3 People go to a church service. People run away from young bulls in the bullring.

3 a) off b) over c) in d) up

e) of f ) down g) forward h) on

4 a) 4    b)  5    c)  6    d)  7    e)  3    f ) 1    g)  2

5 a) comment b) wish c) mistake d) clear

e) research f ) decorating g) housework

down up dress take keep wear

7 8 9 10 11 12

into burn over put stay head

Answer: dustpan, brush

7 a) do b) make c) make d) make

e) do f ) make g) do h) do

8 a) surprise b) invitations c) costume

d) balloons e) atmosphere f ) greeted

9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

a) a beautiful sunny summer evening b) I was dressed and ready before five thirty c) we all followed him on foot to a small mountain six or seven kilometers away d) Awesome! e) with everyone’s T-shirts now pink f ) unfortunately I couldn’t stay for that

Writing 1

6 1 2 3 4 5 6


Are you doing anything I was wondering That sounds great What do you think about Where do you want to go? Would you like to I’d really love to, but What a shame

Listening 1 Spain

2 4 Everybody throws wine over everybody else. 3 People go to a church service. 7 People run away from young bulls in the bullring.

New American Inside Out 

Dear David, I am just writing to say how much I enjoyed your party last weekend. I didn’t see you when I left, which is why I’m writing to say thank you now. There was a really good atmosphere and we all had a wonderful time. I imagine you spent ages getting everything ready. The food was great and the cocktails were fantastic. It was a really good idea to have the music and the dancing in the backyard, too. Anyway, thanks again. It was an evening I’ll never forget. Love, Helen Dear David, I’m writing to say sorry for last weekend. I feel very bad about it and I hope you’ll forgive me. I hate to think what other people think of me. I know it wasn’t a good idea to dance on the table, but I was having such a good time. I’m afraid I didn’t realize that it wasn’t strong enough for my weight. Anyway, please accept my apologies for being so stupid. It won’t happen again! I’ve enclosed a check and I hope that it’s enough to pay for the damage. Best wishes (with a red face), Benita

3 a) A    b)  A    c)  T    d)  A    e)  T f ) T    g)  T

5  Edible Grammar 1 1 sardines 2 tuna 3 garlic 4 fish 5 mussels 6 seafood 7 veal 8 vegetables 9 meat 10 beer 11 olives 12 sandwiches 13 glasses 14 cod

2 a) beers b) beer c) whiskey d) whiskies e) cookies

f ) cookie g) chocolate h) chocolates i) salad j) salads

3 a) several b) enough c) a little d) plenty of

e) much f ) a lot of g) a lot of h) a few

4 a) much b) none c) not d) plenty

e) few f ) lot g) many

5 a) I used to hate my food when I was little. b) I used to refuse to eat everything. c) I didn’t use to like meat, fish, or vegetables. d) My parents used to be worried about me. e) Used to can’t be used here. f ) Used to can’t be used here. g) After that, I used to be even more difficult.

6 a) … where did you use to have lunch? b) … what did you use to drink in the morning? c) … what did your favorite food use to be? d) … did you use to go out to restaurants? e) … did you use to eat too much? f ) … what candy bars did you use to prefer?

7 I used to have a job in a restaurant. Every morning, I would go there at

D.R. © Macmillan Publishers S.A. de C.V. 2009

a n s w e r

k e y


ten o’clock and I would have coffee with all the others before work. The boss used to be very tough, but all of us liked him. At the end of a good day, he would buy everyone a drink. On really good days, I would make about $40 in tips. I used to be the best waitress there.

8 The nineteenth-century scientist Frank Buckland used to invite his friends for dinner in his London home. Buckland, who used to write wrote the bestselling Curiosities of Natural History, used to like serving his guests with extremely strange meals. He would to give them things like kangaroo or roast zebra. Buckland would used to have a large collection of animals in his house, including a family of rats that used to living live under his desk. His monkeys would running around his home and he would give them beer to drink.

Vocabulary 1 Meat and fish: lobster, sausages, shrimp, tuna, turkey, veal Vegetables: beans, cauliflower, celery, eggplant, garlic, leeks, lettuce Fruit: figs, grapefruit, lime, peach, plum, raspberries

2 Smoked salmon and cockroaches Bitter radishes and crunchy grasshoppers Caterpillar and whiskey yogurt



a n s w e r

6 7 8 9

k e y

greasy fresh spicy bitter

In During in on In in

3 don’t have to can have to can’t should

b) 1 2 3 4 5

have to don’t have to can’t need to should



can’t have to shouldn’t can must

a) 1    b)  5    c)  4    d)  3    e)  2



a) 1 We should be in good physical condition. 2 We have to follow orders all the time. 3 We can live with our family when we’re not abroad. 4 We don’t have to wear a uniform in the evenings. b) 1 We don’t have to have any special training. 2 We can’t disagree with our leader. 3 We should be well dressed. 4 We shouldn’t tell the truth too much.

