Zachary Adam Givarz - HaNegev

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Zachary Adam Givarz. Desired Position: Ein Gedi Secretary. 1755 Thorrs Rokk. Chapter: Sababa. Marietta, Georgia 30068. Grade as of 2014-2015: 11 th.

Zachary Adam Givarz ‫רפי אברהם‬

Desired Position: Ein Gedi Secretary

1755 Thorrs Rokk

Marietta, Georgia 30068

Chapter: Sababa th

Grade as of 2014-2015: 11

(770) 366 - 7301 (cell)

[email protected]

1. USY Involvement Chapter Involvement and Positions Held i. Club Kadima member ii. Attended 99.27864% of USY events iii. Sababa SATO General Board iv. Sababa Shabbaton (Program Leader in 2013) v. Volunteered at Sababa’s Annual Purim Carnival vi. Purim Carnival Chair vii. Sababa Communications VP viii. Baby be Sababa Sub-Regional, Regional, and International Positions Held i. Convention Host Home ii. Impact! iii. International USY 613 Mitzvah Corps Member iv. Chalutzim Member USY Events Attended i. Sub-Regional a. Ein Gedi Fall Sub-Regional Convention b. Ein Gedi Spring Sub-Regional Convention c. Ein Gedi Kadima Convention d. Ein Gedi IMPACT ii. Regional a. Hanegev Regional Convention b. Gesher Convention 2. Jewish Education and Activities Past and Present Studies and Programs i. Pre-School @ Temple B’nai Israel ii. Etz Chaim Religious School iii. Bar-Mitzvah iv. World Wide Wrap v. Chai Five (Hebrew High School) vi. Camp Ramota Amoona vii. Attended Pinellas County Jewish Day School viii. Attended Solomon Schechter Day School ix. Madrich at Etz Chaim Religious School x. Confirmation Class

2009-2012 2012-present 2012-2013 2012, 2013 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 2013 2013-2014 From lily pad to lily pad Fall Subs 2012 2013-2014 2012-present 2014-present

2012, 2013 2013, 2014 2010 2013-2014 2013 2012

1999-2003 2006-2011 June 11, 2011 2011 2011-2014 2004-2006 3 months during Kindergarten 2003-2006 2011-present 2014

Planned Studies for the Future i. Junior/Senior Seminar Class 2014-2016 ii. Madrich at Etz Chaim Religious School 2014-2016 iii. Chai Five 2014-2016 Religious Skills and Abilities i. Read and write Hebrew ii. Able to Lead: Hamotzi, Kiddush, P’sukei D’zimra, Torah Service, Musaf Service, Weekday Mincha, Weekday Ma’ariv, Kabbalat Shabbat, Havdallah, and of course, RUACH!! iii. Able to Perform: Aliyah, Torah Reading, Haftorah Reading, and a D’var Torah iv. Help Hebrew School students learn and prepare for their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs 3. Secular Education School: Walton High School Current GPA: 3.00 4. Extracurricular Activities Clubs and Such i. Jew Crew 2012-present Secretary 2013-2014 ii. Press Box Gang 2014-present iii. Video Production 2013-2014 iv. Marching Band 2012-2013 v. Concert Band 2009-2013 vi. Jazz Band 2010-2013 vii. Percussion Ensemble 2009-2013 viii. Full Orchestra 2010-2011 5. Special Achievements – Honors and Awards i. Spelling Bee – 8th Place Champion 2007-2008 ii. Reflections: Video Category – 3rd Place in State Level Competition 2009-2010 iii. Can play 25+ instruments: 1. Drums 2. Guitar 3. Piano 4. Keyboard 5. Marimba 6. Xylophone 7. Bells 8. Triangle 9. Xylosynth 10. Slap Stick 11. Maracas 12. Timbales 13. Clave 14. Cowbell 15. Agogo Bells 16. Jam block 17. Cabasa 18. Djembe 19. Chaon 20. Bongos 21. Congo 22.Ukelele 23. Wind Chime 24. Tambourine 25. Momma’s kitchen pots and pans iv. Recipient of Chai Five Scholarship for a year! 2011-2012 v. Collecting B’Kol Echads to get food first at Regionals! 2013 vi. My very own Dad driving to (almost) every convention 2012-present vii. Asking Perry Birbrager to pick me up from school to be able to work on USY stuff viii. Made friends with the D.J. at the Atlanta Hawks game 2014 ix. Solved almost as many murder cases as Adrian Monk still counting 6. My Secretarial Ideas i. Gedi Gazette – How do you remember each school year? A yearbook, right? So what if we make an Ein Gedi yearbook, maybe called the Gedi Gazette, so that everyone has a way to remember each year of USY through pictures, articles, superlatives, etc… This would give us a chance to recognize those people in Ein Gedi that deserve awardation for their incredible dedication or just pure silliness within that year of USY! We can also feature all the chapters within En Gedi, congratulating them on the previous year’s

accomplishments and hopefully inspire all the chapters to grow more and more each year to come! ii. AA: Aloners Anonymous– At every event and convention, I always make it my goal to ensure every participant has the best USY-love-amazing-love time possible. I say we should have an anonymous committee in Ein Gedi whose ultimate goal is to make sure that absolutely no one is lonely or left out and everyone is happy! iii. No Clique Zone– One of the main reasons that I love USY, especially Ein Gedi, is the cliché yet so true phrase that we’re a family, or in politically correct USY terms, a mishpacha. This phrase is can only stay if we keep loving each other for who we are as individuals and together as a whole group. So I say, let’s click off those cliques that prevent us from loving everyone! That way, all of our power buttons will be in sync. 7. Personal Statement To the people that I love, I am a hard working, dedicated, creatively passionate, occasionally musical, when appropriate beautiful, young man. I love long bike rides along the beach because it burns more calories than riding on pavement of course, and making crazy sick beats. But most of all, I absolutely love you, Ein Gedi. That’s right, I said it… I love Ein Gedi USY!!! Even though you already know that we are the greatest, craziest, and don’t take no messiest sub-region in HaNegev, I want and I believe that I have the abilities to take us to a whole new level and add even more to make us that much better of a sub-region! The reason for my willingness to push Ein Gedi to a higher level comes from one main personality trait of mine… I have a confession… I am an Ein Gedi Extremist! I bleed and breathe for the EG!