Pronunciation 2 1 What can I get you, sir? Two glasses of beer and an order of fries, please. 2 Let’s meet at seven at the station. Yes, and then we can go to the theater.


a) 2    b)  4    c)  5    d)  1    e)  3

3 a) There’s a good chance b) curious c) it is now available d) track down e) a variety of f ) in its pure form g) frankly h) touch i) people of all social classes j) making



7 8 9 10 11 12

1 2 3 4 5

6  Time

d) bar e) jar f ) bowl e) beer f ) cheese g) shrimp

can bland tough chewy boiled

1 in 2 on 3 during 4 on 5 on 6 At

a) 9    b)  7    c)  1    d)  8    e)  2 f ) 6    g)  5    h)  4    i)  3


1 2 3 4 5

1 Yes, a table for two in the name of Smith. 2 Not quite. Could you give us a minute or two, please? 3 Yes, two glasses of dry white wine, please. 4 Excuse me, we’re ready to order now. 5 We’ll both have the steak, please. 6 Both well done, please.



a) wine b) coffee c) meal d) egg



a) a bar of soap b) a bowl of soup c) a box of matches d) a bunch of keys e) a jar of honey f ) a pack of gum a) pack b) bunch c) box / pack



1 2 3 4 5

5 Soldier – a; politician – b.

Pronunciation 1 a) pack b) back c) down

g) glass h) class

2 Column 4



a) January or February b) the 1990s c) at night d) Sunday morning e) the winter f ) the weekend g) June 7 h) five o’clock; the morning

Column 2

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d) town e) leave f ) leaf

Vocabulary 1 a) July 10 and 11 b) July 27 c) July 24 d) July 27 e) July 17 f ) July 5 g) July 6 h) July 26

New American Inside Out


2 a) a week from today b) the Friday before last c) two weeks ago d) the day after tomorrow e) next Saturday f ) the weekend before last g) three days from now

1 The letter is in response to the first advertisement.

2 a) ✗     b)  ✓    c)  ✓    d)  ✓ e) ✓    f )  ✗    g)  ✗



a) put off b) cross off c) calm down d) get by e) come up with f ) rely on

Hi I saw your ad in the local paper and I thought I’d drop you a line. I’m interested in a time management course and it would be cool if you could send me a little more info.


Can you give me a few more details about the course dates, the fees, and stuff like that? What kind of stuff do we study during the course? Are the courses for people with a job or for people who are looking for one?

a) put; off b) calm down c) come up with d) rely on e) gotten by f ) crossed off a) 5    b)  2    c)  3    d)  6 e) 4    f )  1

6 1 qualifications 4 unsociable 2 deadlines 5 flexible 3 shift 6 open-plan


a) in; for b) time again c) kill d) running out

e) spare f ) flies g) one at h) making good

Cosmo Brickett


Grammar 1

Listening 1

2 3





a 1







9 10 11 12



9 10 11 12

e 4







2 a) tired b) taste; smell c) stomach

d) skin e) low f ) body

New American Inside Out 


a) was b) be c) Are d) were

e) Have f ) Is g) being h) Has



a) being b) me c) to have d) reading



All the best,

7  News


was kidnapped was kept was photographed was … arrested was sentenced was released has been made

I can’t wait to hear from you. Thanks a lot.

a) I would appreciate it if you could send me an application form. b) Could you also please tell me more about the course / contents of the course? c) I would appreciate it if you could let me know how long the course is.

1 a) Thank b) enclose c) confirm; writing 2 a) response b) résumé c) apply; position 3 a) received b) available c) attend d) appreciate e) hearing


a) was arrested b) was stopped c) were found d) has been arrested e) has never been convicted f ) was kept g) has been canceled / was canceled h) is believed

Finally, can you tell me if you also run part-time courses in the evening?


f ) He told his wife to forget about him. g) She agreed to see them/us later. h) He asked her to stop being mean.

e) spending f ) to get g) to help h) to go

a) He warned me not to touch it. b) She promised to be there at eight. / She promised that she would be there at eight. c) He suggested suing the photographers. / He suggested that I sue the photographers. d) She explained that the interest rate changes from time to time. / She explained that the interest rate changed from time to time. e) I realized that I’d better not leave this job.

a) The car was followed by the paparazzi for ten kilometers. b) She is photographed when she walks down the street. c) She will be paid $50,000 for the pictures (by the newspaper). d) The pictures are going to be put on the front page of the newspaper. e) Last night, an enormous sum of money was stolen from a Hollywood celebrity. f ) The football player, Ed Flower, has been accused of burglary (by police officers). g) He was described as desperate and dangerous (by the police). h) He was sentenced to four years in jail (by the judge).

7 a) Donald Thomas escaped from prison… b) He discovered that it hurt a lot. c) Bank robber, John Perkins, 37, was arrested at Los Angeles airport. d) André Gurmon, from Montreal, Canada, put an advertisment in the newspaper. e) Circus girl, Jasmine Brown, 22, was jailed for six days by a court in San Diego. f ) Ford told the truth about his teeth after he was voted sexiest man alive… g) The happy couple was visiting Trinidad for a short vacation.

D.R. © Macmillan Publishers S.A. de C.V. 2009

a n s w e r

k e y


Vocabulary 1 a) photogenic b) obsessed c) unflattering

d) desperate e) insensitive f ) hypocritical

2 a) insensitive b) desperate c) photogenic

d) obsessed e) hypocritical f ) unflattering

3 a) Hot Gossip b) Parking Ticket c) Fugitives! d) Paparazzi Chase e) Stop, Thief f ) Family Court


a) author, fall, saw, water b) person, curving, worst, first c) heart, garden, arm, market


a) 6    b)  7    c)  2    d)  1 e) 4    f )  5    g)  3


e) escorted f ) patroled g) escaped

a) despite b) However c) Although

d) Although e) despite f ) However e) point f ) more g) considered h) conclusion

8  Travel

6 1 great 2 news 3 Actually 4 thing 5 touch 6 Talking 7 Anyway 8 Guess 9 let 10 Love

might be Could be be

5 6 7 8

can’t it could must

2 A Venezuela    B  Brazil    C  Cuba

3 a) couldn’t b) might c) guess d) definitely

e) certainly f ) couldn’t g) could h) must



Conversation 1  c), b), a) Conversation 2  a), d), c), b) Conversation 3  c), b), d), a) Conversation 4  e), a), b), d), c)

Suggested answers It couldn’t be Angola, because they don’t speak Spanish in Angola. It definitely isn’t Brazil, because the population is too small. It might be Honduras or Cuba, because of the exports. It must be Cuba, because I don’t think Honduras has that many people.

Pronunciation 2 a) want to think b) promise/promised to change c) forget about it d) just doing a job e) what are you going to do about it f ) was it your first time

Reading 1 They are all true except crime fighter.

2 her money other people’s opinion of her her family background her education her career

a n s w e r

k e y

5 a) 6    b)  5    c)  2    d)  4 e) 1    f )  7    g)  3    h)  8

6 a) had already sold b) thought c) went d) had decided e) fell f ) had invited g) met h) had never been

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all ball bought wall water

birds girl return surf world

car hardly large part start

Vocabulary 1 a) 1  in b) 5  on c) 7  in d) 9  in

2  of   3  far   4  to 6  not 8  on 10  between


1 1 2 3 4


The place shown is c).


1  c    2  a    3  b    4  c    5  a 6  c    7  b    8  a    9  b

1 2 3 4 5



a) opinion b) believe c) remember d) wrong





4 a) arrested b) stolen c) committed d) kidnapped

6 her problems 7 her jail sentence 8 her current life

a) Buddhist d) waterfall b) snow-capped e) skyline c) ancient f ) high-rise

3 1 2 3 4 5

surrounded popular lounge chairs unspoiled views

6 7 8 9

cliffs southern hidden overlooking

4 1 F    2  T    3  T    4  F    5  T 6 F    7  T    8  F

5 a) peace and quiet b) take it or leave it c) neat and clean d) give or take e) all or nothing f ) come and go g) sooner or later

6 Conversation 1 I’m trying to get to Central Park. Do you know what the quickest way is? You just need to go to the end of this street. Conversation 2 Excuse me, we’re looking for the shopping mall. Could you tell us which way we need to go? You need to take the first street on the right. Conversation 3 Excuse me, we’re trying to get to the stadium. The stadium? Yes, go to the end of the street and take a left. Then take the first left. New American Inside Out

OK, thanks. So … straight down here, go left and then we take the first left? Yes, that’s right. After that, you can follow the signs.

7 a) 3    b)  2    c)  4

8 Suggested answer Go out of City Hall and take a right. Go to the end of the street and take a right again. Walk down this street and take the fourth street on your right. Go straight down this street and again take the fourth street on your right. The restaurant is on your left.

Listening 1 1







3 e) T f ) F g) F h) T

i) j) k) l)


9  Opinions Grammar 1 a) admit b) claim c) tell

d) reply e) think f ) tell

g) say h) tell

2 a) 4    b)  3    c)  1    d)  2    e)  1

3 a) His mother said that life was like a box of chocolates. b) Freddy told the children (that) he was coming for them. c) He told Fredo (that) he had broken his heart. d) She said (that) his eyes had made love to her all evening. e) He said (that) he would be back. f ) He said (that) he was going to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse. g) She said (that) she had had a farm in Africa. h) He told her (that) they would always have Paris.

New American Inside Out 

“My favorite movie is ‘Titanic’. I’ve already seen it six times and I’m going to watch it again tonight. I’m a great fan of Kate Winslet and I’m hoping to meet her one day. I particularly like the ending, although it always makes me cry. I don’t find Leonardo DiCaprio very attractive, but (I think) he’s a great actor.”

5 a) ✓ b) She asked me what the title of his last book was. c) ✓ d) She asked me which book I had read first. e) She asked me if I was going to read any of his books again. f ) ✓ g) She asked me if I knew anything about his life. h) ✓


entertainment 2 food 5 hotel 3 trip 4 money and prices 1 weather 6 a) F b) T c) T d) T


a) Who is your favorite living author? b) What’s the title of his last book? c) How many books has he written? d) Which book did you read first? e) Are you going to read any of his books again? f ) Have you read all his books? g) Do you know anything about his life? h) What are you reading now?

7 a) She asked me if I had enjoyed it. b) She asked me who the main characters were. c) She asked me how the story began. d) She asked me if I would like to read it again. e) She asked me what I would read next. f ) She asked me if anyone had recommended the book to me. g) She asked me if it had been easy to get into. h) She asked me if I ever stopped reading a book before the end.

Pronunciation c) late d) mine

1 1 2 3 4

science-fiction hits premiere director

e) type f ) wait

2 /eɪ/


age change claim date great save strange way

buy child cry guy mind night quite wild

5 6 7 8

plot acting special effects based

2 a) photography b) ending c) tearjerker d) subtitles

e) soundtrack f ) set in g) thriller

3 a) 3    b)  2    c)  1    d)  4 e) 5    f )  8    g)  7    h)  6

4 a) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 b) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

album track reggae live gig lyrics stereo system techno hip-hop classical opera orchestra band dance

5 1 novel 2 gripping 3 put 4 chapters 5 get 6 plot 7 character 8 ending 9 cover 10 paperback

6 a) annoying b) bored c) challenging

d) confused e) disappointed f ) exciting

7 a) worried b) inspiring c) exhausted

1 a) die b) fail


d) tiring e) fascinating f ) relaxed

8 1 d    2  a    3  e    4  f    5  c 6 b    7  h    8  g

Reading 1 a) 6    b)  2    c)  1    d)  4    e)  5 f ) 3

2 a) F    b)  F    c)  T    d)  T    e)  F f ) T    g)  T    h)  T    i)  F

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a n s w e r

k e y



a) unless b) if c) if d) If

1 the cast the ending the plot the script the soundtrack the special effects

✓ ✗ ✓ ✓ ✗ ✗

e) unless f ) unless g) unless

1 a) at b) up c) about


2 a) I was especially impressed by b) I thoroughly recommend it c) are set in d) The movie tells the story of e) It stars f ) The plot is not easy to understand g) a big hit

a) You’ll never find a good job if you don’t go to college. e) You shouldn’t have children if you don’t have a lot of money. f ) Life is very hard if you don’t come from a rich family. g) Children never learn if you don’t yell at them from time to time.



a) have; might go b) ’ll probably watch; is c) is; ’ll stay d) ’s; ’ll buy e) improves; might study f ) can’t; speak g) ’ve made; ’ll be



a) that / which / who b) that / which / who c) that / which / who d) that / which / who e) that / which / who f ) that / which / who g) that / which / who h) that / which / who

a) Do you know why Hayley ran away from home? b) Can you tell me if/whether this was the first time? c) Do you think she’s been sick recently? d) Could you tell me if she has a boyfriend? e) Do you know where she went? f ) Do you think she is / was / has been having problems at school? g) Do you have any idea if/whether she will do it again?

10  Childhood

2 When I was a child, my favorite toy was a G.I. Joe that my parents had given me. I used to play with it with a friend who (S) lived in a house on my street. It had a head that you could pull off and one day I lost it. I looked for it in all the places that I could think of, but never found it. For my next birthday, my parents gave me another G.I. Joe which (S) was even better, but I still wanted to know what had happened to the head that I had lost. Five years later, my friend admitted that it was he who (S) had stolen it.

3 a) My dad is a nice guy who gives me lots of presents. b) Dad lives with a new girlfriend who doesn’t like me. c) She has a daughter (who/that) I sometimes play with. d) They have a house by the ocean (that) I really like. e) My mom and I have a small apartment (that/which) she’s very proud of. f ) Mom has a job (that’s/which) is not very well paid. g) She works for a man (who/that) looks like my father. h) This is a picture of my dad (that/ which) I did.




a n s w e r

k e y

g) in h) up

2 a) take care of b) bring up c) tell off d) worry about

e) f ) tuck in g) yell at h) clean up

3 a) innocence b) avoid c) up d) protect

e) stimulate f ) develop g) awkward


8 a) Do you think children have too much freedom? b) Do you have any idea where your son is now? c) Can you tell me if/whether your child is under stress at school? d) Could you tell me what your children think of you? e) Do you know if/whether your children are happy? f ) Do you think (that) school is more important than the family in a child’s education?

a) did your parents make you do the dishes? b) did they let you have a cell phone? c) did they let you eat dinner in front of the TV? d) did they make you clean up your room? e) did they let you watch horror movies? f ) did they let you sleep at a friend’s house? g) when did they make you come home in the evening? h) what time did they make you go to bed?

5 I went to a very strict school. In the mornings, they made us to stand in a line in front of the school gates and they didn’t let we us enter until everyone was silent. They made us work really hard, and if you didn’t pay attention in class, they didn’t letting you go outside during recess. When you got bad grades on a test, they made you stayed after class, and they only let you go home when you had finished the extra exercises. They made everyone wear a school uniform. They were let the older boys wear pants, but they made to the younger kids wear shorts, even in winter.


Pronunciation 1 a) own b) going c) love

2 /ɔɪ/



enjoy noise point toilet toy

found how our proud round

grow hole know own won’t

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d) off e) up f ) of

a) My parents made me go to church every Sunday. b) The boss never lets us take a day off. c) I don’t let the dog come into the house. d) You’re going to make me (get) angry. e) They didn’t let us have any freedom. f ) Will you let me come with you? g) Don’t make her talk if she doesn’t want to.

New American Inside Out

7 1 for 2 use 3 like

4 looks 5 with 6 of

7 thing

Listening 1 a) 2    b)  5    c)  6    d)  3    e)  8 f ) 1    g)  7    h)  4

2 a) I didn’t have a clue b) give you a hard time c) it was my fault d) there was still no sign of her e) there was nothing for it but f ) as good as gold

3 I think that the worst experience that I’ve ever had was in my first year of teaching, and the kids knew that I didn’t have a clue how to control them. I was giving the students a French test, a subject that most of them hate. I had a class of eighth graders and these children do anything that they can to give you a hard time. It’s the age group that I find the most difficult.


11  Age Grammar 1 a) would you live b) did not / didn’t need c) would you change d) would you say e) were f ) changed g) had h) would they be

2 a) If I understood, I would/’d be able to explain. b) If I didn’t / did not feel tired, I would/’d go out tonight. c) If I wasn’t/weren’t in love, I wouldn’t / would not think about him all the time. d) If I was/were a liar, I wouldn’t / would not tell the truth. e) If I could dance, I would/’d go to discos. f ) If I didn’t / did not love the Rolling Stones, I wouldn’t / would not buy all their albums. g) If I didn’t / did not have five children, I wouldn’t / would not spend a lot of time cooking.



Problem 2

a) I wish I didn’t have so many regrets. b) I wish I had a lot of money. c) I wish I could find time to read. d) I wish I had/’d paid attention in class yesterday. e) I wish I hadn’t / had not overslept this morning. f ) I wish I hadn’t / had not eaten too much for dinner last night. g) I wish I was/were good at sports. h) I wish I didn’t / did not feel anxious all the time.

2 People say that I’m quite goodlooking, but I’m very unhappy about my appearance. The problem is that I’m 1 meter 87. I think it’s because I’m so tall that none of the boys want to go out with me. I want to know whether I can have plastic surgery to reduce my height. I asked my parents for their advice but they told me not to be so silly. Jan

3 a) whole; friends b) everything; each other c) difference; relevant d) disappointed; choose e) believe; receive f ) weird; lose

4 a) shouldn’t b) thought c) were d) idea e) sure f) could g) don’t h) try

New American Inside Out 

4 a) would have gotten b) had/’d gone c) would have gone d) hadn’t / had not worked e) wouldn’t / would not have worked f ) would have been g) would have had

3 a) Hello. Oh, hi. Is Tony there, please? Hold on, please. I’ll try to put you through. … I’m afraid he’s on the other line. Would you like to hold? Yes, thank you. b) Good morning. Clyde Interiors. Can I help you? Hello. I’d like to speak to Don, please. Speaking. Who’s calling, please? This is Miranda, from Perfect Home magazine. c) Hello. Joanna? Hi, it’s me. Hi, Tom. Listen, I can’t talk now. Just a quick question, OK? What are you doing later? Tom, hold on. Can you call me back in five minutes? d) Hello. This is Eva Gomez. Can I help you? Hello. My name is Mike Birdsell. Oh, yes, Mr. Birdsell. Thank you for getting back so quickly. We need to have a meeting. Certainly. Are you available later on today?

Pronunciation 1 The second speaker sounds more positive and uses a higher tone of voice.

Reading 1 a) 3    b)  2    c)  4    d)  1

2 a) 6    b)  7    c)  2    d)  5    e)  1 f ) 3    g)  4

Vocabulary 1 a) hopefully b) Actually c) Apparently d) Predictably

c) I can’t drive very well. d) I don’t enjoy going to concerts very much. e) I don’t remember my childhood very well. f ) I see my family a lot. g) I live my life very sensibly. h) I don’t go abroad very much.

e) basically f ) unbelievably g) ortunately

2 a) I don’t go out a lot. b) I like singing rock songs very loudly.

3 a) very careful thought about your reasons for doing something b) really wanting to do something c) help for people who want to have a baby d) is important e) supported

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a n s w e r

k e y








1 a    2  f    3  d    4  c    5  e    6  b

12  Style Grammar 1 a) an old snakeskin cowboy belt b) a pair of black leather motorcycle boots c) a pair of ridiculous baggy silk pants d) a large checked baseball cap e) an old-fashioned brown cotton shirt f ) a brand-new colorful Italian tie g) a long plain black leather coat

2 a) had it sharpened. b) has it washed. c) had it painted. d) had it done e) has it designed f ) has it colored g) had them whitened a) do you have your hair cut? b) you ever had your ears pierced? c) did you last have your eyes tested? d) you like to have your home redecorated? e) Have you ever had a pair of pants taken f ) do you have your shoes repaired? g) Have you ever had your picture taken

3 a) unfinished b) unfinished c) finished d) finished


a n s w e r

k e y

belt dress jeans shirt suit sweater sweatshirt top


cotton fur leather linen silk snakeskin suede wool

Adjectives to describe clothes baggy checked long-sleeved low-waisted pinstriped plain scruffy stylish

2 a) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

slim wavy streaks receding deep-set sideburns freckles mole

b) his career

2 a) T    b)  T    c)  F    d)  F    e)  T f ) T    g)  F    h)  T    i)  F

3 a) a story about becoming wealthy b) he has become even more successful c) that makes him special d) he had a natural talent for noticing e) Lauren has everything that anyone could want

Writing 1 a) 3    b)  1    c)  4    d)  2

2 a) 1    b)  4    c)  3    d)  4    e)  4  f ) 2    g)  2    h)  1

b) 1 built 2 tattoo 3 bald 4 forehead 5 goatee 6 mustache 7 eyeliner




3 a) of    b)  to    c)  Ø    d)  as

3 1 2 3 4 5

makes turn taking getting get

6 7 8 9 10

do turn having making doing

4 1 try 2 fits 3 look

4 wear 5 get 6 put

7 go 8 match 9 look

5 1 2 3 4

Thank welcome beautiful think

D.R. © Macmillan Publishers S.A. de C.V. 2009

5 6 7 8

delicious glad much mention

New American Inside Out